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21 Feb 2006 12:23 | Dice | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Technology | Industry News
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The battle lines are drawn, and the war is about to begin between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, the two next-generation mediums for our entertainment future. There are fans on both sides, pledging their allegiance and trust in one or the other brand, while there are others who are standing by to see what the end result of each is in terms of actual quality and price. The fact of the matter is that while each camp is putting out info to hype their medium as much as possible, the final decision will come down to the consumer, because even if one is better than the other, the one that sells more, will ultimately win.

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1 - I swear
Unregistered - HeMan 02.21.2006 15:49
I swear, if anyone comments about Blu-Ray or HD-DVD being better I'm going to crack. The article states it as clear as day. It's up to the consumers, and it does'nt even have to be the better format. But there will be a comment, I guarantee it.

2 -
Unregistered - Josh 02.21.2006 16:21
*walks in*
HD-DVD is better
*runs out*

3 -
Unregistered - Blu is Better. 02.21.2006 18:43
The idiot who wrote this article is clearly on Hd-dvd side. They said that hd-dvd will win for the simple reason that due to the cheaper solution companies will choose it over Blu-ray. WRONG, 95 percent of the companies, electronics, movies and computers have already chosen and 85-90 percent of them have chosen to back Blu-ray. This person should really do their homework before opening his or her mouth. Blu-ray has already won, hd-dvd just doesnt know it yet.

4 -
Unregistered - John 02.21.2006 18:46
What is this nonsense about HD that and Blue-ray this?! Huh!~

5 - #3
Unregistered - omar 02.21.2006 19:44
number three you an idiot

6 - Soooooo...
Trickedbullet 02.21.2006 22:10
We are all eventually going to revert back to legos and blocks because before long a single game will cost $200 and a console will cost $300,000. And that's the reduced-been-out-a-year price. Yep, we're all gonna wish this was the final console battle. If the 360 wins at least I'll know I can actually afford to play games every once in a while. If the ps3 wins, I will have to give up video gaming as the price is just way to frickin high. I hope those sony fanboys are really willing to trash the 360 and pay such high prices for garbage.

7 - NO #3 Your a IDIOT!!!!
Unregistered - xgamer 02.21.2006 23:25
NO!!!! Companies have not all choosen which system they'll go with, infact most ALL retail outlets and companies/manufacturers will use and sell both until an established winner is evident. It could take several years. Nothing has been decided yet. Thankfully, Xbox 360 could use either system so it doesnt really matter does it.
FONY SONY ps3 BOYS, stop talking about your invisible, non existent ps3 and blu this and that until you physically have something to talk about. Physical means your actually playing it and touching it. Got it? We know basically nothing as to whats going to happen with blu or HD, we have to wait that one out. Both will be priced out of most people's wallets in the first couple years and your blu your getting with/if you ever have a ps3 will be a very slow drive just to help make your overpriced console close to being affordable. It really wont make a difference though, you'll still enjoy your games like we'll enjoy our games, everybody will be happy. But NO!!! there's no winner yet and eventually 2-3 years down the road there "may" be. Just like Beta and Vhs it all takes time and eventually one will slowly dominate the other.

8 - BOTH!!!
Unregistered - xgamer 02.21.2006 23:29
Eventually we'll probally have players that may play both. Technology advances so quickly that eventually you may not actually have to choose.

Not really an exciting thing to talk about right now. It's the games that we all want. And neither will have sizeable games to need these drives probally with in the next 4 or 5 years anyway's.

getting closer to GRAW's release date. I'm ready!!

9 - #1 and #3
Unregistered - HeMan 02.22.2006 00:35
Looks at first comment and starts to snort anthrax. Number three, you are a COMPLETE idiot. You do know now that Sony will offer two, TWO SKU's of the PS3 and one will not, WILL NOT have a blu-ray player. This means that all games are not, ARE NOT going to be in a blu-ray format. You will have nothing else to say about this as you are wrong, WRONG. Once again, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. BetaMax vs. VHS. Remember? Wait, you were born in the 90's right? VHS won, thats how you can watch your baby tapes on VHS and not BetaMax, even though it WAS the superior format. Why? THE CONSUMERS YOU MORON. If you had the faintest clue of what is going on in the world of economics, or just plain common sense, you would'nt do this to yourself. P.S., people call you and idiot alot here. Maybe you should STFU.

