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Chromehounds - Send in your questions
Submitted By: Totally360
21 Mar 2006 12:40 | Xbox 360

Got a question you want to ask the developers? Now you have the perfect opportunity. Totally360 will be interviewing the developers of SEGA's upcoming Xbox 360 title, Chromehounds in the next few days...
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GR:AW - Battle of the Dolls tournament
Submitted By: Totally360
21 Mar 2006 10:51 | Xbox 360

The Frag Dolls are running a tournament called "Battle of the Dolls", which was launched today. It's a four week tournament on GR:AW with four teams each choosen by, and then lead by, a Fragdoll...
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Xbox Live back online
Submitted By: Totally360
21 Mar 2006 10:17 | Xbox 360

If anyone was having trouble connecting to Xbox Live this morning then you were not alone. Apparently there was a "major incident" this morning which saw around 90% of ISP's unable to connect to the Xbox Live service...
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Xbox Live will be down for 2 hours
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Mar 2006 08:58 | Xbox 360

Xbox customer support have confirmed that Xbox Live will be down for 2 hours whilst maintainance is carried out.
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MS on 1080p, BluRay, Expansion
Submitted By: Janx
21 Mar 2006 08:48 | Xbox 360

Director of Microsoft's Game Technology Group speaks to Kikizo on future direction for the Xbox 360 and more.
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New Dead Rising Screens
Submitted By: DragonFly
21 Mar 2006 08:45 | Xbox 360

Checkout these new screenshots of Capcom's other undead action game - they've got lots of zombies in them.
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MLB 2K6: Hands-On
Submitted By: DragonFly
21 Mar 2006 08:44 | Xbox 360

2K Sports invited IGN to its compound in San Rafael, Calif. to get a first look at the much-anticipated baseball title, the first hardball game released in this, the next generation.
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2006 FIFA World Cup: USA vs Germany Xbox 360 Screens
Submitted By: Janx
21 Mar 2006 07:57 | Xbox 360

2006 FIFA World Cup, under the EA SPORTS brand, will feature stunning visual representations of the world's superstar players, 12 official stadiums that will be used at 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and stadiums from each qualifying region. Gamers will be able to play as their favorite team from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the tournament in Germany.
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The Outfit and GRAW themes on the Marketplace
Submitted By: Totally360
21 Mar 2006 07:56 | Xbox 360

Two new themes have hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can now get your hands on GRAW and The Outfit themes. The Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter theme is 4.8mb and will set you back...
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Banjo 3 Confirmed?
Submitted By: Janx
21 Mar 2006 07:54 | Xbox 360

Banjo 3, the long rumoured sequel from Rare has been confirmed to be in development by the April issue of Game Informer (p26). Sequel to the N64 classics, its development was put in doubt with the announcement of Viva Piñata last week. After working on the N64 sequel the team went to work on the first Xbox Rare title 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies', and then reportedly went to work on Viva. For this reason alone, doubt has been cast on the information Game Informer has given, with the possibility that this is simply another April Fools joke, as with the Halo:Forerunner rumour that was debunked last week.
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ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360
Submitted By: Totally360
21 Mar 2006 07:46 | Xbox 360

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter holds onto top spot for the second week. Burnout: Revenge arrives at third in the charts but cannot knock Fight Night Round 3 off second spot...
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14 Brand New Tomb Raider Legend Screenshots
Submitted By: 360Monster
21 Mar 2006 07:45 | Xbox 360

Right off the back of Eidos' official Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend Xbox 360 release date, we've pulled in 14 brand new screenshots from Lara's adventures. The shots include her riding a motorbike over a cliff, some new cliff hanging shots, and some absolutely stunning scenery. Is this going to rock our socks? We think so!
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THQ officially license the Unreal Engine 3
Submitted By: 360Monster
21 Mar 2006 07:42 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

THQ recently revealed that they have licensed Epics 'Unreal Engine'. THQ will be yet another company in an ever expanding list including Sony and Atari, all of which have licensed Epics new Engine. Gamers will soon be able to see the ultra-powerful engine in action, as it is being used in Epics highly anticpiated Gears of War and Namco will also be using it in their futuristic shooter Frame City Killer. It seems Nintendo are the only ones who have not taken the leap towards this new Engine, but give it a few months and I think you'll see there name on the list to.
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Tomb Raider: Legend Release Date Confirmed
Submitted By: planetxbox360
21 Mar 2006 06:46 | Xbox 360

Eidos Interactive today confirmed that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend will be released on Xbox 360 on April 7th 2006, in line with the release of PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC versions.
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Rockstar release new Table Tennis screenshots
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
21 Mar 2006 04:01 | Systems | Xbox 360

Rockstar has released several new screens displaying the beauty of their upcoming, and former mystery title, Table Tennis. Rockstar's love for the "sport" will truely show within the game, and they hope to captivate new audiences with its $39.99 price tag.
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Battlefield 2 demo heading to the Marketplace
Submitted By: Rob Rymond
21 Mar 2006 04:00 | Systems | Xbox 360

EA has just announced that a Battlefield 2 Modern Combat demo will be available to download in the Live Marketplace this Thursday for all Xbox 360 owners.
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Final Elder Scrolls Countdown Video
Submitted By: planetxbox360
20 Mar 2006 18:32 | Xbox 360

