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Lara (finally) hits the Marketplace properly!
05 Apr 2006 17:11 | 360Monster | Xbox 360
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Late is better than never, right? Ms Croft has finally got her act together and is now available for download on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, despite the announcement that it was released yesterday, by Eidos.

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1 - Is it any good?
Unregistered - what 04.05.2006 17:28
Is Tomb Raider Back or is it dead on its back?
Let us know and happy gaming.

2 - Is the demo any good?
FamoAmo 04.05.2006 17:36
How does it look and play? Is TR back! or is it whack!!!

3 - Same
Unregistered - Mono 04.05.2006 17:39
same gameplay, same jumps, movements, although its pretty damn fun. yeah its worth the download.

4 - Yep!
Unregistered - Xgamer 04.05.2006 17:55
Well, based on the demo, It's full of why I bought a sega saturn to begin with way back when. Laura croft. I think they finally got it right, the controls sucked on the older games, not now. Much better, to me anyway's. Pretty fun, yeah download it!
Does anyone know what the live feature will be?

5 -
Unregistered - OEM 04.05.2006 18:00
Can't wait to try this out.

it is on the way down

6 -
Unregistered - jamie r 04.05.2006 19:19
tr is bk for sure, buying this on friday in the uk. every1 download now. looks and plays great.

7 - very impressive
Unregistered - RealDoubleJ 04.05.2006 20:13
Starting it up (after the very Mission Impossible 2 like start) it gave exactly the same feeling to me as when i played TR1 all those years ago. Now i'll just wait till after the weekend, when peeps find out if you stay in the jungle or you hot-tail it out of there to Paris for kung-fu fighting a lá True Crime (and that ain't a compliment).

8 -
Unregistered - william 04.05.2006 20:30
Fours hours later and 86 percent, damn slow downloading

9 - to #8
Unregistered - oh well 04.05.2006 21:08
are you serious it takes that long to download.I dont even have a 360 right now but i thoght it downloads fast,Oh well im still buying one in about two weeks

10 - Slow downloading?
omegaheat 04.05.2006 21:25
One must seriously consider that there's probably close to a million people trying to download the demo at the same time. That will definetly cause a slower down load.

11 - Lots are downloading, be patient.
Unregistered - Xgamer 04.05.2006 21:46
He's right we probally have 1 million downloads today on this demo easily, so it's going to take a while, unless you wait a few days and do it. Awesome though, if your into this type of game, and I am !

12 - besides..
Unregistered - mono 04.05.2006 22:01
its a 680mb download, if u can download this in less than 4 hours post here and let us know, cmon its FREE and your complaining!!??.

13 - not 4 hours
Unregistered - haris rafique 04.05.2006 22:08
i just got back and its finished, i left it on at like 6:50-7ish. so like 2 hours.

14 -
Unregistered - Jinxpalm5 04.05.2006 22:42
Took me like 20-30 min to download using just cable modem

15 - 45min
Mighty Boom 04.05.2006 23:03
45 min: cable modem

16 - 20 minutes
Unregistered - shabazz858 04.05.2006 23:15
It took me 20 minutes to download. The demo is very awesome (good control and graphics). The only drawback is the camera (it doesn't feel complete yet). Other than that everyone should download the demo. Unfortuately, I already have 8 games and I am not too sure that I can get a game I can't finish yet (I have Elder Scrolls and GRAW - it is taking me awhile to find time to play).

17 - Fiber optic
Unregistered - Yeah 04.05.2006 23:38
I have the new fiber optic service from Verizon and downloads take a max of 10 mins but most of them are 5 or less (Tomb Raider took 10 tonight) I would highly recommend the service as it's only 44.95 a month with 15 meg down and 2 meg up.

18 -
FreeMonk 04.06.2006 00:04
I can't wait to get home and download the demo to try it out. Yet, I'm in the same boat as #16. I have 6 games now (PGR3, COD2, PDZ, Kameo, GRAW, Oblivion), and I definatly want to get Battlefield 2 on the 360 because I missed out on the X-Box version.

Trouble is, I hardly have the time to play these games. When you work for a living, the missus has you decorating the house (something you little sqwerts will learn when your older), plus feeding the cat, driving the mother-in-law shopping and then trying to fit in some time to eat, it's hard to get time to play them.

I finally finish GR:AW last week, and I've tried to start Oblivion, but after owning it for 2 weeks, I've only played around 1hr worth of gameplay, which 20/30 minutes of that was creating my character! It's just too big!

