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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
First PDZ content and update
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
24 Apr 2006 14:51 | Systems | Xbox 360

The first Perfect Dark Zero content and a demo are promised for Xbox Live Marketplace shortly (knowing Rare it could be months!). There is also an update to the game which changes how bots act.
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New Datel Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Apr 2006 14:48 | Xbox 360

Datel have come up with an alternative to the official Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit, by launching their own version. Basically it allows you to charge your controller...
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EA RPG to rival Oblivion?
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 09:09 | Xbox 360

EA has launched a teaser website for a new next-gen RPG currently known as The Gray Company. There are few details of the game released so far, other than a few pieces of artwork on the website and the following information. -- “What’s this new RPG all about?” said Executive Producer Steve Gray. “I can’t release too much detail just yet, but here’s what I can tell you. The action takes places in a massive open world where you can go anywhere you want and the characters in this world are powered by incredible simulation AI based on the same technology used by the makers of The Sims 2. The story of the game is built around a series of Story Quests. You can choose to follow specific Story Quests, embark on a range of other types of quests, or set off on your own adventures in the massive open world environment."
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Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 09:08 | Xbox 360

SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced its plans to take gamers on a virtual road trip on the "Road to E3". Starting on April 25, SEGA will announce new titles leading up to the first day of show at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo.
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Game Republic working on secret Xbox 360 game
Submitted By: Lost Alley
24 Apr 2006 09:05 | Xbox 360

Yoshiki Okamoto, CEO of Game Republic, has revealed that his game development studio is working on a secret Xbox 360 title. The news of the game comes from Okamoto's blog, in which the former Capcom managing director spilled some of the beans on his project: "The Xbox 360 project that we're working on now hasn't been announced yet, but I think it's safe to say that this game is well worth looking forward to," the blog reads.
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New screenshots - 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Apr 2006 08:32 | Xbox 360

We've got 19 new screenshots from 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. The screens feature general gameplay shots as well as cut scenes and game menu shots...
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Too Human : Hands-on impressions
Submitted By: News Bot
24 Apr 2006 08:07 | Xbox 360

There's a lot riding on Too Human. It's not only the first game from Silicon Knights in almost 10 years to go through the development process without Nintendo standing over its shoulders, but the game is the first part of a trilogy and is the first title from the company that seems to incorporate all of Dyack's game design ideals. In his own words, "This will be the defining project for the company."
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Test Drive Unlimited Spyker Car
Submitted By: myXbox360
24 Apr 2006 06:36 | Xbox 360

This week’s reveal showcases one of the world’s youngest but coolest supercars around: the Spyker. Oahu won’t know what hit it once you take to the streets driving this awesome supercar.
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New Too Human Screens
Submitted By: Fender
24 Apr 2006 06:33 | Systems | Xbox 360

This time we take a look at some of Baldur's armor. As usual, these screens look awesome.
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Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit now available
Submitted By: x360central
24 Apr 2006 06:32 | Xbox 360

The long awaited Quick Charge Kit for the Xbox 360 is finally available. The new accessory will take up to two Xbox 360 controller batteries at a time and can fully recharge them within four hours, according to Microsoft.
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Hitman: Blood Money - New screenshots and movie trailers
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Apr 2006 06:30 | Xbox 360

Hitman fans are in for a treat with a whole host of new game trailers and screenshots featuring Agent 47 doing what he does best...
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Achievement Point - "GamerScore Whore" Contest underway...
Submitted By: slargent
24 Apr 2006 01:09 | Xbox 360

Did you finish King Kong for one purpose and one purpose only? Could you give a rats ass about NBA 2K6, yet you your gamercard shows all 1000 points spoken for? Does your significant other not get the whole Xbox LIVE 'virtual buddy' network you've become a part of? Well brother, 360-Deals.com has the contest for you!!!
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Take a Deeper Look Inside the 360 GPU
Submitted By: Fender
23 Apr 2006 08:59 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

SmartComputing.com has recently posted at article about the power of the 360's GPU, explaining what exactly it can do when it's pushed to the limit. Very good read.
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New Brothers in Arms Screen
Submitted By: Fender
23 Apr 2006 08:58 | Systems | Xbox 360

Looks great, but is it in-game?
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New Atari Adventure?
Submitted By: HonesJones
23 Apr 2006 08:57 | Xbox 360 | Industry News

There are rumors circulating the internet that there is a new Atari game that will be revealed at E3 '06. The alleged title sports a purported range of vehicular transport and the 'biggest' range of guns ever to be employed in a computer game. The game's time and setting is unclear, but it will most definately be a Sci-fi shooter which will use XBox Live to its optimum level. Another brick in the wall for the unsatiable gamers among us.... More info. in the link...
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Australia and Xbox Break World Record
Submitted By: planetxbox360
23 Apr 2006 08:56 | Xbox 360

More than 2,900 gamers from around the world staged the world's largest water balloon event in Australia today. The Water Balloon Challenge, held on Sydney's Coogee Beach, celebrated the record-breaking launch of the Xbox 360 console in Australia and raised money for a local lifesaving group.
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NCAA FOOTBALL "This game is going to rule football"
Submitted By: jeagles5
21 Apr 2006 16:34 | Systems | Xbox 360

NCAA Football 360: First Look
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Xbox Live Arcade to get MAME and SEGA games?
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Apr 2006 10:27 | Xbox 360

