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E3: Microsoft plans flood of Xbox Live content
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 09:58 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Events | Technology | Industry News

Gears of War, Lost Planet, Test Drive Unlimited and more head to Xbox Live... Xbox 360 owners will be able to play and watch many of the games being shown off at E3 this week, with Microsoft and its third-party partners planning to make available several videos and demos from the show over Xbox Live.
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First Images from E3 Expo 2006
Submitted By: DragonFly
08 May 2006 04:56 | Events

See some of the first pictures from inside and out of the Convention Center.
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Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway Preview
Submitted By: pRo loGic II
08 May 2006 04:54 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

At E3 2006, Ubisoft will unveil Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway to the masses in the form of real-time demos from the show floor. IGN recently had a chance to get an early look at the new direction of the series, courtesy of Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford.
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NHL 2K7 announced + screens
Submitted By: 360Monster
08 May 2006 04:36 | Xbox 360

Following the slightly disapointing NHL 2K6, which we reviewed just the other day, 2K Games have announced NHL 2K7 for the Xbox 360. Little information is known about the title, but we're sure they will try their best to fully utilise the Xbox 360's power, with better graphics, and more gameplay tweaks to make the title superb. We've uploaded three screenshots for the the 2K7 title, which can be seen HERE. NHL 2K7 is due for release in the USA Q4 2006. There is no EU release date yet.
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Pre E3 Gears of War Info
Submitted By: 360Monster
08 May 2006 04:35 | Xbox 360

Gears of War is the next-gen shooter which will see gamers having to use the brain rather than their brawn when fighting against countless mutated enemies. The game as many know is based in a world of science fiction known as Sera, where you will play as Marcus Fenix and your sole purpose is to kill everything that gets in your way. >>MORE>>
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Microsoft set to include Massive ads in their games
Submitted By: 360Monster
08 May 2006 04:32 | Xbox 360

Taken from Microsoft's press release: CLICK TO VIEW Not being big fans of in-game advertising here, this looks like a bit of a disappointment. It adds realism of course, but who wants realism when they are playing a videogame? We're struggling to understand the real point of this deal, other than making a bit more money. Hopefully this won't stop Rockstar from using hugely original fake advertising in their GTA series, and any other games that fancy a pop at creating their own in-game advertising which is usually a lot funnier than the real lot out there.
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New Ghost Recon Content Coming
Submitted By: planetxbox360
08 May 2006 04:31 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft today announces that the first ever glimpse of the upcoming downloadable content package for the Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter will be unveiled exclusively at the Dodge booth at this year’s E3!
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Updated Xbox 360 Shipping Figures
Submitted By: planetxbox360
08 May 2006 04:30 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has revealed that it has now sold over 3.3 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide since the launch last November.
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The Mechs Are Back
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 04:29 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

Check out this Game Developer Interview and In-Game footage of Chromehounds. This game is gonna be SICK!
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Chromehounds In-Depth Preview
Submitted By: Swifty
08 May 2006 04:28 | Xbox 360

There have been many mech-games which have always been fun, but at the same time they seemed to miss something. MechAssault was great to play, the problem with it being it looked like something from Pokemon. Then there was Steel Battalion, which looked awesome, was a dream to play, but at the same time it was outrageously expensive. Now you’re thinking, what can Chromehounds bring to the mech-genre to make it stand out from all the other robotic shooters? To put it simply Chromehounds does everything, you have next-gen graphics, amazing gameplay, online matchmaking to die for and what’s more it won’t set you back over a hundred quid.
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GamerScore Whore contest still going strong...
Submitted By: slargent
08 May 2006 04:27 | Xbox 360

360-Deals.com has recently updated the GamerScore Whore contest ranking list...
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Toshiba's HD-A1 Sells Out in Japan
Submitted By: Joe
08 May 2006 04:24 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Technology

The Asahi Shimbun reported yesterday that Toshiba has managed to sell all of the HD-A1 HD-DVD players it shipped to retail in Japan, amounting to some 1,500 units.
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Countdown to Prey Video #2
Submitted By: L3e
08 May 2006 04:22 | Xbox 360

3d Realms and 2K Games today released a new gameplay video of Prey. This is the second video in the "Countdown to Prey" series, so be sure to keep checking back for the latest videos.
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6 HD Quality Gameplay Videos of Ninety Nine Nights
Submitted By: Unknownunknown
08 May 2006 04:20 | Xbox 360

