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Medal of Honor: Airborne - First ever trailer
26 May 2006 07:13 | Totally360 | Xbox 360
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The Medal of Honor series has been one of the most popular franchises of games in recent years and is set to make it's debut on the Xbox 360 later this year with Medal of Honor: Airborne...

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1 - Japs didnt make this!!!!!!
Unregistered - Greg 05.26.2006 09:30
Well you can tell by the graphics that tose child molesting Japs didnt make this game. They are too busy shoving their meat sticks in kids poopers to make something of this quality, its why the PS3 will suck.

2 - ^^^Idiot^^^
Unregistered - Mo 05.26.2006 09:47
Those Japs are our strongest allies next to Britain. So SHUT IT.

On topic - this trailer is the ballz.

3 - # 2 is a Jap loving molester
Unregistered - Greg 05.26.2006 10:23
# 2, dont take your PS3 fanboy, I like to tickle little boys peckers aggression out on me. Go back to playing FF3 and rubbing one out to kids.

4 - #1&3
Unregistered - (0_0) 05.26.2006 12:36
Greg or Goerge what's wrong with you?,are you one of those dark twisted crazzies , go on you're killing spree then shoot yourself

5 -
Unregistered - gman 05.26.2006 13:06
ban ban ban that #3

6 - TO 3
Unregistered - RTHASY 05.26.2006 13:12

7 - TO 1
Unregistered - DEGF 05.26.2006 13:16

8 - Easy you Jap loving molesters
Unregistered - Greg 05.26.2006 13:50
Its the no spin zone with Greg, I tell it like it is. Japs are prone to molest, its in their culture. They teach it at a very young age for christ sake. Open a history book you molesters, its why we droped an A-bomb on them! Never have I seen so many child molesters in one place.

9 - #8
schnodder 05.26.2006 13:59
letz hit him in his weakpoint for massive damage!!

10 - To # 9
Unregistered - Greg 05.26.2006 14:01
My week point????? Would that be my pecker or my pooper by any chance you sick molesting perv??!?!?!?!?

11 - Goerge and Fred/ps3 today:::::::::::Greg/360news all the same person
Unregistered - pRo loGic II 05.26.2006 15:27
#10 you're an evil person dangerous and unpredictalbe like an wild animal, the worse kind of scum is the kind that blends in with most good people. You need help pal

12 -
Unregistered - Jakoobee 05.26.2006 16:58
He's kinda right about their culture and the molestation thing though. Along with their raping and pooping/peeing fetishes. Not to mention their fascination of super busty girls fighting with little clothes videogames.

13 - ^^
Unregistered - pRo loGic II 05.26.2006 17:58
he's kind of stupid you know the american culture is no different ;if not worse ,it is worse ,no wait it's like no other place on earth b/c of weird'os like him

14 - I have never been to PS3today
Unregistered - Greg 05.26.2006 18:35
Try and Ban me if you will, I jave access to many PCs at diffrent locations. I am only Greg, the preacher of truth. A crusador against child molesters. The only dangerous people here are the ones defending child molestation. Greg is here to stay, and I will post my opinions every day from here on out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 - No Greg
OutLaw 05.26.2006 19:12
No Greg you are a fvcken sicko who needs help. You should try and get some help from a church or a hospital. You have this thing about Japanese people which its not right. before you go and hurt somebody you should either consider getting help or just keep your emotions too your self. Also if I can help it you will be banned from this site no matter how many times you try to come back. You are a disturb fvck that needs to get a life. So either tone it down and write something positive or just stay off this site all together.

16 - #12 and #13
OutLaw 05.26.2006 19:22
Don't humor this idiot I truly Believe that He is a disturb mvtherFvcker. What he is saying is nothing but being Racist. That guy needs to get a life. Also #13 I'm from NYC. Which I know has alot of sick azzholes out here but most of the people here in America is pretty good. Plus we are a culture that has every nationality in it. We don't need more stereo types like Greg around.

17 -
Unregistered - pRo loGic II 05.26.2006 20:16
Im american live in Seattle, my best bud is japanese im a black american and proud of this country ,it's an cotrolled chaos sure, but my point was this guy talking smack about another country and it's people, but not looking at his own country with all it's wacko's seem's about as btight as the sun during an eclipse.

18 - forget the typo's ^^
Unregistered - PL II 05.26.2006 20:25
The truth our country isn't perfect so Greg of Fred or Goerge need to stop damaging this country's image ;and the country it's self.

19 - look pro logic
OutLaw 05.26.2006 20:33
I wasn't trying to really come down on you. It's just this guy has been saying this sh!t all over the forum. I myself is Puerto Rican and from NY. I just don't want to encourage him in anyway. He really is sick in the head and his comments is way out of line. I apologize for the misunderstanding of what you was trying to say. My Bad.

20 - Chill people!!!!
Unregistered - UK 360 machine 05.28.2006 12:48
The guy is funny!!! He has made no reference to being a molester he has simply made me laugh! I think you boys need to calm it, and maybe watch brass eye and learn not to take life so serious! Unless any of you were molested as a child, in which case ooops!!!!

21 - Wow
Unregistered - ChUnk 05.29.2006 14:06
Thank God I live in Canada.... Greg ur a freak!

Anyway i've said it before and ill say it again medal of honour is dead to me now this thing better bite the ballz cause all the games are getting repetitive

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