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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Yet another ghost recon trailer
Submitted By: f1r3waIIK1LL3r
30 Mar 2006 14:06 | Xbox 360

This trailer is a fan video describing the different ways to use the cross-com in real life. (720p)54.45 and (420p) is 10.22mb respectively. Currently available on the XBL marketplace.
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Bomberman on Live Arcade?
Submitted By: Janx
30 Mar 2006 07:25 | Xbox 360

The Saturn version of Bomberman might be on its way to Xbox Live Arcade, judging by comments made by Hudson's online marketing manager to US website 1UP. During a recent conversation with the unnamed bloke-in-question, 1UP claims he said that the possibility of Bomberman joining the Arcade line-up is "under evaluation" and the Saturn version would be a great addition.
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Rockstar Presents Table Tennis : First hands-on impressions.
Submitted By: DragonFly
30 Mar 2006 07:20 | Xbox 360

With Rockstar Games giving us a table tennis game and Rare delivering a nurturing/kids game, one feels compelled to speculate on the strange beginnings of this so-called "next generation." What the heck is going on? The makers of Grand Theft Auto are making a ping pong game? That boggles the mind. Why can't every game be the equivalent of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?
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TeamXbox : Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires Review
Submitted By: Janx
30 Mar 2006 07:13 | Xbox 360

Omega Force’s and Koei’s Warriors titles have helped make them a household name in the console market. Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires builds upon Koei’s stout track record on the previous-gen Xbox, crossing over into the ultra-competitive 360 realm. Already a beautiful franchise, Warriors seems like a perfect match for the 720p and Dolby 5.1 capabilities of the Xbox 360. The question is whether the standard Warriors-style gameplay has made the required jump to challenge the 360’s core trifecta.
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Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball 2 Update
Submitted By: Janx
30 Mar 2006 07:10 | Xbox 360

The recent Famitsu Xbox 360 magazine interview with Itagaki confirms that we will get to learn more info about DOAX2 with a formal announcing and previews to the non-volleyball side of the game come E3. Hopefully this will entail more bathing suits and Xbox Live play to feast our eyes on.
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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend Goes Gold
Submitted By: Janx
30 Mar 2006 07:08 | Xbox 360

It seems as if Lara Croft has acquired the Midas touch, because her latest game Tomb Raider: Legend has officially Gone Gold and is ready for production! Tomb Raider: Legend is set to ship in North America on April 11th 2006, for the Xbox360, PS2, Xbox and PC.
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Ubisoft secures full rights to Far Cry
Submitted By: Lost Alley
30 Mar 2006 07:04 | Xbox 360

Publisher Ubisoft has announced that it has acquired the full set of IP rights relating to the Far Cry franchise, which was created by German studio Crytek, in a move which will allow the firm to continue developing games based on the property.
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Sony trounces Microsoft & Nintendo in brand trust survey
Submitted By: Lost Alley
30 Mar 2006 07:02 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

Forrester Research has published a new report that examines the trust that American households place in PC and consumer electronics (CE) brands, including the brands of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (the red dots, above). The results may be surprising to gamers. In Forrester's analysis, Sony's brand garnered the highest marks of the three companies (Sony also ranked 3rd out of 22 companies), earning an average of A plus. Of the companies surveyed, only Bose and Dell sport an A plus. Meanwhile, Microsoft's brand earned an overall grade of C (placing Microsoft at 20 out of 22), dragged down by low brand trust. Nintendo's brand earned a B, but was pulled towards the bottom of the ranking (17th place out of 22) by low brand potential and low brand adoption.
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Another delay for Frame City Killer
Submitted By: Swifty
30 Mar 2006 06:44 | Xbox 360

Another blow for followers of 'Frame City Killer' as it was today revealed that the game has been delayed yet again. It was originally meant to be released late last year, but due to some bad feedback on certain screenshots they decided to polish the game up and so delayed it for a couple of months.
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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat demo on the Marketplace
Submitted By: Totally360
30 Mar 2006 04:40 | Xbox 360

The long awaited demo for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has finally hit the Xbox Live Marketplace after being delayed last week. It's 382.14mb in size and is a multiplayer demo featuring 24 players using...
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Backwards Compatibility List Update
Submitted By: planetxbox360
30 Mar 2006 04:36 | Xbox 360

Microsoft have officially updated their Xbox 360 backwards compatibility with three additional Xbox titles. Fans of Black will be happy.
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Gamespot: GRAW Demo Tommorow
Submitted By: Fender
30 Mar 2006 04:32 | Systems | Xbox 360

"Today, Ubisoft announced that those waiting for the demo will finally be able to pull the trigger, as it will be available tomorrow for free on Xbox Live Marketplace." Interesting. I thought we were all supposed to see this a week before release? Ya know, a month ago?
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More Video Game Legislation News.
Submitted By: Fender
30 Mar 2006 04:31 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Industry News

Washington had some more news today about whats happening with violent video games. But is it really them we should be angry with? I think its time for a rant...
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Xbox 360 Water Balloon Challenge
Submitted By: myXbox360
30 Mar 2006 04:30 | Xbox 360

Xbox 360 are staging a World Record water balloon challenge to celebrate the biggest console launch in Australian history, and you're invited to take part in this momentous real life game!
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GRAW development team to play on Xbox Live
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
30 Mar 2006 04:28 | Systems

The amazing team that brought you Ghost Recon has been let out their cages, and have decided to spend the time fragging their loyal customers via Xbox Live! Sounds fun! Want to join in on said fun?
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Xbox 360 world cup edition for Japan
Submitted By: 360Monster
30 Mar 2006 04:25 | Xbox 360

