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GRAW Review with All New Gameplay Videos
Submitted By: planetxbox360
14 Mar 2006 07:40 | Xbox 360

Planet Xbox 360 have got their Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter review up, but you should also check it out for the exclusive gameplay videos they have too - really lets you get a feel for the game better than any words!
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Superman Returns Trailer Available Now on Xbox Live Marketplace
Submitted By: DragonFly
13 Mar 2006 20:36 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts and Microsoft are offering a first sneek-peek look at the open world of Superman Returns: The Videogame in 720p High Definition and 5.1 surround sound on the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 owners can download now from Xbox Live Marketplace the free HD trailer, available in both 720p (61.38MB) and standard definition (11.55MB).
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Battlefield 2 Content Now Available
Submitted By: DragonFly
13 Mar 2006 20:35 | Xbox 360

Microsoft and Electronic Arts have made a whole bunch of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat gamer picture packs and themes available to download via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Hopefully we will receive that online demo we where promised shortly.
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Show Off Your Xbox 360 Setup Competition
Submitted By: planetxbox360
13 Mar 2006 20:21 | Xbox 360

Planet Xbox 360 are holding a competition to see who has the best Xbox 360 setup at home. Up for grabs as prizes are the game of your choice and a wireless controller.
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Three New Elder Scrolls Screenshots
Submitted By: planetxbox360
13 Mar 2006 18:56 | Xbox 360

Bethesda continue to release a trickle of screenshots and information on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, ahead of its release later this month on March 20. Today we have three new screenshots for you to check out.
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Video Game Voters Network Launched
Submitted By: LAGIZZTIC
13 Mar 2006 18:54 | Xbox 360

The "Video Gamer Voters Network", a new grassroots political network for gamers, officially launched today at www.videogamevoters.org. The website was created as a means for American adults who play computer and video games to organize and take action on important policy issues affecting the computer and video game industry.
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Trailer: The Darkness
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 18:53 | Xbox 360

We've recieved a very dark teaser trailer from 2K Games' upcoming dynamic first person shooter, The Darkness. The Darkness video game is based on the best-selling comic book series from Top Cow...
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BioWare Corp. Announces New ''BioWare Austin'' Studio
Submitted By: DragonFly
13 Mar 2006 11:09 | Industry News

BioWare Corp. has announced the opening of a new studio, BioWare Austin, based in Austin, Texas. It is the second of BioWare's studios and the first to be located outside of Canada.
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32 new Fifa World Cup 2006 Screenshots
Submitted By: 360Monster
13 Mar 2006 11:08 | Xbox 360

We've pulled in 32 brand new screenshots for EA's upcoming Football (Soccer) World Cup tie-in - FIfa World Cup 2006. The screens feature what looks like the same game that EA released as a 360 launch title - Road to the Fifa World Cup. Will the game play any different, or is it just a money making scheme??
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Top Spin 2 - New trailer
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 11:07 | Xbox 360

A trailer featuring tennis action some famous tournaments such as Wimbledon. Such stars as Roger Federer as easy to recognise in the trailer, it's really looking "ace"...
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Media: NBA 2K6
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 11:06 | Xbox 360

Basketball games are coming thick and fast to the Xbox 360 and 2K are no different with NBA 2K6. We've got 25 new slam dunkin' screenshots to share with you...
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Xbox 360 Bundles Starting To Ship
Submitted By: Lost Alley
13 Mar 2006 10:49 | Xbox 360

Giving credence to reports that Xbox 360 shortages are coming to a close, Game Stop has several bundles up for grabs for lower prices with a promised start of shipping date set for this Friday, March 17.
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Tomb Raider Legend Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Mar 2006 10:27 | Xbox 360

