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Xbox 360 News
Two New Gears Of War Images
22 Feb 2006 14:33 | ZeroTolerance | Xbox 360
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It isn't much but at least its something, check out these two new high-res images of Gears of War!

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1 -
Unregistered - xboxboi 02.22.2006 14:40

2 -
Unregistered - rob 02.22.2006 15:04
check out the Chainsword bayonet On the guy in the second pic , I hope you get to use it in close combat.

3 -
JsonHenry 02.22.2006 15:10
Are those bats?

Oh no!!! The aliens from under the earth and bats are coming... whoa, wait sec. Are those bats?

4 -
ploody 02.22.2006 15:54
If this game runs at a good frame rate, I may soil myself.

5 - whoa
FamoAmo 02.22.2006 16:16
Man this game is looking unbelievable!! I am going to have to take a loan out after March to pay for all these games.. This is the best looking game I have seen so far! Must get for me.. GR and Oblivion in march thats nuts!!! Blazing Angels now too! That game looks fun.. Is march 9th tomorrow? I cant take it anymore. PDZ and COD2 are getting a little old. I hope we can get an early release for one of these games! Good gaming everyone!

6 - sorry
Unregistered - tg 02.22.2006 16:34
sorry to tell you this, but Gears of War is now set for a september release. OFFICIAL!

7 -
Unregistered - Scrooge 02.22.2006 16:47
Official? Can you tell us where to find that news? Their probably trying to time the release as close to the PS3 launch as possible.

8 - xboxworld 360
Unregistered - tg 02.22.2006 17:00
The latest xboxworld 360 mag, a very good source.

9 -
samonmoose 02.22.2006 17:54
hmm the graphics dont look as impressive as they did even a couple of monhts ago, the bat things look quite angular and chunky and their wings look like cardboard. I think they should have tried 2 up the polly's a bit 4 this game, not even the most extravagant amount of light maps can hide flat and harsh plains.

10 -
xeon121 02.22.2006 18:22
chill man its just a screen, i for one think they are great screens although will be no indication of the final version

11 -
samonmoose 02.22.2006 19:16
m8 the last 6 months mainly deal with testing fixing and balancing its very doubtful the graphics will change noticably between now and release. Either way im still gonna buy the game it does look fun. Better than the usual uber soldier 1 man army crap *cough halflife 2 cough cough*

12 -
Vivicious 02.22.2006 19:53
Screenshots are never a good impression of the game. Check out zero hour footage, if anything it looks more impressive than it did before.

13 -
Unregistered - GReenRAbbit360 02.23.2006 01:35
Accualy the last six months are working on the game, the last 3 weeks is where the main bug hunt'n is. that or my teams really far behind :)

The main reason those bats dont look oh so good is because they are supposed to be moving.... moving really fast.... faster than your eye has to pick up details.... mmmmm really fast things, when the games in motion it looks oh so much better, fo rizzle

14 - To 6 and 8
Unregistered - Blackpool Dave 02.23.2006 06:14
Yeah Magazines are known for being accurate and uptodate, people like you annoy me who come on these boards just to get a reaction! Well hers your reaction Dip 5hit!!!

The game was ready for Nov but there were issues which needed tuning and the frame rate need tweaking... But even if it is delayed never mind March is lookin to be alot of fun... Bring on GRAW and FIght Night as long as they have sorted out the Haymaker properly, i hated that shakey effect it had on last one!!!!

I hope Gears of War delivers!!! But who knows!

15 -
samonmoose 02.23.2006 07:54
ok then ur fictional team of flying monkies trained and summoned for the purpose of making games r very far behind then. Please actually consider the scale of a game before anyone convinces themselves that the developers would consider 3 weeks enough to iron out the probs. Gears of war is apparently a vast undertaking and no matter the size of the team 3 weeks would never be enough.

16 - to 14
Unregistered - ghn 02.23.2006 18:35
Your off your head mate! the mag had a full page about it, where they apologised for the last issue in which it said it was coming out in march. They then go on to say "and with the game still half a year away from seeing the light of day, theres still plenty of time to ensure it really delivers on its promise". So time will tell, but you cant honestly believe this game would have come out next month. That prick cliffy B said last year in an interview, emergence day would be around july 2006. I bet your gutted now ent ya.

17 -
Unregistered - dood 02.24.2006 11:42
The big assed beast is now my desktop wallpaper.


18 -
Unregistered - joe 02.25.2006 17:38
I have one stupid question to ask...

If the market of asia does not seem interested in the xbox369 for now...why in the hell does microsoft want to keep sending some xbox there while here we have a clear shortage of the rig in north america....it does not make sense to send xbox`s in japan or asia and they sit on the shelves while here we have to run around to get premium bundles and everybody is sold out...

is microsoft stupid or what....get the product where it is gonna sell first then worry about the sensitive markets...microsoft is so hell bent on trying to beat sony`s ps3 that they are shafting themselves with their real americain customers!!!!!

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