10 - #2
Unregistered - HeMan 02.22.2006 00:36
Awesome Post #2

11 - Further on #3
Unregistered - HeMan 02.22.2006 01:41
Sorry man, but I feel like I should be as hard on you as possible. Besides, smashing flies with sledgehammers is good fun. Quote, 95 percent of COMPUTERS have chosen Blu-Ray?!?! What am I going to do?!? I can't believe that the SOLE computer manufacturer, Sony, will only let us(The World) use Blu-Ray! And other companies don't make optical drives anymore, because competitions is just plain silly and re-gressive, so they all gave up because Sony convinced them that they could deliver superior products. Damnet, what the hell am I going to do? What the hell am I going to do with all these Pre-Ordered HD-DVD's ive been stockpiling.......WTF? My monitor says Dell....And my tower is nameless? WTF? Sony DOESNT rule the world? (note:sarcasm)

12 - competition
Unregistered - mr man 02.22.2006 06:54
u do know that competittion is an illusion dnt u ?

13 - #12
Unregistered - HeMan 02.22.2006 11:09
You do know that it is DELUSIONAL to say that competition is an ILLUSION, right? Ignornace ISNT always bliss.

14 -
ploody 02.22.2006 14:06
years ago there was an obvious and easily attainable advantage that the DVD had over VHS. Are we readly for a next gen media medium like this. Storage purposes I understand, putting a whole drive on one disc like that, impressive. But to fully experience HD-DVD and especially Blue-Ray I personally need to buy a new computor, no scratch that (mt pc isn't worthy), a new TV. On a normal TV, DVDs and VHS are clearly different looking, but on the same TV this new stuff won't look any better that a DVD. How many people will buy a PS3 and a 4000$ TV, and 70-80$ games, and 27$ movies, and so on and whatever...

15 -
Unregistered - dr greentumb 02.22.2006 14:14
the format that will win is the one that is easyist to copy and cheapest, now factoring these into the equation and see which one most consumers would prefer

16 - DVD vs. VHS
Unregistered - HeMan 02.22.2006 15:40
DVD is now the common foramt because VHS was dated, and DVD was the only new format available that was practical. It had no competition, unlike this dilemma.

17 -
ploody 02.22.2006 16:18
good point, dvd had no competition...
Any one think that Blu-Ray will win simply because Sony might some how make it win. I'm sure they will place blu-ray drives in everything they produce, maybe even package it with HD TV's????? If blu-ray doesn't "win" ps3 games will probably forever be insanely expensive.

18 - the buyer
Unregistered - Spyda 02.22.2006 18:23
Hands down, the consumers will be the ones making the decisions. If you buy the ps3 and Blu-ray loses, then your stuck and the system will die. At least Microsoft is covering thier backs with their external drive idea.

19 -
Unregistered - One of the few unretarded people in here. 02.22.2006 19:52
First, Sony wont make 2 sku's of the ps3. ALL PS3's will play Blu-ray. Its just stupoid to say otherwise. Second, Retailers will sell what Companies back and 90 percent of the companies are backing Blu-ray. If you dont like it, to bad, your just mad that your 360 doesnt have a Blu-ray drive. We could argue this all day but in the end youll still be WRONG. Get over it. Oh and try to actually read real news and not that crap MS feeds you or other rumor starters. For those who cant read, Sorry, have someone read it to you.

20 -
Unregistered - Not on the losing hd-dvd side, I'm a tru Blu winner. 02.22.2006 20:03
Electronic companies supporting blu-ray includes Apple, Dell, Mitsubishi, Thompson, CyberLink, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Nero, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sonic, Sony, TDK, Yamaha and Verbatim and there are others. Also Universal Music group is supporting Blu-ray. Universal is the worlds leading music Company, Also BMG Music, Columbia records, and Sony music is supporting Blu. Sorry, hd-dvd is well, drowning.

21 - Drum roll Please.
Unregistered - officerhardbody 02.22.2006 21:33
The advantage in this case goes to HD-DVD because of the similarity to the current DVD manufacturing processes. This makes it less expensive to adapt the current production lines for producing HD-DVD’s. Memory Tech has created a new production line, which can be adapted to produce HD-DVDs in 5 minutes, and this manufacturing line can make 1 HD-DVD in 2.8 seconds. Since the production of a HD-DVD media requires a higher technical precision and therefore a better quality control, we can also await a better quality of conventional DVD medias.

