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Xbox 360 News
Full Details of next weeks Dashboard Update.
26 May 2006 07:18 | deepio | Systems | Xbox 360
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Microsoft updates Xbox Live in a dozen handy ways. Full details.

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1 - Can't Wait!!!!
Unregistered - Ken 05.26.2006 08:23
This is the best news for xbox live and now I can see why microsoft is expecting 6 million xbox live members by next E3..Can't wait for the fall update.

2 - nice
Majunior 05.26.2006 08:33
awesome!! its about time!

3 - It is Great
OutLaw 05.26.2006 08:44
It is great that they are doing this. I got tired of waiting for my downloads and couldn't do anything else with my system, Now I can. Also the idea of playing the arcade area with your music is pure genius. I felt that they may have been doing when they mention lumines.

4 -
munish 05.26.2006 08:59
this is the reasin i got the xbox 360. first i knew it was gonna be amazing and that microsoft was going to deliver on their promises which they are showing me they can

5 -
Unregistered - buds 05.26.2006 09:18
you always couls play your music in the arcade

6 - MS Listens!!
Unregistered - No Sony! 05.26.2006 10:37
I am happy with the fact that MS is soliciting this input from the customer base. If we were playing on a Sony console right now, this would not be happening. They would bestow the benefits of having to watch the download thread, they would advise that booting to bluetooth each time as opposed to the dash is a benefit...etc etc

MS is playing it smart here, and is increasingly agile with the deployments for the 360. I for one continue to be impressed!!

7 - Sweet---can someone help me?
FamoAmo 05.26.2006 10:50
Best update to date. I found myself many times not downloading b/c I wanted to do other things so that is great. I am having a problem and am wondering if anyone can help. OK I am not able to play music off my computer onto my console while I play games. I can go on my console and select media player and then it taps into my Media center on my PC and I can play music that way but when I exit out of it the music stops. When I use the menu button and go to Music it only has the hard drive registered and no computer so I can't play music while I play.. Can anyone tell me how to get the music to play while I play games?? Please!

8 -
Monty187 05.26.2006 10:55
Its great the way ms is listening to what people want and then they deliver. It makes you feel like they are really listening to what we want!!

9 -
Unregistered - Music answer 05.26.2006 11:28
You need to when in a game press the guide button and then select the option which says play personal music or something. Then you can select music from anywhere (PC/XBOX).. easy...

10 - There are pics of new dashboard!!
Unregistered - Ken 05.26.2006 11:28
http://www.gamespot.com/news/6151874.html Click on the link and click on the 12 pics they show.

11 -
Monty187 05.26.2006 11:34
good work ken, looks like i hoped it would!!

12 - Also IGN
OutLaw 05.26.2006 11:37
If people go to IGN and at the 360 page they have pictures of the new spring dashboard.

13 - okay
Unregistered - p h fat 05.26.2006 12:24
now correct me if im wrong but if the games play without the hard drive we can down load and play games at the same time right...
now i heared ps3 has to use the har drive as the drive is slow as hell....
so that means ps3 couldnt do this ever.....
mwa ha ha ha ha.....
come on microsoft.

14 - clearing up last post
Unregistered - p h fat 05.26.2006 12:27
should have said..
ps3 has to use hard drive as blue ray disc drive is slow as hell....

15 -
Unregistered - shotty 05.26.2006 12:42
the ps3 can use the drive to download as well but the game would be really slow. Knowing sony they wouldn't do it anyways since the harddrive is heavily needed to cache the game content. MS is the god of OS its they only job so obviously they can do things with the xbox 360 os that other companies would do terrible ineffiecently. If you read up on windows vista features you would know it's brilliant. Like usings the gpu instead of the cpu to render the desktop to reduce strain on the cpu. Also using fetching to load frequently used apps into the ram to speed up the process. How about putting gpu and audio drivers out of the kernal and into user space so a error in the drivers wouldn't cause the system to crash. MS did a lot of brilliant things with vista which I'm pretty sure some of those features will make it into the xbox 360. I'm not hating on Sony but they are a hardware company, I also saw the ps3 user interface and it looks really familiar to the psp one but with more icons.

16 -
Unregistered - Vincent 05.26.2006 12:45
Did anybody read that Famitsu took a poll in Japan recentley about the MOST wanted console and over 70% of Japanese gamers are hoping to purchase a Wii!!! PS3 garnered 24.6% I think with the 360 coming in 3rd with a strong 4.6%. Over 80% of Japanese gamers said they dislike the PS3 mainly due to cost of the console. WOW. I really thought that that is news, good luck to the Nintendo Wii, if this happens I can see a Wii dominated Japan , a 360 dominated US, Europe and Australia due to the price of the PS3. How is this good? I bet we'll see more assistance from Japanese developers. Due to the nature of the Wii.

17 - #15
OutLaw 05.26.2006 12:47
#15 you're totally correct. Also the PS3 uses up about 25% of the cell chips for Processing a game if I'm not Mistaken.

18 - #16
OutLaw 05.26.2006 12:50
Thats pretty good info. Maybe if MS and Nintendo joins up they both could dominate every Region. Imagine them just destroying Sony in the console wars.

19 - Take a look at this
triniwi 05.26.2006 14:16

20 - Number 16
Unregistered - Chroncial 05.26.2006 15:23
Hey #16 those are some impressive figures. can you put up a link for those poll if you can. im trying to look for it now.

21 -
Unregistered - Vincent 05.26.2006 15:30
I really don't remember. I Googled it though and found the exact poll with info on mozlapunk.net. Just search (famitsu poll) alot of pre E3 info had the PS3 as most wanted. POST E3 polls had the Wii in the lead so make sure you check if it's pre or post E3. Thanks for the interest.

22 -
Unregistered - shotty 05.26.2006 16:47
Its good for the wii that it will overtake the ps3 in Japan. And I totally see the xbox 360 be number 1 in North and South America, Europe and Australia. Not sure about Asia though it might be more mixed there. Any ways this is good news because it means we get more games for us. But honestly I don't see the wii holding it's own. Games noadays demand alot of power, how do you thing Oblivion would run on the wii, it would totally destroy the experience. Same thing goes for Project Gotham Racing it just wouldn;t look right. The games I see on the wii are all small charatoon based like the tennis they have and zelda and mario. Sure the wii will make a hell of a second system but it just can't play the mainstream games. I don't think its a concern in Japan since their games have tons of CG videos which don't require tons of system power. But they can't pull off scenes like 99 nights with the thousands of chracters on screen.

23 - #17 Correction
Unregistered - Phony PAY$tation 05.26.2006 17:25
Actually that 25% of cell power is consumed by the OS, not the games. On top of that the OS runs all the time, even when playing games (just like the 360). The only difference here is how hungry and inefficient the Sony OS is!!

24 - awesome
f1r3waII K1LL3r 05.26.2006 17:55
cant wait, keep it up microsoft. I love updates

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