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Microsoft pledges to triple Xbox 360 software support in Japan
07 Apr 2006 06:26 | News Bot | Xbox 360
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Responding to slow sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft has announced that it will increase the software library for the system to 80 titles in the region by the end of the year, over three times the current number of titles on offer. At present, 25 titles are available for the Xbox 360 in Japan, a number which Microsoft says it will raise to 40 titles by summer, and 80 titles by the end of the year - as well as boosting the range of content available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Satans Cousin 04.07.2006 06:56
Damn japs get all the good stuff,you think they were superior to the U.S or something!,Yeah microsoft i know you want to make good with the japs,but once their beloved ps3 gets home,they would care less,but we here would still give a damn.

2 -
Unregistered - Dark 04.07.2006 09:43
Microsoft is really trying with Japan. I mean we will see a majoir outbreak of RPGs in the next few months by this rate. I wonder what Microsoft will gain from japan.
Microsoft already domenates America and Austrailla

3 -
Unregistered - too late 04.07.2006 09:53
I think it's too late for them in japan....
my guess is the US won't get as many titles due to this...

4 -
Lucid360 04.07.2006 10:46
Microsoft has good reason to try to get Japanese people to buy the 360. They are trying to save them from a disappointing, overly hyped console. So Microsoft is not trying to hurt us... They are trying to help us... HAHAHA

5 - what!
Mighty Boom 04.07.2006 12:00
There is too much focus for this JAP........anies market. Lets fix the supply issues in the US first. After all we rule world.

6 - Supply problem?
0ldb0y 04.07.2006 12:22
How is that supply problem? I went to my local Best Buy (in a North Eastern state) this past weekend, and saw at least 10 premium systems sitting behind the counter. Are there still shortages elsewhere?

I don't believe there's a "first" between the two issues. One is hardware, which is for the most part being corrected now. The Japanese issue is getting good development and interest. MS has the manpower to do both simultaneously.

7 - mighty boom you are fockin retard
Unregistered - F U 04.07.2006 14:56
you and your monkey president rule nowhere. "we rule the world..." hahahahaaha!! ROFLMAO! F U dumbfawk!

8 - xbox winning japan
Unregistered - darktangent 04.07.2006 16:14
Have you guys taken a look at all the titles scheduled to drop over the next 4 months. If MS cant push the 360s in Japan when these up and comers start to drop, than its sad to say but Sony is going to embarass the hell out of MS. And if this happens than it will be true that Japanese gamers truly hate MS and choose to deprive themselves of a great system just to stick it to the man (Bill Gates). I on the other hand have already started to look for a second job for the summer college break in order to prepay for all that is coming. So much for the belief that no good games come out in the summer months. All I have to say is the stupid hurricanes better stay away from florida this year, i was without power for a total of 8 weeks last year. Looks like i better save for a generator to.

9 -
PAUL CERULA 04.08.2006 00:46
You guys are looking at this the wrong way. The more Japanese style games the more support worlwide. Especially with a lot of U.S. and worldwide consumers liking that genre. Yeah their going up against the ironclad of the market but it'll seep through. Not much but it will.

Most importantly it gets more Japanese games to consumers worldwide. That's a very acceptable loss cause MS is the richest corporation in the world.

Unregistered - PRO LOGIC 04.08.2006 03:22
If the japanese get the 360 after games like this come out they will never buy it.Picture a sci-fi epic that somehow works in a multiiude of mech-like contrations called Vital Suits while spinning a yam of a charismatic amnesiac helping to fight off an aggressive race of gaint insectiods(labeled Acrids).Sound like a game you might want to play? it's Capcom's Lost Planet,and we got to see it in action,and oh boy,do we nave a lot to write home about.First,the Vital Suits.While you can fight off some of the bigger Acrids on foot in the wide-open,it's wiser to dig out a Vital suit to duel them with Yes,dig one out,oftentimes,since the planet you've found yourself on experiences a climate akin to permanent winter,it's best to simply get on your hands and knees and dig a Vital Suit out of the snow.And at first,thsi is one of the best ways to snag one.But if you're really good (and you'll have to be), you'll be able to hijack an enemy VS.The developers advise that this is the best method for getting to pilot some of the game's more powerful ,exusive mechs.And while that's all good,there's a feature in the game that's even more intriguing:You're ability to customize your VS with weapons and parts stolen from other Vital Suits,just imagine:You're in the middle of a firefight with a gaggle of other Vital Suits while on foot.You whip out your grapple hook to attach a bomb to it in order to immobilize your rival VS.Now it's open season on any weapons or parts! Take one to mount on another empty VS and voila! A customized VS is born! LOST PLANET DEFINITELY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A TRUE SPACE SOAP OPERA EPIC TOLD THROUGH FIREFIGHTS AND FRIGID TERRAIN/AND ITHAS MECHS!/DO YOU NEED ANY OTHER REASON TO BE EXCITED JAPAN & AMERICA?/ 360 IS KING