Famitsu Xbox (Japanese Xbox magazine) have announced a special world cup eddition of the XBox 360 to be released for the FIFA World Cup 2006 game. The Xbox 360 blue limited edition: 2006 FIFA World Cup Koushiki Kateiyou Game-Ki (official home game system) will have bundled in blue coloured packaging: Xbox 360 game system Wireless controller Media Remote 20GB harddrive Headset D-Terminal HD-AV cable Adidas Japan blue faceplate Not 1 but 2 Adidas Japan blue original bandanas 2006 FIFA World Cup Only 10,000 of these are going to be made so if you happen to live in Japan (or like to import) then you might want to make your mind up soon as to if you want one. FIFA World Cup 2006 will be released in Japan on 27/4
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Dynasty Warriors 5 :Empires Picture Packs up for Download
Submitted By: 360Monster
30 Mar 2006 04:20 | Xbox 360

For our U.S. and Canadian gamers, you can now log onto the Xbox Live Market Place and download 4 Dynasty Warrior 5 picture packs. Each picture pack costs 200 Market Place Points. You have the option to buy the "Shu Kingdom", "Wei Kingdom", "Wu Kingdom", or "Unaligned" Picture Packs. Feel free to download these by logging into the Xbox Live Market Place on your Xbox 360.
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Xbox 360 Is of to a Blinding Start in Australia
Submitted By: Swifty
30 Mar 2006 04:19 | Xbox 360

Thousands of Australian gamers sweeped the streets in search of the eagerly anticipated Xbox 360. In case you're wondering why is there a huge rush so late on, well it's simply because the Xbox 360 was not available to Aussie gamers until March. A long wait, but judging by initial sales figures it seems the joe public thought the new console was well worth the wait.
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Konami Ships Rumble Roses XX
Submitted By: DragonFly
29 Mar 2006 10:39 | Xbox 360

Konami has shipped Rumble Roses XX to retail stores in North America. Konami’s Xbox 360 debut, the follow-up to 2004’s smash hit all-female wrestling PS2 videogame, features an eye-catching lineup of beautiful wrestlers with killer moves, as well as immersive new gameplay modes and online play.
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Gears of War Preview
Submitted By: DragonFly
29 Mar 2006 10:33 | Xbox 360

In a behind closed doors theater presentation during the first day of this year's Game Developers Conference, Epic vice president Mark Rein showed off a few new bits and pieces of the company's upcoming products -- most notably, an update on Unreal Engine 3 and a new demonstration of Epic's Xbox 360 title, Gears of War.
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New Battlefield 2: Modern Combat interview trailer
Submitted By: DragonFly
29 Mar 2006 10:32 | Xbox 360

EA have released a vid of an interview with Ed Thomas, Lead Tech Artist of BF2:MC.
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Australia Welcomes Xbox 360 with 30K Sales
Submitted By: DragonFly
29 Mar 2006 10:30 | Xbox 360

The Australian launch of Xbox 360 managed to notch up sales of 30,000 units in its first four days according to analyst GFK.
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New info and screens of Crysis and CryEngine2
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Mar 2006 10:13 | Xbox 360

New info, movies and screenshots of Crysis, the hotly anticipated next-generation shooter from Crytek, the developer of 2004’s tropical first-person shooter Far Cry.
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Major Xbox 360 Briefing in Japan Next Week
Submitted By: Janx
29 Mar 2006 09:00 | Xbox 360

Microsoft's Xbox wing in Japan today invited many media outlets, including SPOnG, to a major briefing dated for April 6th next week, with those close to proceedings hinting that some major announcements are planned. Indeed, those close to planning have openly mooted Phantasy Star Universe from Sega and a new Tales of title from Namco will headline the event.
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Xbox 360 console and Football Manager up for grabs
Submitted By: Totally360
29 Mar 2006 08:59 | Xbox 360

Football Manager Handheld and Football Manager Xbox 360 are being released on April 13. If you fancy jumping the queue, then why not enter the Spot The Ball competition for your chance to...
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2 Ziria videos
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Mar 2006 08:35 | Xbox 360

Xboxyde.com just received these 2 videos of Tengai Makyou: Ziria (Far East of Eden: Ziria) showing a few fights and exploration/dialog phases. This is *really* old school, graphically and also for the gameplay.
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12 Test Drive Unlimited images
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Mar 2006 08:33 | Xbox 360

Atari released these 12 new images of Test Drive Unlimited, showing some new backgrounds, cars and characters of this very intriguing racing game.
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First Top Spin 2 Review
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Mar 2006 08:31 | Xbox 360

One of the top Xbox sports games, in both sales and popularity returns for another victory on Xbox 360. The first review of the game has now been posted online.
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Advertisement in Video Games?
Submitted By: Xaddict
29 Mar 2006 06:00 | Xbox 360

It seems that a newly formed company called First Person Plural Inc is developing a game called Human Limit, which will implement a new game engine that pre-reads a person’s character with a series of questions and then changes the game to suit his/her liking. However, this is not for entertainment purposes, this will be used to advertise products in a way that attracts consumers. Therefore, in reality, this oh-so innocent game engine is really being developed to advertise to gamers. Hopefully, the sick and twisted world of advertisement doesn’t make its way into the gaming industry cause I sure as hell don’t want to see Master Chief drinking a Diet Coke.
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Xbox Live free all weekend!
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
29 Mar 2006 05:57 | Systems | Xbox 360

Remember those free Xbox Live weekends that Microsoft announced back when they launched the Xbox 360? Well, this weekend, thats March 31st to April 2nd, you'll be able to play on Xbox Live multiplayer titles for free thanks to Verizon.
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