Battlefield 2 is basicly pick up and play, but Tomb Raider is like Oblivion (without the size). You need a good couple of hours to play it to get around the puzzles and complete the level.

At least we are getting new games though, and decent one at that!

19 - gotta get, great demo
Unregistered - ee 04.06.2006 01:30
Wow So far this demo has me like really feeling it! The way everything like the water looks to the way she moves and all of the little things that although not gears of war status still somehow pulls you in to this believable world with its rich music! If this game gets a bad review oh well because im still picking it up anf trust me i've never liked the Tomb Raider series but all of the little 360 visuals make it just look better! One thing I did notice was a long white dotted line only once like in oblivion and graw and I hope they start fixing this because I hate when everything looks so great and a minor flaw just comes along and kills it! Still im excited about the 360 being its only been out for 4 months and the quality of games are pretty darn good compared to other systems in the past!

THE HIVE TYRANT 04.06.2006 05:43

21 - TR
Unregistered - luke 04.06.2006 06:12
Downloaded it last night and loved it!Completed it quite fast though!:)

22 - Download Now
Unregistered - Frangieh 04.06.2006 09:32
The download took me 37 min and the game is amazing tomb raider is back wow lara craft looks good

23 - ** IT'S A KEEPER" **
Unregistered - OEM 04.06.2006 09:33
Took me 2 hours to download. I am sure the servers were being pushed due to the huge amount of folks getting it.

Normally a 680 meg Demo takes about 40 minutes for me.

Anyway, what can I say about this demo/game ....



I played the demo for about an hour and went to my local Block Buster and pre-ordered it.

- Controls are great
- visuals (especially the environment) is georgeous
- game play is very very smooth.
- Characters (ie laura and hench men) have a kind of cartoon PDZ look to them but hey, this is like the other tomb raiders we know and love. And to change the way laura looks would be just wrong.
- This TR make you THINK MUCH MORE than the others ... and that I like a good bunch.
- REALLY make you feel like you're there (like the original TR did).Play with your 5.1 digital surround with lights off and trust me .... you get pulled into the game very fast.

So from my view ......... big thumbs up and for me this game is a must have an a keeper for sure.

Man, TR Legends and BF2 the same week ....... can't wait. I will ahve to take a break from Oblivion for a while I guess.

24 - Not that impressed
Unregistered - Homewrecker 04.06.2006 10:26
I wasn't all that impressed with this demo. Yes, the scenery is pretty well done, but I found that Lara herself and the enemies to look very "cartoonish." I didn't like that fact that every time you switch a scene, they have to show you a video of the bad guys and where they came from before you even get into the game play - I actually found it annoying. Also, when the enemies die they spin around, fall to the ground and then disappear - it just seems very unrealistic to me. It seems the developers didn't put much detail into the killing aspect, but rather focused on trying to make the scenery look realistic. This game would be fun for a while, but you can only swing from rops and climb rocks for so long before this game will get boring. I was also expecting the next generation of graphics to come through with this game and to be honest, if someone told me this was a regular xbox game, I would have known any better. I just don't see anything in this game to set it on top. To me its a renter to play for a week... but not a keeper... but hey... that's just me.

25 - this is definetly a buy based on the demo!
Unregistered - ee 04.06.2006 11:17
Im kind of with you on the killing part and the cheap looking lock ons but do think the visuals are slightly better than the original xbox and ps2 versions! We all need to remember that we are just in the beginning of the 360's life cycle and not one game has been designed from the ground up for 360 yet meaning that when they start to roll out then we will see the difference between current gen pcs and consoles! Id give it until e3 2007 when we start finally seeing what this baby can do and see how it will be better in certain areas that matter then any other console and im sure the others will have stronger points also!

26 - I like it :-)
Unregistered - Richy 04.06.2006 11:37
As was said, I kind of like the cartoonish character or Laura because it carries a flow from the original Tomb Raider. The game play and movment is much nicer than any other.

I really like it and give it a 8.5/10

Keep in mind that if you were NEVER a fan of the Tomb Raider game, this may not be of a big interest to you.

Kind of like Kameo meets PDZ

27 -
FreeMonk 04.06.2006 12:42
Oh come on! To all the people who don't like Tomb Raider because it looks too 'Cartoonish'.

Wake up people, this isn't Ghost Recon or Call of Duty. This is basic comic book style fair! You wouldn't get a human running around jumping cliff to cliff, backflipping, shooting huge beasts in real life.