The production of Blu-ray disc will involve more cost, because the companies will have to add equipment for the cover layer portion and it’s not that easy to adapt current lines for BD production. Further, it will take about 4-5 seconds to manufacture one media. This is just slightly slower than for a HD-DVD, but multiply this difference by the millions of discs that will be produced and you can see that this becomes an important issue in the cost per unit.

22 - 19 is very retarded
Unregistered - xgamer 02.23.2006 01:01
First, no not 90% of companies is supporting Blu, second that number wont be known for a while second, whomever supports blu will support HD DVD in fact more so for various reasons but as stated above "several times", it's going to take a long while to see who end's up dominating this nex gen of DVD formats. There is no 90% backing, only a little man's guess. How Sad.

23 - "backing"
Unregistered - HeMan 02.23.2006 12:03
Many companies are being misqouted as "backing" blu-ray. It is only the fact that they acknowledge the format as a competive media foramt to HD-DVD and vice versa for HD-DVD. And no, I read the wallstreet journal, listen meryl lynch for reports, and follow technology trends religiously. So don't assume that we get our info from un-reliable sources just because thats your experience. (Sarcasm, don't take offense, I'm sure your info is legit. LOL.) Also, realize that most manufacturers you named don't even MAKE the media medium or reader! Big whoop if they support either format, just whatever the consumers buy. It has no real effect on them at all, either way they will be selling it in forms of content, mediums, or readers. (Although readers and mediums might have to pay in heavily to Sony or not.) Anyways, point is that most companies are simply acknowleging the existence of a format that has the ability to compete with the new version of the DVD format. Besides, blu-ray is'nt your brainchild. And your company doesnt produce it, so quit acting like we offend you by telling you that HD-DVD is a competitor and suggesting that Blu-Ray might lose because of its downfalls with production, unfamiliarity in the term among average consumers, and recent reader speed and write speed problems. Get over sony, you don't even LIVE in japan! My god.

24 -
Unregistered - Better than most in here and brighter so it seems. 02.23.2006 18:31
All companies named above do indeed have products to support Blu-ray. Give it a rest already and admit when your wrong. Has anyone here even seen the reports and pictures from CES. wow, what a bunch of freakish xbox fan girls.

25 - 24, can you read?
Unregistered - HeMan 02.24.2006 11:09
Can you? Please tell me if you can. Most of those companies if not all also have HD-DVD products Damnet! Get the f-ing point and shut up!

26 -
Unregistered - BLU-RAY Rules 02.24.2006 18:17
No they dont! You just keep making stuff up dont you? One or two maybe, big maybe. But most are Blu-ray only... Give up this delusion and face the fact. hd-dvd is dead in the water. Or will be soon. Man , talk about dense, You related to Gates?

27 - Show me the hardware sony
Unregistered - Goodbye Sony 02.25.2006 01:42
Blue ray is like the Ps3 not available. At least Toshiba is out there with a HD device. God knows how much a blue ray device will cost if it actually hits the market. Remember Sonys memory stick I don't see that ruling the flash device market and blue ray will be the same expensive and not significantly better that people will be prepared to pay for it. I'm sorry to see it as sony has had some good hw but every dynasty has its day and yesterday was sony's.

28 -
Unregistered - joe 02.25.2006 17:39
I have one stupid question to ask...

If the market of asia does not seem interested in the xbox369 for now...why in the hell does microsoft want to keep sending some xbox there while here we have a clear shortage of the rig in north america....it does not make sense to send xbox`s in japan or asia and they sit on the shelves while here we have to run around to get premium bundles and everybody is sold out...

is microsoft stupid or what....get the product where it is gonna sell first then worry about the sensitive markets...microsoft is so hell bent on trying to beat sony`s ps3 that they are shafting themselves with their real americain customers!!!!!

29 - Im Roy Jr!
Unregistered - Roy Jr 02.28.2006 02:05
First off I just wanna say I cant fricken wait. F@ck you Microsoft, me and all my niggaz and whiggaz are gettin in line a week early and we are so happy it is finally gonna run the videogame industry. Hopefully me and my homies will be able to afford it, might have to sell some more crack or somethin. Man I will cry like the little b@tch nigga that I am If I dont get one. I also cant wait till Ludacris makes a videogame, god I wish I can be that guy. Hes da bomb and a bag of chips, you know what Im sayin homie. To all my MTV niggaz let me hear a HELL YEA if you are like me and my niggaz and love hip hop. God where would I be without a prefabricated commercialized society that made hip hop what it is today, even my grandma and parents just love that noise. Ok my gorillaz lets get up on stage and make @sses out of ourselves, its time!

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