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Full Details of next weeks Dashboard Update.
Submitted By: deepio
26 May 2006 07:18 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft updates Xbox Live in a dozen handy ways. Full details.
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'Best of Classics' Xbox Games Announced (UK)
Submitted By: Dynamo220
26 May 2006 07:17 | Systems

Microsoft today announced a new 'Best of Classics' range for Xbox - taking the best of the current range and making the games even cheaper for those looking for a bargain!
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Oblivion content expected every four weeks
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
25 May 2006 08:53 | Systems

The downloadable content for Oblivion has caused quite a big uproar for Xbox 360 owners. On the one hand this new content adds yet more to an unbelievably deep game and at a small cost it’s not too bad. On the other hand the question has been asked many times; why were these not included in the game at launch?
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How-to backup your 360 games
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
25 May 2006 08:09 | Systems | Xbox 360

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this knows someone or have themselves experienced the CD or DVD scratch nightmare at least once in their life and let’s face it, it sucks.
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Boob Physics
Submitted By: Swifty
24 May 2006 17:15 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

They bounce, are semi-buoyant, and young males seem to not get enough of them. They are breasts, or as some refer to them, boobies. In an odd way, the physics of breasts have become a huge factor and trend in the world of gaming. It’s quite interesting how this whole trend got started.
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Doubts Over Pre-owned PS3 Bombshell
Submitted By: Moostache
24 May 2006 17:13 | Systems | Playstation 3 | Technology

A story claiming that Sony is preparing to stop the potential sale of pre-owned PlayStation 3 games is being met with some skepticism by industry insiders. According to a UK news source, citing retail contacts, Sony is preparing to make it illegal for consumers to sell used PS3 games. The plan would involve Sony adopting a licensing system whereby gamers would agree that they are purchasing a license to play a game, rather than the game itself. If true, such a move would be a massive boost for publishers and developers which do not profit from the lucrative and damaging retail trade in used games. In fact, many publishers are furious that they have to spend support money on consumers who have not actually contributed a dime to the company's coffers.
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How much would the entire Marketplace cost?
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
23 May 2006 08:26 | Systems | Xbox 360

Have you ever wondered how much the entire Xbox Live Marketplace library of content would set you back?
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Cadillac cars coming to PGR3 for FREE!
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
22 May 2006 16:53 | Systems | Xbox 360

Due to an advertising deal struck up between Cadillac and Microsofts Xbox LIVE service, Cadillac will be releasing 3 downloadable cars for free as additional content for Project Gotham Racing 3.
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SEGA is having an affair with Sony
Submitted By: Swifty
22 May 2006 13:09 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

SEGA (or Sega Sammy) have revealed a list of the games that are currently in development. Looking at the list you start to wonder what exactly Sony is doing with SEGA as the amount of Playstation Portable, 2 and 3 games outweighs all of Microsofts and Nintendos games put together.
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Bungie Testing Halo 3 Multiplayer
Submitted By: darktangent
22 May 2006 07:20 | Systems | Xbox 360

While surfing around on the Bungie site, I came up on a new employee's Blog of sorts and came across this and I quote "Paul Bertone, one of our lead designers, let us play something that blew our minds. That was single player, and from a mission very early in the game. And one that takes place before the events seen in the E3 trailer, but Lars, one of the new(er) multiplayer designers, has a regular multiplayer test in session now - that happens every day - and with surprisingly polished-looking graphics, although I'm told a lot of the textures and decorator objects are just placeholder at the moment. Could have fooled me. The multiplayer test lab is still packed full of old-school 4:3 480i NTSC TV sets, which tells you two things. One is that we're making sure this game looks awesome on non HD sets, and two, that there is always a crazy rush to get to the sets that are HD during those sessions." Maybe halo 3 is further along than we think.
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No immediate price drop for the 360
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
22 May 2006 07:18 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft has revealed there are no immediate plans to drop the price of the Xbox 360 despite suggestions with the PS3 launch taking place in November, that Microsoft would hit back and drop the price of the console.
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New 360 cooler in the works
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
20 May 2006 12:09 | Systems | Xbox 360

Team Xtender are set to continue their Xbox 360 cooling quest by developing a new high speed cooler for the console. The new cooler will plug directly into your Xbox 360 via one of the USB ports, keeping you abreast of the current temperature at all times; with LEF lights flashing away like madmen should anything be happening that shouldn't.
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New screenshot and Halo theory
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
20 May 2006 12:08 | Systems | Xbox 360

Bungie have released another screenshot for Halo 3 that shows a slightly different angle of part of the E3 Announcement Trailer.
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Feel the force...on your Mac
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
20 May 2006 12:07 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

