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The Outsider Screens and Info
04 May 2006 07:57 | Dusty | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3
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Frontier Developments Ltd. ('Frontier'), the leading independent games developer, today released more screenshots from its major game for PS3 and Xbox 360 - "The Outsider".

These in-game screenshots of early morning scenes show how Frontier's engine can use lighting to great effect, showing optical scattering and various film grain/emulsion effects. They are taken from an early game location which will be shown 'behind closed doors' at the forthcoming E3 trade show in Los Angeles.

Frontier re-emphasises its position that cutting edge graphics are merely the starting point, they do not make a true 'next generation' game. Consequently Frontier has also been focussing on new game-play elements that are now possible on the new console platforms - Frontier's aim with "The Outsider" is to bring the sort of freedom of action first seen in "Elite" bang up to date.

"The Outsider" is a gripping, high-tech thriller which radically enriches the player's experience by abandoning the traditional, prescriptive, mostly linear story of current generation games, and replaces it by simulating characters' motivations and aims. This gives the player genuine freedom to change the story outcomes in a way that has not been seen before - each player will get a truly unique, sophisticated, visceral experience rather than simply switching between 'good' or 'evil'. The techniques used are enabled by the greatly increased processing power available on new machines, including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Frontier is based on the prestigious Cambridge Science Park and is continuing its sustained growth - it currently has a number of vacancies on several unannounced exciting projects as well as 'The Outsider' for 3D modellers, animators, concept artists, game designers, engine technology programmers and game programmers, and is keen to hear now from top quality applicants who can contribute to the future of games at both senior and less experienced levels who are either already experienced in or new to the games industry.

The Outsider game web-page is at www.frontier.co.uk/outsider

Read & Add Comments (34)
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