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Xbox 360: Back to Japan?
02 Apr 2006 13:26 | 360Monster | Xbox 360
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Japan was always going to be a tough nut to crack for Microsoft. Hopes were high with the 360 as many big Japanese developers were on board and announcing some interesting titles. When the launch did come around however the lack of games and interest in thte unit doomed it to an early grave. With over a 1000 units sold each month the 360 is on par with the aging Gamecube, so Microsoft have to do something to rescue it's new baby. Well, it looks like Microsoft may just be re-launching the 360 in Japan at the end of June. They are hoping that their next batch of good titles will be enough to wow the Japanese gamers into buying the console.

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1 - japs
Mighty Boom 04.02.2006 15:58
Just give the japs dynasty warriors and they will be happy.

2 -
asdf 04.02.2006 17:00
#1: um, language? I don't think that's supposed to be a flattering word.

3 - sony does so much more advertising games
Unregistered - habren 04.02.2006 17:08
Make xbox360 come in many colors,come on! face plates! thats cheeaap!.The japanese team is just now comeing out with some creative games for the xbox in past comments i said there was no hope, but in realality MS needs to keep pumping out games like 99-nights,lost planet,sims.Need more down to earth games too,like puzzles.And the knowlege of games can't be so much of a secret this time around.

4 -
Unregistered - sa-ku-ra 04.02.2006 17:16
At first we did not think xbox would survive that long...it will take some time.

5 - oblivion for japan
Unregistered - nirwanda 04.02.2006 17:23
subtitle oblivion and advertize it like hell and watch the 360 sell out then do the same with knights of the old republic

6 -
Islandkiwi 04.02.2006 17:31
What MS ought to do is throw its hands up in disgust, and stop selling them in Japan. Focus on Korea, China, Taiwan...build up the product in these territories until the Japanese realize this is a great product.

Hold off sales in Japan until the release of the PS3 pricing structure...then re-release in Japan. By then you will have a superior price, a slew of great games, and an appreciative population.

7 - one up
Unregistered - kyseec 04.02.2006 17:38
Smart very smart; that is more that likely the only way

8 -
Unregistered - kung fu lew 04.02.2006 18:01
If you make more cool ass games like the ones i have been checking out ,honoring the play station will soon come to a end.

9 - To #1
Unregistered - DragonWarrior 04.02.2006 18:41
It's the Japanese not japs. Learn to respect other nations ESPECIALLY the very proud Japanese. Asians are dead serious about honor and respect...what the westerners have lost unfortunately. MS didn't respect them by launching the 360 with those crappy titles and now it's too late, PS3 and Rev are on the way and the 360 is simply doomed.

10 -
FreeMonk 04.02.2006 20:26
For the 360 to sell in Japan, you need games that the Japanese public like.

Japan does not like FPS...FACT!!

Japan loves RPG's, Mech Games, Third Person Slashers, Wrestling & Fighting Games.

Soo Microsoft need to get games like Blue Dragon, Enchaned Arm, Oblivion, Chromehounds, Dynasty Warriors 5, Dead Rising, Wrestlemania 22 etc etc out into the Japanese market, or Microsoft will fail.

11 - RIP OFF
Unregistered - GINSENG 04.02.2006 20:42
SONY copied MSs next-gen ideas... in almost every way... then sonys going to mass produce PS3s to keep up with demand.. and there going to be cheaply made with cheap materials.. ms will be golden by the time it comes out...other than the cheapness of sonys consoles and the poopy analog controlers and how the games uses the analoge..its a matter of opinion..tamto/tomto...one more thing MS always saves the best for last do think these people are dum..get real.

12 - i need a sip...do you think
Unregistered - GINSENG 04.02.2006 20:46

13 - Lost in translation
Unregistered - Violet-blue 04.02.2006 23:27
Microsoft Needs to think out side the box,we need more games that are visually impressive speical effects wise .Half of last-gen, and all of next-gen games don't use the power of the system,that is what atracts the average player, fantastic visuals.. and fantastic effects.Sure you can make a game look real,but somthings got to make you say dam i got to buy that.Even nindendo knew that... back in the day example-F-zero,castlevania,contra ect.To the japanese the world is real enough... so fantasy games are more ideal.Ninty-nine-nights thats a start looks good, now do you see...i want to buy that game...that is how it works.

14 -
Unregistered - missy-e 04.02.2006 23:37

15 -
Unregistered - forgive-me 04.02.2006 23:47
never owned a xplop u-r-right about 99-nights i will pick up a 360 now

16 -
Unregistered - hyman 04.03.2006 00:01

17 - What M$ needs
Unregistered - smarty pants 04.03.2006 00:20
Exclusives are what M$ needs. What reason do you have to get a 360. PGR3, PDZ. And that is it. Every game is on another platform or PC. FN3 looks great and so does Oblivion, but they are ports. Go the Sony route and pay these guys to only dev for the 360. If not then M$ will not sale 20 mill 360's. I mean too many ports. Maybe when the PS2 is dead we will see more next gen titles. This is a business and you can't beat the 100 million fanbase. Why would a dev spent big dev $$$ on a console with only about 3 mill units.

18 - about PC gaming
Unregistered - Gamer 04.03.2006 01:14
Who cares if it comes to PC? not everyone is willing to update their computer all the time, I know I don't. Console gaming is a cheaper way to get a equal expierence and the graphics now days are right on par with PC's. Not really missing out on much.

PC is a computer, not a console... so what microsoft has that ps3 and nintendo don't is the plus, IN MY OPINION it don't matter if PC has it. Cause if everyone could have great PC's to run amazing games. I doubt people would be looking at game consoles. People look at consoles cause they are a easier way of getting a just as good expierence, nothing wrong there. As much as I could spend to upgrade my computer I could use 1/4th to get a console. That is the way I choose to go. Just my personal preference though!

19 -
Unregistered - Leon 04.03.2006 01:31
The only reason The Japanease are not buying the 360s is because they have been playing using sonys consoles more and trust them rather than going out and buying a 360 they prefer to wait and get something they can Relie on not that am saying the 360 is bad am just saying that the japanease trust sony more than Microsoft

20 -
Unregistered - pro logic 04.03.2006 03:05
spoc-the-creatures-seem-to-have-some-intelligence-so-many-people-in-ja-pan-and they-have-many-differ-ant-kinds-of-gamers-micro-soft-does-not-have-much-of-a- choice/well captain it would be only logical, to make games japanese people like,the 360 is very powerful ,and once they see that they will buy them.

21 - 19#
Unregistered - red xiii 04.03.2006 14:18
i agree with what you said there. id also add that japan is a technologically advanced country and i think they would rather wait for a superior console, that does perform full HD. And to the person who pointed out that sony is copying microsofts techniques, i would agree with that also. owning xbox live i have to say its pretty darn good. the worldwide launch not so good, but sony is picking up on the things that succeeded and making the things microsoft screwed up in work. By the way, microsoft developed some camera thing for the 360 (eyetoy anyone?) and its been said that microsoft is producing a handheld that plays games, movies and music. now what does that remind me of?

22 - whoops!
Unregistered - ginseng 04.03.2006 22:42
Ok you got me on the camera ,thats a next gen device for home consoles,psp don't count.

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