A USB driver which allows you to use the Xbox 360 Controller on an OSX machine, including support for the Apple Force Feedback library has been created.
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Xbox 360 hack response
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
18 May 2006 06:46 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft respond to the reported Xbox 360 hack recently announced that allows you to play back-up games
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EXCLUSIVE - Sega Rally Revo: Interview
Submitted By: Swifty
17 May 2006 17:48 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

During E3 Club Skill sat down with Guy Wilday, the studio director, from the new SEGA Driving Studio based in the UK (just round the corner from our very own Rob Rymond in Solihull), which is developing an all-new Sega Rally game for next-generation consoles and PC, called “Sega Rally Revo”. The game's features include fully deformable surfaces, so the track will never act the same no matter how many times you play it, as well as is dramatically improved NPC AI - so it now dynamically adapts to the different road surfaces.
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Halo 3 finale written in 1999?
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
16 May 2006 05:39 | Systems | Xbox 360

Trailing through the swarm of information on the internet the other day, I found the first in a series of letters from "Cortana" way back in 1999, the very first time I had heard anything about the Halo games.
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Ulanoff: Blu-ray Is Doomed to Lose DVD Format War
Submitted By: undisputed2k6
14 May 2006 05:22 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Technology | Industry News

Blu-ray is doomed. I came to this conclusion shortly after reading John Dvorak's thoughtful dissection of the HD DVD versus Blu-ray imbroglio. It was right on the money in all ways but one: Dvorak didn't anoint a winner; he thinks it'll take a couple of years to shake out. I think he's wrong.
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E3 06: Age of Reckoning running on Xbox 360
Submitted By: Ugly American
14 May 2006 05:21 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Events

MMOG publisher shows off Warhammer Online behind closed doors--on Microsoft's next-gen console; 360 version not announced...yet?
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More E3 Booth Pics
Submitted By: Swifty
12 May 2006 06:39 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

Our boys Kevin and Matt in the field have just sent us back a new batch of E3 photos. If you couldn't make it to E3 then find out whats going on in the showfloor right here.
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More Microsoft Handheld Rumours
Submitted By: x360central
08 May 2006 19:49 | Systems

Dean Takahashi, author of The Xbox 360 Uncloaked, has claimed in his latest offering that around half of the Xbox 360 hardware developers are currently hard at work on a Microsoft handheld to rival the NintendoDS and Sony PSP.
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E3: Microsoft plans flood of Xbox Live content
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 09:58 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Events | Technology | Industry News

Gears of War, Lost Planet, Test Drive Unlimited and more head to Xbox Live... Xbox 360 owners will be able to play and watch many of the games being shown off at E3 this week, with Microsoft and its third-party partners planning to make available several videos and demos from the show over Xbox Live.
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The Mechs Are Back
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 04:29 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

Check out this Game Developer Interview and In-Game footage of Chromehounds. This game is gonna be SICK!
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Toshiba's HD-A1 Sells Out in Japan
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 04:24 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Technology

The Asahi Shimbun reported yesterday that Toshiba has managed to sell all of the HD-A1 HD-DVD players it shipped to retail in Japan, amounting to some 1,500 units.
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Call Of Duty 3 Teaser
Submitted By: Fender
06 May 2006 14:06 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

Don't get your hopes too high yet. Nothing seems to be in-game here, all pre rendered. Even worse for fans, it is not being made by Infinity Ward. That isn't terrible news though, hopfully they are working on the 'Modern Combat' themed COD.
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Next Call Of Duty Skipping PC?
Submitted By: Fender
05 May 2006 16:39 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution | Industry News

CEO Bobby Kotick says that the next Call of Duty game, due out between October 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006 is "not a PC product, it's a console product and it's all next-gen."
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PDZ Update
Submitted By: younghalo
05 May 2006 05:00 | Systems | Xbox 360

With the upcomming content for PDZ, a new update is also comming soon that adds bots in Darkops, adds new types of bots, and fixes plenty of bugs found throughout the game.
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Interstellar Marines Pre-E3 Trailer
Submitted By: deepio
04 May 2006 16:31 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

Project IM gets a new name and an exhilirating new trailer. If this is real-time footage we could be in for a treat. You can also check it out at http://www.interstellarmarines.com.
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Heavy Weapon announced for Live Arcade
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
03 May 2006 14:28 | Systems | Xbox 360

PopCap Games have announced a new Xbox Live Arcade title called Heavy Weapon. It'll be the first time the company have revealed a game before actually releasing it.
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Learning from Failure
Submitted By: Joe
03 May 2006 05:42 | Systems | Xbox 360

The inside story on how IBM out-foxed Intel with the Xbox 360
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