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Master Chief looks set to make an appearance at this years E3!!!
Submitted By: Swifty
26 Apr 2006 10:21 | Xbox 360

It seems Mr Moore has today revealed that the legendary Master Chief will be appearing at E3 to show off the latest game in the Halo series. Of course nothing is known about what will be shown whether it will be CGI or in game footage, but rest assured it will be one of the biggest highlights of this years E3.
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Limited edition FIFA World Cup Xbox 360 bundle pack
Submitted By: Totally360
26 Apr 2006 10:20 | Xbox 360

Football (soccer) fans are in for a treat with the news that there will be an Xbox 360 World Cup bundle pack. The limited edition core system will include a copy of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, an Adidas faceplate...
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Crackdown Interview with Dave Jones
Submitted By: Dynamo220
26 Apr 2006 10:19 | Xbox 360

Xbox.com recently interviewed Dave Jones, Managing Director of Real Time Worlds, about their upcoming game, Crackdown.
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The E3 2006 Free Xbox Live Week
Submitted By: planetxbox360
26 Apr 2006 08:42 | Xbox 360

Xbox Live is going to be temporarily free again with Verizon sponsoring a second event, however this time it's a full week long.
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Halo 2 Matchmaking changes for Xbox 360
Submitted By: dalectrics
26 Apr 2006 08:41 | Xbox 360

Bungie has changed it's matchmaking playlists and taken out the buggy map 'backwash' from its playlists. The map was reknown for causing dropped framerates and 'ghosting' effects on other maps when emulated on the Xbox 360. Other changes have been put in place including a new matchmaking - Rumble Hardcore.
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Bullet Witch Delayed in Japan
Submitted By: myXbox360
26 Apr 2006 08:40 | Xbox 360

Bullet Witch was originally expected at the start of July, but a 2 week delay for fine-tuning has just been announced by AQ Interactive.
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Plantronics GameCom X30
Submitted By: planetxbox360
26 Apr 2006 05:06 | Xbox 360

If you play on Xbox Live a headset communicator is more or less a standard requirement these days. We take a look at the new Plantronics GameCom X30 and see what it's like to play with on the Xbox 360
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E3 "Sneak Peak" - Speculation and Rumours
Submitted By: dalectrics
26 Apr 2006 05:05 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution | Events | E3 2005

Sneak peek: PS3 – and maybe "Halo 3" New video games, game machines get ready for their coming out party at industry trade show.
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Xbox LIVE Diamond Cards - On the Way!
Submitted By: slargent
26 Apr 2006 05:04 | Xbox 360

Just got an email after registering well over 6 months ago for this discount card. It's set to be in the 'ol mailbox in 2 - 3 weeks. Apparently it will give you discounts when shopping/etc... If you haven't signed up, head on over to xbox.com when you get a chance...
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New Star Trek Legacy Site and Screens
Submitted By: myXbox360
25 Apr 2006 17:43 | Xbox 360

Bethesda just released a new subsite for Star Wars Legacy. Check out some of the Xbox 360 screens it contains!
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Xbox 360 HD-DVD information to come soon
Submitted By: x360central
25 Apr 2006 15:14 | Xbox 360

The long controversial HD-DVD add on drive for the Xbox 360 has been confirmed to be revealed at this years Electronics Entertainment Expo. The drive will allow Xbox 360 owners to view high definition movies without the hassle of buying a completely separate unit.
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Lost Planet Demo Hitting XBL Marketplace May 9th
Submitted By: Janx
25 Apr 2006 12:37 | Xbox 360

The latest trailer on the Marketplace of Capcom's fresh sci-fi IP for the Xbox 360 reveals that a playable demo will be available for download on May 9th.
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Huxley Preview
Submitted By: Janx
25 Apr 2006 12:36 | Xbox 360

1up.com recently got an exclusive first look at the 360 version of Huxley, and though it's very early in development, much of the technology is already in place.
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Lost Planet Pre-E3 Trailer Hits Xbox Live Marketplace
Submitted By: DragonFly
25 Apr 2006 12:22 | Xbox 360

Microsoft and Capcom have just released a new trailer of Lost Planet on Xbox Live Marketplace. Titled Pre-E3 '06 Trailer, the new movie is available in both 720p (58.34 MB) and standard-definition (10.98 MB). The trailer also reveals Capcom's plans to release a Lost Planet wallpaper on May 2 and a playable demo on May 9.
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Xploder X360 media gizmos at E3
Submitted By: DragonFly
25 Apr 2006 12:21 | Xbox 360

Fire International has announced it will be showing off its Xploder brand of media goodies at E3. The company’s new range of Xploder products add media functionality to iPod, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2 and mobile handsets. Xploder Media Systems cover a wide range of features, including movie and music media conversion, digital photograph and image transfer, game saves and game enhancements, full media management and much more.
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New Oblivion Marketplace content screenshots
Submitted By: Totally360
25 Apr 2006 07:46 | Xbox 360