11 -
Unregistered - sa-ku-ra 04.08.2006 04:48
pro logic my brother wants lost planet now i want to play it people here in japan will love this game,i see might boom is still around eyed puffer fish i would very much like to drop kick him then we will see a boom a mighty boom

12 -
Unregistered - shelle 04.08.2006 05:10
co-op that is hot! im glad that MS is thinking of people that like games for the story this is going to be as big as Contra for nes,and i think the japanese will love it.Im a soon to be 29yr old mother and every now and then i still play.Thats the first time i seen anything about lost planet sounds great!

13 -
Unregistered - pro logic 04.08.2006 17:47
#11-you got spunk, i like!

Unregistered - PRO-LOGIC 04.08.2006 19:28
An online survey which was recently conducted by market researcher Info Plant,vie marketing data service C-News,revealed widespread support in Japan for Sony's Next-generation playStation 3 gaming console,according to a report at Game DAILY BIZ.The survey,witch used a sample of 1,000 internet users between the ages 10 and 59, intended to gauge the level of interest of Japanese gaming consumers in the upcoming next-generation consoles.The results of the survey revealed on overwhelming preference for the playStation 3.The level of interest in Nintendo's Revolution and Microsofts Xbox360 was much lower at 8% and 2% respectively and the rest where undecided.When the survey results were further analyzed-specifically in relation to age group,it revealed that people in their 30s were generally more interested in the Revolution while the results appear to be quite disappointing for both Nintendo and Microsoft,it should be noted that Nintendo has not said much about Revolution.TRADITIONALLY JAPAN HAS BEEN SONY'S SAFE-HOUSE AND MICROSOFT STRUGGLES TO PENETRATE THIS VERY STONG WILLED MARKET.SO ALL OF THIS,IF WE DO THIS!,AND IF WE DO THAT!,MIGHT NOT WORK THE NUMBERS STILL DON'T ADD UP,SOME-BODY PLEASE TELL ME! WHY JAPAN MATTERS IF IT SELL OUT IN ALL OF THE WESTERN RELEASES?/ LOOK IT UP AND TELL ME PLEASE!

15 -
Unregistered - pro logic 04.08.2006 19:41

16 -
Unregistered - icehouse stan 04.08.2006 19:56
They need more colurs,then i might buy one lol, just kidding!i got a 360, but i would get rid of it in a hart beat if i had
a choice ,this color stands out in my house,and my wife hates the color.

Unregistered - DOLBY DI-GA-TAL 04.09.2006 01:47
-HOLLY WOOD-STYLE PRODUTION VALUES IN TO THE TOO HUMAN TRILOGY: For example,the intelligent camera system knows when to gracefully pan in and out and around suit what's happening is,or [it] may zoom in if you're looking at,a statue. -ADVANCED CINEMATIC PRESENTATION:Characters and enviromnents come to life with unparalled visual fidelity.Dynamically-driven presentation system that portrays the combat with cinematic quality Orchestral score changes with mood in game.Combination of weapons guns and malee people owe strucken.To the Japanese ,Just think of this game as a half-mech fighting small unmaned smart mechs.I know you guys read this, so buy the and stop pouting,It's third perssson!.Its got a reall mix of martial arts come guys[japanese]you'll love the exclusives.You will be DISORIENTATED by the GRANDEUR by this epic.

18 - don't hate ms,hate the game
Unregistered - dolby di-ga-tal 04.09.2006 02:01
thats my tittle, and what the f*** is rong with this site, F***ing magic mishaps switching my words around,and things vanishing.

19 -
Unregistered - missy-e 04.09.2006 02:44
Japan might be in the center of the video game world right now,but i herd that the econony is failing and the Japanese game market is not in the best of shape.And Japanese PEPs are starting to look to the west,but only time will tell.

Unregistered - pro logic 04.09.2006 03:19
4 COLOR REBELLION THE XBOX 360 AND JAPANESE NATIONALISM-www.4coloorebellion.com or www.4colorrebellion.com/archives/2006...360-and-japanese-nationism/ (It doe's make sense ,but still has a pride fator in the console wars ,Im starting to think this vid thing parallels star wars,lets {hope} ms works out a better plan.)

21 - good read it made mad sense,still i wounder? if that loyal base, is bigger than he saying
Unregistered - dolby di-ga-tal 04.09.2006 04:02
oh well!

22 -
Unregistered - local 555 04.09.2006 04:05
I checked it out hmmm.

