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PDZ Demo Out on MarketPlace
26 May 2006 07:15 | LightWarrior393 | Xbox 360
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Hey everyone. Well you guessed it the online demo for Perfect Dark Zero is out on the MarketPlace. The solo mission is Outpost and you can do co-op on that. For multiplayer you can try out the brand new Plaza map.

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1 -
Unregistered - Jackmaster 05.26.2006 07:43
Do PDZ owners have to download the demo (800+ mb) for one new multiplayer map? Downloading right now....

2 - hey, #1
Unregistered - Rea 05.26.2006 08:00
when you've d/led repost and tell us if the new map carries over to the main game or if it's only accesible via the demo. If it's via the demo only, then it must be a preview of a map pack we'll get either from next week or 6 months on

3 -
Unregistered - Jackmaster 05.26.2006 08:17
I will do just that #2.

4 -
Unregistered - Jackmaster 05.26.2006 08:47
New multiplayer map is only playable through the demo. Game modes Infection & Team Killcount are available, set of weapons cannot be changed (UGL, Superdragon,...).

Hope to see the "real" set of multiplayer maps soon, PDZ needs them. Still the best 360 title in my opinion.

5 - When are the new maps released
FamoAmo 05.26.2006 10:54
Great they got the Demo out but where are the new map packs? They announced them along time ago. Urban, Tower and Old Town don't cut it anymore. This game is fun as hell but I can only play those maps so many times. Subway is OK but we need Rooftops, Sewer and the ther 2 maps. Hurry!!

6 - Where are the new maps?!
Sir Nathaniel 05.26.2006 14:01
They need t quit taunting us and hurry up and release the new maps!
They should also make a "jump" download for the game so we can use the right thumbstich button to jump without taking our thumbs off the aim button.
The should also bring back old gameplay options such as fast movement, slo-mo, etc, and add low gravity if they give us jump. they used t give all kinds of sweet options, they should carry on that legacy!

7 - i agree, jackmaster
Sir Nathaniel 05.26.2006 14:03
this one is the the best so far, frikin awesome, and actually requires skill-rocketnoobing isnt much of a problem in this one!

8 - New Content being added and upgraded
Unregistered - funinthesun 05.27.2006 19:29
Apparently, the new content were all waiting for has been ready but they've added or actually are adding even more to it so I read and that's why the additional delay. I'm sure we'll be happy when it comes, which is soon I hope. Like by the first week of june.
Great game PDZ. I know alot of people still havent given this game a chance but they should. No it's not graphically a next gen. title, but damn is it fun.

9 - 8- i agree all the way
Sir Nathaniel 05.28.2006 10:37
it is a fun game, even thogh it's graphics arent the best, the gameplay is frikin awesome. U say theres more theyre puttin into these downloads?-->if u have a link or anything t info about wat else they may put in, could u please post it?

10 -
Unregistered - Jackmaster 05.31.2006 05:01
On my 720p HDTV LCD it looks very good....certainly next gen, although there are 360 games with better graphics.

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