Microsoft staffer, wishing to remain anonymous, has revealed that MAME and games from SEGA are heading to Xbox Live Arcade. Speaking to SPOnG, a Microsoft source close to the Xbox Live Arcade project has spilled the beans on what Microsoft has up its sleeve for the service. - "XBLA has seen some pretty serious deal-making in this first quarter - it's been a real priority," explained the source. "The deal-making has been a no-brainer for everyone we've spoken to and, aside from a few licensing issues with existing products, XBLA is going to smash Nintendo's Virtual Console to pieces." - So how is Xbox Live Arcade going to "smash Nintendo's Virtual Console to pieces"? Well it appears that Microsoft has plenty of ammunition in the shape of the massively popular emulator MAME.
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Get RSS feeds from your Xbox 360
Submitted By: 360Monster
21 Apr 2006 10:26 | Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox Live gamertag and would like to know what you or other people have been doing on your Xbox 360 then here's a handy website for you. 360voice.com is a website which will let you create a RSS feed of your or anyone else’s gamertag which you can add to an aggregator of your choice. After a couple of days when it has grabbed some data about your gamertag it will send you a feed. It will tell you what achievements you have gained and/or any other recent Live activity.
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Madden NFL 07 Cover Star Selected
Submitted By: Dynamo220
21 Apr 2006 10:24 | Xbox 360

EA Sports announced today that NFL MVP and NFC Champion running back Shaun Alexander will appear on the cover of their next Madden game - Madden NFL 07.
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Patch for "Freezing" problem finalized
Submitted By: jeagles5
21 Apr 2006 10:23 | Systems | Xbox 360

2K Sports has finalized a solution that solves the “freeze” issue in Major League Baseball 2K6 for Xbox 360 that is occurring with some consumers. An auto update is currently in compliance testing at Microsoft. 2K Sports and Microsoft anticipate the auto update to be available..................
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Dead Rising : Hands on Preview
Submitted By: Janx
21 Apr 2006 08:35 | Xbox 360

Britxbox.co.uk was invited to Capcom's UK offices in Hammersmith to play on Capcom's latest foray into the zombie genre and was very impressed. -- "What immediately struck me about the game was the character models. I'd watched a couple of the early trailers and some of the character models in that looked blocky and basic. In the version I played they looked exactly one thousand times better (I measured), however, due to the early build they didn't move their lips and everything looked really shiny in the cut scenes."
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Mass Effect Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Apr 2006 08:30 | Xbox 360

Computer Games Online presents an interview with Casey Hudson, BioWare Project Director of Mass Effect. The role-playing game is currently being developed for the Xbox 360 and will comprise features from other BioWare favorites such as Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. The first part of this interview series will focus on game design and story elements.
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New Hitman: Blood Money Xbox 360 Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Apr 2006 08:16 | Xbox 360

Eidos today release fifteen new screenshots of Hitman: Blood Money for Xbox 360.
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Latest Xbox 360 Rumors
Submitted By: Janx
21 Apr 2006 07:43 | Xbox 360

The following information is from a Spanish forum. They say the information is from a guy that works at Microsoft. Note: None of this information has been confirmed. And although everything could very well be true, please take everything with a grain of salt until official confirmations.
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XDU: Major Nelson’s presentation
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Apr 2006 07:36 | Xbox 360

Major Nelson’s or Larry Hryb, as he is officially known when speaking as Xbox Live Director of Programming held a speech about Xbox 360 and Xbox Live in particular at XDU in Australia.
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Gates Confident over Xbox and HD DVD in Japan
Submitted By: Janx
21 Apr 2006 07:20 | Xbox 360

Microsoft founder Bill Gates expressed confidence in the success of the new Xbox 360 game console as well as the high-definition HD DVD technology, while visiting Japan on Friday. Japan is a key battleground for next-generation video game consoles and DVD players. Gates said he hoped the Xbox 360 would win a new legion of older fans with its simple games and online multi-player system. Video game consoles is the one area that Microsoft is still struggling with in Japan where Japanese rival Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 2 outsells Microsoft offerings, including the latest Xbox 360.
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Microsoft to upgrade Xbox 360 CPU
Submitted By: Lost Alley
21 Apr 2006 06:57 | Xbox 360

Microsoft will upgrade the CPU used in its Xbox 360 games console early next year, the CPU's manufacturer announced today. The new CPU will be built using technology that can reduce heat and power consumption, as well as potentially increasing speed. It will also help Microsoft cut the console's cost. The new 65nm technology is also capable of running software faster than that used in the existing Xbox 360 CPU, Chartered said. But the company did not state whether the CPU's performance when running software would be upgraded in any way to take advantage of this potential. It is uncommon for manufacturers to increase the speed of chips in games consoles which are already on the market, because this can cause unexpected compatibility issues with games developed for the original hardware design, as well as bad feeling among existing owners.
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Juicy New Xbox Live Arcade Details
Submitted By: x360central
21 Apr 2006 06:31 | Xbox 360

Xbox Live Arcade to grow massively in size, SEGA to join in the fun, things are looking good.
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New Ghost Recon Demo Released
Submitted By: planetxbox360
21 Apr 2006 06:30 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft and Microsoft have released another Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Unlike the previous demo, this one is single player only.
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