23 -
Unregistered - REDMOND BOZ 98052 04.09.2006 04:17
I'm Japanese and most of my friend are japanese and we love the 360,Japanese american,that is, ha ha ha!,oh yah mighty boob why don't you catch a flight to Seattle, so you can say that jap slur to my face!

24 -
Unregistered - missy-e 04.09.2006 04:31
I like the point about the I-pod and Starbucks din't know, i feel dum, foreign stuff is what japanese people like.So Ms has work to do.

25 -
Unregistered - n2deep 04.09.2006 04:39
Its the color-LOL-its shaddy jealousy!and thats the truth

26 - your a dic-lick DUDE!
Unregistered - . 04.09.2006 04:44

27 -
Unregistered - n2deep 04.09.2006 04:50
why u got 2 hide,you got Gears of war,Too human,Lost planet ect.Its the same god dam! games they like and they know that theres more to come ,they cant wait a few months,come on bro thats a lie

28 - still a dic-lick
Unregistered - . 04.09.2006 04:55

29 -
Unregistered - n2deep 04.09.2006 04:58
go to sleep man,its past your bed time!xbox360 is of the hizzy peace!

30 - biiiiiittttch!
Unregistered - . 04.09.2006 05:00

31 -
Unregistered - yu long 04.09.2006 05:12
PS3 is king who care about the xbox no one here cares that is why [we wont buy] who talks like that anyways.mighty boom go to hell american pig.

32 - 23
Mighty Boom 04.09.2006 17:08
Catch a flight to Miami and Ill show you what red dragon kempo is all about jap!

33 - Look what i found,check this $hit out!
Unregistered - dolby di-ga-tal 04.09.2006 17:50
The PS3 isn't even out yet but many analyst are not opimistic about Sony's future.Falling UMD(PSP media)market,and the predicted high price of the upcoming PS3 could snowball into a low-cost buyout in Sony's future. Brent Kirkwood,writing for Bona Fide Reviews,thinks Microsoft will take advantage of Sony's fiancial WOE./Screw the Blue-Ray market,Microsofts is the future,Blue-Ray will be the biggest mistaks in vid history.

34 -
Unregistered - pop eyed pete 04.09.2006 17:55
does anybody know anything about Infernal?

35 -
Unregistered - Tammy 04.09.2006 18:02
Lucas Arts?

36 - look what i found u xplop / in the s*iter F@gs
Unregistered - mob deep 04.09.2006 18:36
Why Xbox sucks, and why ps fans, and the japanese hate xflop./#1Beige isn't the new black./#2 No kill games at launch./#3 Accessories cost a small fortune/#4 The hard drive isn't big enough/#5 Limited keyboard-mouse support at launch/#6 Not enough USB ports,espesiallyon the back/#7 No built in WI-Fi/#8 No HDMI or DVI connectivity/#9 No built-in card reader/#10 and the most important! you can't get it.ps3 is king,chumps!

37 - yeah #36
Unregistered - haha 04.09.2006 18:49
and add to that the faulty design and inefficient cooling that makes the system overheat.

Mighty Boom... you really need to STFU...you are a racist mofo period.

38 -
Unregistered - missy-e 04.09.2006 19:14
Most of you are right,BUT SOME OF YOU ARE DEAD RONG ,LIKE SATANS COUSIN,TOO LATE,MIGHT BOOM,N2 DEEP,SAKURA-SORRY SWEETIE,I'm a round eye,MB is rude but,thats still rong!.when u are up, give us some insight on this issue.

39 -
Unregistered - ROCKST*R 21 04.09.2006 19:20

40 - I linked up... #20..and I don't BUY IT!
Unregistered - habren 04.09.2006 19:38
its still a american MS, that they see,and the gamers are nationalist,regardless of foreign goods.

41 -
Unregistered - kyseec 04.09.2006 19:41
It was just food for thought,no one completely buys it.

42 - 38
Mighty Boom 04.09.2006 19:55
your a round eye? Thats funny.

#37, blow me, jap is short hand for japanese dip sh*t. If I was racist I would spew racist crap all over this forum. Im sick of f*gs calling me that. Im white and I refer to my self as a cracker... Lighten up you sensitive azz girls.

43 - Hey Mighty Boom
Unregistered - the dude 04.09.2006 23:23
i assume you are a pimply, geeky, little fag who has never touched a girl besides his own mother. Thank god for the xbox, bingo and a trailer park you little redneck.

44 - 43
Mighty Boom 04.10.2006 12:14
Nice try...

45 - boom keep it coming!
LAGIZZTIC 04.10.2006 20:40
The sensitive and ps3 hype boys kill me up in here!

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