With the release of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion now imminent, Bethesda have released their final countdown video - enjoy
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Burnout Demo Crashes on to the MarketPlace
Submitted By: 360Monster
20 Mar 2006 18:29 | Xbox 360

Major Nelson confirmed yesterday in his podcast that we would be seeing something big on the Xbox Live Market Place today and he kept his word. Today, Microsoft has released a Burnout Revenge demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It is a free download, but will cost you 546 megabytes of space on your hard drive.
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A Week In Games - 24th March 2006
Submitted By: Swifty
20 Mar 2006 18:28 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

This weeks see's the release of yet more Xbox 360 games including the much anticipated 'Elder Scrolls: Oblivion' and 'Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII'. Of course it's not just the 360 which has some new games, so let's waste no time in finding out what's new in the gaming world.
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New product for Xbox 360 developers
Submitted By: Totally360
20 Mar 2006 18:27 | Xbox 360

Mystic Game Development have announced that their next-gen product, EMotion FX 3 will fully support the Xbox 360...
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VOOM HD 'Gameplay HD' High Def Channel
Submitted By: jetson
20 Mar 2006 16:33 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Industry News

Gameplay HD, seen on VOOM HD Networks is the first high-definition channel dedicated solely to the fast-growing world of video gaming. Helping to deliver this unique content, VOOM announced today that it has inked a deal with CNET Networks' GameSpot, one of the leading sources for gaming information, to create two new series for the channel: GameSpotting, a half-hour series of news, reviews, and previews, and CinemAddicts, an hourly series featuring immersive stories told through cinematics and gameplay from leading games.
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Geomerics to Unveil New Wavelet Technology at GDC 06
Submitted By: DragonFly
20 Mar 2006 13:43 | Xbox 360

Geomerics, the Cambridge-based company specializing in advanced graphics and physics technology, has developed a radical new solution that breaks the current lighting and shadowing restrictions currently faced by major game developers.
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FFXI Treasures of Aht Urhgan trailer
Submitted By: Lost Alley
20 Mar 2006 13:32 | Xbox 360

Square-Enix released this trailer for Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan, which will be released in around a month on both Xbox 360 and PS2. It's included in Final Fantasy XI 360, so 360-owners don't have to buy the expansion alone.
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Terra Formations announced
Submitted By: Lost Alley
20 Mar 2006 13:27 | Xbox 360

Irish Star Cave Studios has officially announced Terra: Formations, planned for a release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game has been quite a buzz during the latest conventions, and as the developers still are looking for a publisher there is no release date set. Terra is a MMOFPSRTSRPG - yeah, all that stuff in one game. The story is set in 2157, and as a player you have to choice to either run on the battlefield (FPS) and expand your stats (RPG) or be the commander (RTS) to rule the field. Xboxyde.com has the first images.
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Microsoft Unveils XNA Framework
Submitted By: Lost Alley
20 Mar 2006 13:20 | Xbox 360

In the face of escalating game development costs, expanding teams and ever more complex hardware technologies, Microsoft Corp. today delivered a pre-release version of the first XNA Studio tools and unveiled the XNA Framework to attendees of the Game Developers Conference 2006 in San Jose. Microsoft also announced that the company is opening its Xbox Live. Server Platform to game developers and publishers, allowing them to innovate and extend the Xbox Live experience in their titles.
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Top Spin 2 Demo
Submitted By: DragonFly
20 Mar 2006 09:14 | Xbox 360

According to an interview posted on Pro-G.co.uk 2K Sports are planning to have a playable demo of Top Spin 2 released on marketplace just before launch. Top Spin 2 will arrive on the Xbox 360 in April.
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Article: Advertising in games
Submitted By: Totally360
20 Mar 2006 09:13 | Xbox 360

Advertisements are everywhere. They're pretty much impossible to escape. On the web, we contend with pop-ups and pop-unders as well as malicious adware. Our instant messengers are a constant source of flashing “click me” ads...
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Two days to go trailer
Submitted By: Totally360
20 Mar 2006 09:03 | Xbox 360

Bethesda have been building up to the release of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the past few days with the release of a different trailer for the game each week...
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Test Drive Unlimited Preview
Submitted By: Lost Alley
20 Mar 2006 09:00 | Xbox 360

Some game franchises have been around for so long that they outlast the company that first made them. A good example is the venerated Test Drive series that began with Accolade, which was later bought by Infogrames and then folded into the Atari umbrella. While Accolade has gone away into video-game history, Test Drive has continued rolling—though with plenty of ups and downs that threatened its popularity. Atari, however, isn’t willing to let it also fade into becoming a has-been memory. The distinct hope is to bring it back with a big bang with Test Drive Unlimited on Xbox 360 and PC.
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Student recites 8,784 digits of Pi
Submitted By: 360Monster
20 Mar 2006 08:37 | Xbox 360

15 year old Gaurav Rajav recited 8,784 digits of Pi placing him third in national and North American Pi recitation and 12th in the world. He was aiming at trying to recite 10,790 digits but sadly failed. His parents promised him an Xbox 360 console if he could reach his target. As it wasn't met, his father offered him the console but no games. Surprisingly Gaurav turned it down as he wanted to stick to the deal.
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