They've treated it as a comic book/cartoon/movie sort of game, and it looks good! Plays great, but the only problem for me is that it might be a little short. Apparently only 8-10 hours gameplay total.

Maybe a rental for me!

28 -
Unregistered - FiZzle 04.06.2006 13:10

I agree (well not on the rental part .. I will buy it)

But totally, it is like saying a Mario Game is kind of cartoonish or that the FInal Fantasy games look to Anima cartoon like.

That is the "FEEL" of the game that was INTENDED and the way they want it to feel.

If you don't like it .... find .... but for those who can understand what the point is this game is great.

To many young sh!ts that have not started out in the Atari 2600 days are WAY TO HUNG UP ON GRAPHICS.

What about sound ??

What about Game Play ??

They all have to come together to have a hit .... and the new TR is A HIT FOR ME !!

29 - To # 20.............
Unregistered - mutt 04.06.2006 13:11

How do you know your download speeds? Do you wait until done and calculate the size of the file with the time it took? Or does your 360 have a Mbps counter? Just curious.

30 -
Unregistered - Nitz 04.06.2006 13:38
You're making it to complicated for yourself.


Download size = 680 meg

Start Download @ 6:00
Finish Download @ 6:40

Download time for 680 meg = 40 minutes


That's it that's all.

31 -
Xtrm L1481L1TY 04.06.2006 15:25
OK Tomb Raider took me by surprise. I honestly did not expect it to be this good of a game. The controls, the look and feel of the game reminds me of Ninja Gaiden for some reason. The environment looks nothing short of stunning with a lot of interaction and good physics. Gameplay is very fun and like I said, the controls feel just like Ninja Gaiden... So if your a fan of the Gaiden the controls will come easy. I’m very impressed and I know I’m going to BUY this one as soon as it hits the store shelves.

32 -
Xtrm L1481L1TY 04.06.2006 15:58
Before you start to think I'm crazy, let me add that the look of the environment feels like Ninja Gaiden and the controls feel like Blood Rayne.... So if your a fan of the Gaiden and Miss Rayne, the controls will come easy.

33 - 10-15 mins
Unregistered - ga 04.06.2006 16:33
I downloaded it last night 6pm pacific time in like 10-15 minutes. It was really fast!

The demo is really fun. Great voice acting, and great visuals. I'm having some problem with the grappling thing, but other than that great fun!

34 -
Xtrm L1481L1TY 04.06.2006 17:58
Yeah mine took about 15 minutes to download. That's because I'm using cable internet at 8mb per second. The download speed is awesome but it's not that fast upload speed which results in bad multiplayer connections sometimes.

35 -
Unregistered - William 04.06.2006 21:40
I am a huge TR fan, have been for a long time, I love the fact you always have to figure out what to do next, but what do you do in the last room, I have TRIED EVERYTHING and can't figure it out, it's pretty f'ing annoying...the one where you have to get the door open. Lol I keep catapulting the box to no avail, stacking the box on the other one, etc. etc. etc. no luck

36 -
Unregistered - Kipper 04.06.2006 22:11
Ahh, you see, it is parts in the game like this that STUMP you that make it good.

Maybe the folks that do not like the TR demo are the strickly fans of the mindless "RUN AND GUN" only style games.

37 -
xeon121 04.07.2006 08:03
i loved the first tr, after the that the franchise just when downhill, but this demo is amazing yes the combat isnt realistic, its arcade style but thats not what im looking for in a tr game its all about the puzzles! and this demo has really made me want this game graphics are amazing the guy who said this looks like a xbox game bullcrap, look at that waterfull or when lara comes out of water, the textures and detail are mind blowing especially on a 42' hd dlp the controls are really what did it for me in the past tr controls were always a bit twitchy but it is so easy to jump from cliff to cliff are jump to a suspended rope and not have to fall 20 times before you catch it. defo gonna buy this

38 - It's OK
elrmelon 04.07.2006 11:58
nothing really innovative, for sure a rental.

39 - pretty darn nice
Unregistered - mooseman 04.07.2006 12:03
I was able to download this game in about 20 minutes on a cable modem. The only complaint I could really see about the game is how disoriented you can become under water, but that probably only takes a little while to get used to. Really nice textures are all over the place and the puzzles are great. Will definitely pick this one up, and add it to the pile of games I have to finish (Burnout, Ghost Recon, Outfit)

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