This game looks fun as hell we all know it wont be one of the 360's prettiest titles, but this game I must say is loads of fun since I imported it. The game isn't perfect in every aspect minor issues here and there, but this game is solid and extremely enjoyable. Despite mishaps in any of the videos just know thousands of enemies come on your screen with no fps drops whatsoever (trust me I own the game). Its best to view this footage with something like windows media player or vlc media player. The number of moves you have in this per character is truly amazing not at all what I would've expected. The massive amount of moves at your disposal just keeps me coming back to this game over and over. You never get use to how many people you are fighting on screen at once. Alot of chaos no doubt some of the minor issues will be worked out when this game hits the usa later this year.
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Gears Of War Update
Submitted By: xeon121
08 May 2006 04:19 | Xbox 360

'nuff said click the link for full story
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Prey: Its almost done
Submitted By: Totally360
08 May 2006 04:18 | Xbox 360

The latest developer update of Prey is now online for your reading pleasure but this time it’s written by Jason L Blair (Director of the Adventure Game Division at Human...
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Rockstar Rocks Xbox 360
Submitted By: Totally360
08 May 2006 04:17 | Xbox 360

Llamma.com is renowned for customising and modifying games consoles. They have released details on a new mod case featuring Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar Games. Both...
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Activision make Call of Duty 3 official
Submitted By: Swifty
06 May 2006 14:10 | Xbox 360

Call of Duty 2 had to be one of the most popular release titles for the Xbox 360. It was graphically sublime and the campaign was the best single played mode ever created. Well today Activision officially announced Call of Duty 3 will be released on the next-gen consoles late this year (that’s if theres no delays).
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Bungie update coming E3 week
Submitted By: Swifty
06 May 2006 14:09 | Xbox 360

Bungie have recently revealed in their Pre-E3 update that they are putting together a BIG update ready for next week. Next week is of course E3 the biggest gaming event of the year, now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with the possibility that the update will be released at E3. The real question however is what the update will include, maybe some Halo 3 info or maybe some info on an entirely different project.
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The Battle for Middle-Earth II Trailer
Submitted By: L3e
06 May 2006 14:08 | Xbox 360

EA today release a new gameplay trailer for thier upcoming game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II for the Xbox 360 console.
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Test Drive Unlimited - Pagani Trailer
Submitted By: L3e
06 May 2006 14:07 | Xbox 360

Atari today release a new video of Test Drive Unlimited for the Xbox 360 console. This particular trailer shows off the Pagani, which will be a useable car in the game. Test Drive Unlimited is expected to ship June 20th, 2006.
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Call Of Duty 3 Teaser
Submitted By: Fender
06 May 2006 14:06 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

Don't get your hopes too high yet. Nothing seems to be in-game here, all pre rendered. Even worse for fans, it is not being made by Infinity Ward. That isn't terrible news though, hopfully they are working on the 'Modern Combat' themed COD.
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The Darkness
Submitted By: Gilbert1976
06 May 2006 14:05 | Xbox 360

The Darkness Preview
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Project IM Officially Named
Submitted By: Totally360
05 May 2006 16:41 | Xbox 360

Zero Point Software has formally revealed the official name of Project IM - the game will be known as Interstellar Marines. Alongside the name change new details have emerged on the games storyline...
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First Details: Test Drive Unlimited Demo
Submitted By: Totally360
05 May 2006 16:40 | Xbox 360

Atari has confirmed a demo of Test Drive Unlimited will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace during E3 2006. The new demo will be available to gamers to test play during the 8th – 14th May 2006...
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Next Call Of Duty Skipping PC?
Submitted By: Fender
05 May 2006 16:39 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution | Industry News

CEO Bobby Kotick says that the next Call of Duty game, due out between October 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006 is "not a PC product, it's a console product and it's all next-gen."
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E3 2006: Consoles to be online at the Expo
Submitted By: x360central
05 May 2006 16:38 | Xbox 360

As consoles are getting more serious about their online capabilities, they are starting to showcase it. Of course, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest video game event of the year, where else would be a better place to start?
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Thesis will be playable at E3
Submitted By: Swifty
05 May 2006 16:37 | Xbox 360

The boys over at Track7 Games today revealed that they would be taking a playable demo of their latest creation Thesis to E3. The game is a next-gen adventure title that was first seen at last years E3.
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E3 2006: Atari Announces E3 Line-Up
Submitted By: x360central
05 May 2006 11:26 | Xbox 360

Not to be left out, Atari announced their E3 portfolio today. The list is littered with many promising games for the PC, PSP, Xbox 360 and more.
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Xbox 360 console in South Park
Submitted By: Lost Alley
05 May 2006 11:25 | Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console made an appearance yesterday in the latest episode of South Park.
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