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Xbox 360 News
New Information on Elder Scrolls Updates
07 Apr 2006 05:33 | planetxbox360 | Xbox 360
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Bethesda have released a statement regarding the current status of patches, updates, and content for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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1 - ok
Unregistered - mike 04.07.2006 09:55
well i was going to pick up this game but after the stupid horse armour they can keep it

2 - HUh?
Unregistered - --------- 04.07.2006 10:32
what a stupid reason to deprive one's self of a diffrent gaming experience, especially when the horse armour pak is optional (u chose whether or not u wish to apply it). Oh well its a free world.

(common sense aint nothing common about it)

3 - .....
MikeIsOnFire84 04.07.2006 10:39
That wizard tower is sounding pretty cool.....

4 -
Islandkiwi 04.07.2006 10:48
I'll buy the updates. Who wouldn't want a wizards tower of their very own?

5 -
Unregistered - Goerge 04.07.2006 11:26
This is bull, bethesda, you suck. If you want to release new content and you want us to pay for it make an exspansion, but dont give us these little bs improvements and make us pay for them.

6 -
Unregistered - twaynejohnson 04.07.2006 11:47
I am a fps player. I thought rpg's were so gaay but then I played this game. this is one of the coolest games I have ever played .now Im hooked!! oh buy the way if they are going to release some new cool sh!t for just a couple of bucks hell ya I will buy it .if this game is supported with new sh!t all the time it will kick a$$ it would be cool if they had a multiplayer mode. sorry for the ramble but this game f@cking rocks!!!!

7 -
Unregistered - twaynejohnson 04.07.2006 11:56
#1 your lose this is a great game .your reason for not buying it is so stupid. you choose to buy add on's it's not being shoved down your throat .so do yourself a favor pull your head out and go buy the game.

8 -
ploody 04.07.2006 13:46
Think of all the additions that could be made to this game over they years, entire cities even, new weapons, new creatures, new spells, forget the horse armor, that was just something that needed to be done, I think the real fun lies in the future here...

9 -
Unregistered - ryan 04.07.2006 13:46
What's the big deal about charging a couple bucks? That's less than half of what it would cost to rent a game, and knowing the quests in Oblivion, it's sure to keep you busy for a few hours.

I wonder if the people complaining also get worked up when they have to pay for tickets to a movie sequel.

"$10?!?!?!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?! I paid for my Star Wars ticket in 1978!! I shouldnt have to pay again!!! "

10 -
Unregistered - 04.07.2006 17:27
These add-ons sound like will actually be worth it. 200pts for horse armor that has nothing more than aesthetical values is total crap. These sound like they will actually give some additional functionality and new storyline to the game.

The tower will be great for evil mages as you no longer need to obey the laws to stay in the mages guild to use the spellmaking and enchanting altars.

11 - Crazy
Unregistered - Anonymous 04.08.2006 00:53
People who keep complaining about the downloads but don't even have the game drive me insane. This is the best game currently out for the 360, if not every system. I've spent 85 hours so far on it, and it's still a lot of fun. This isn't one of those "play it for 8 hours and then never play it again" games that the marketplace is flooded with. I bought the horse armor just to support the game. It's like $2! I'll also buy every add-on.

12 -
Unregistered - -- 04.09.2006 11:51
I agree its like a never ending story with different posibilities, how ever long it takes to compelete it the first time around u can just x2 or 3 as side quests and the ability for alternate story line make this game viable for quiet awhile kudos to bethesda softworks GREAT GAME!!!

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