Following on from our news yesterday about the new The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion content which is available on the marketplace. We can now bring you some screenshots of the Wizard's Tower and The Orrery...
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Final Fantasy XI Review
Submitted By: Swifty
25 Apr 2006 07:44 | Xbox 360

As the owner of a Final Fantasy website and an Xbox 360 owner, I jumped at the chance to write this review. I love the series, and despite having my favourites and my least favourite games, I’ve played and completed every title, except for FFIII, which has never seen an English language release. I’d say it’s fair for me to dub myself a Final Fantasy veteran.The question really is whether or not this game is any good?
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First Mobile Ops Screenshots
Submitted By: planetxbox360
25 Apr 2006 05:38 | Xbox 360

Following up from the recent announcement of Mobile Ops: The One Year War, in development by Namco Bandai, we are pleased to bring you the first four screenshots from the game.
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EA Statement on BF2 Headset Issue
Submitted By: planetxbox360
25 Apr 2006 05:36 | Xbox 360

EA, and the developers of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, DICE, have released a statement in relation to the headset communicator issues that some users are experiencing with the game.
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Test Drive: Unlimited - Info, screenshots and trailer
Submitted By: Totally360
25 Apr 2006 05:35 | Xbox 360

Car fans are in for a treat with this latest update. To countdown to the release of Test Drive: Unlimited continues with details on the Spyker cars - including a game trailer...
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Great new Oblivion content available on Marketplace
Submitted By: Totally360
25 Apr 2006 05:34 | Xbox 360

For the small fee of 150 Microsoft Points, Oblivion fans can expand their already expansive world with the latest content, wizard tower Frostcrag Spire. Located in the Jeral Mountains, Frostcrag Spire...
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Straight from the Norse's mouth: Too Human Interview
Submitted By: DragonFly
24 Apr 2006 16:44 | Xbox 360

OXM speak to Silicon Knights’ Denis Dyack about combining next-gen gameplay with Norse mythology Too Human is one of those games that was lying dormant on a developer’s shelf, deemed too ambitious for the current generation of consoles. Then the Xbox 360 came along and brought it to life like an exploding volcano.
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Pre-E3 rumour explosion!
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 16:43 | Xbox 360

Price cuts, free Xbox Live, Halo 3 next March and loads more in our speculation avalanche!
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SEGA Register 'Virtua' Trademarks
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 16:42 | Xbox 360

SEGA Corp have registered five new trademarks, four of which have 'Virtua' working titles. Registered in the Japan Patent Office the trademarks are marked as more obvious genres such as Virtua Rider and F1 Super Lap, with less obvious Virtua Wars, Virtua Lock On Shot and Virtua Hunter. Whether or not these were registered with games development in mind, the titles are only speculative at this point. However, Sega have made previous 'Virtua' titles such as the Virtua Tennis and Virtua Fighter franchises.
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New Chromehounds Movies
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 16:41 | Xbox 360

The previous gen Xbox featured its share of mech-based titles. From the internally marketed MechAssault series, to Steel Battalion (complete with outlandish peripheral), Microsoft’s last-gen peripheral was the hardware to have for fans of the battle walkers. Beating MechAssault 3 to the robotic punch in the next gen is FROM Software’s (Armored Core) CHROMEHOUNDS- a SEGA of America-produced action/shooter featuring ton after ton of gyroscopically balanced machines.
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ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Apr 2006 16:40 | Xbox 360

Lara Croft holds onto the top spot for yet another week with Tomb Raider Legends. Ghost Recon fights to hold onto second place in the Xbox 360 charts...
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Xbox 360 Book: Chronology of Xbox History, Part 4
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 16:39 | Xbox 360

Dean Takahashi, author of 2001's "Opening the Xbox", has released the fourth installment of its Xbox timeline, taken from the chronology of his upcoming book, "The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft's Next-Generation Video Game Console," publishing May 9. In this fourth part of the Xbox chronology, Dean reveals the events of the year 2002, when Microsoft launched Xbox Live.
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4sight Named Worldwide Licensing Agent for Xbox Brands
Submitted By: Janx
24 Apr 2006 16:38 | Xbox 360

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, 4sight licensing solutions, inc., has signed a multi-year agreement with Microsoft Corp. to manage the global licensing initiatives for the Xbox brand, including Xbox 360, the next generation video game and entertainment system. Under this agreement, 4sight will serve as the exclusive agent for Xbox on a global basis, paving the way for the internationally renowned gaming system to expand its reach into a wide ranging licensing program.
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Pre-E3 Prophesying begins in earnest
Submitted By: silent ninja
24 Apr 2006 16:37 | Xbox 360

As the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo looms ever closer, executives at Microsoft have once again begun to confidently predict a victory for HD-DVD, dismissing Sony's Blu-ray format as another Betamax.
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Prey Super Trailer
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Apr 2006 14:52 | Xbox 360

We've just received the new Prey "Super Trailer" which promises to contain a lot of new footage in the clip which runs for 3 minutes and 45 seconds...
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