In April, a revamped Lara Croft will be make her debut on the Xbox and the Xbox 360 with Crystal Dynamics (the Legacy of Kain series) at the helm. Eidos and Crystal D have put a lot of time and effort to ensure that Tomb Raider diehards won’t be disappointed. TeamXbox recently had a chance to chat with Producer, Morgan Gray, about the new direction for the series and why Lara is back and better than ever!
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NHL 2K6 - New media
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 10:26 | Xbox 360

We've got 19 new screenshots from 2K's upcoming ice hockey game. Does it have what it takes to be the king of the ice for the Xbox 360?
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Square-Enix: Next-Gen MMORPG In The Works
Submitted By: Lost Alley
13 Mar 2006 09:34 | Xbox 360

Speaking at the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival held over the past weekend, the team behind the game reportedly made claims that a next-generation MMORPG is currently in the works. Refusing to share any specific details, that game however will appear on unspecified next-gen consoles along with Windows Vista.
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Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat - 2 new gameplay videos
Submitted By: Lost Alley
13 Mar 2006 09:33 | Xbox 360

XboxDaze.com has two new gameplay videos of Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat for Xbox 360.
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Interview with "The Outfit" producer Adrian Crook
Submitted By: monster1234
13 Mar 2006 06:35 | Xbox 360

Great interview with Adrian Crook, the producer of "The Outfit" for Xbox 360. Most of the questions focus on achievements, but he gives some great info on the game.
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Xbox360 Premiums To Come With 100GB HDD Now?
Submitted By: Gawtie
13 Mar 2006 06:34 | Xbox 360

According to a post on XBox.com, there is an internal Best Buy document that says that new Xbox360 Premium systems will include a 100GB HDD instead of the previous 20GB HDD.
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18 new Tomb Raider Legend screenshots
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 06:33 | Xbox 360

She is arguably the sexiest female character in computer gaming industry and Lara Croft is set to come out all guns blazing on the Xbox 360. Can you imagine her in high-def!
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New info on Tom Clancys Rainbow Six:Vegas
Submitted By: Swifty
13 Mar 2006 06:22 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

EGM has today dug up some info on Tom Clancys recently revealed title Rainbow Six: Vegas. The game has now been in development for 2 years, it was also developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the same Montreal which developed Splinter Cell and Chaos Theory. One other thing to note is that Vegas will be using its own game engine.
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Superman Returns: The Videogame - New media
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 06:21 | Xbox 360

Four new screenshots from the upcoming Superman Returns: The Videogame have landed. Not many movies have made a good transition to a videogame. Is this game any different?
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2006 FIFA World Cup Germany - Developer Interview: Stadiums
Submitted By: Totally360
13 Mar 2006 06:19 | Xbox 360

In the first in a series of developer interviews for 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. EA talk about how they created detailed and accurate stadiums for each of the arena's in Germany...
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Gamers annoyed at G.R.A.W and its constant freezing
Submitted By: Swifty
13 Mar 2006 06:16 | Xbox 360

Users at the Xbox forums are in an uproar over the new Ghost Recon: AW. It seems many gamers have been playing the campaign mode on the new Tom Clancy title when all of a sudden it will freeze in the red skull, loading page. What’s more its not happening on one set level it seems to be happening on many.
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Maybe the last chance to see Halo 2 at number one
Submitted By: Swifty
12 Mar 2006 08:32 | Xbox 360

The latest list of most games played on Xbox Live has been released and still Halo 2 is up at number 1. Granted Ghost Recon won't make an apperance until next week, but not even the mighty Fight Night 3 could make it above Call of Duty 2.
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Blazing Angels Trailer
Submitted By: myXbox360
12 Mar 2006 08:31 | Xbox 360

Planes galore. Do you like plane games? You may like this one. Or maybe not. Watching the in-game footage would be one way of finding out.
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Updated Xbox 360 Release Dates
Submitted By: Swifty
12 Mar 2006 08:30 | Xbox 360

March has finally hit us, but what exactly is available this month. Luckily we managed to uncover the latest list of Xbox 360 release dates from GameStop. This month alone see's the likes of Dynasty Warriors, Far Cry, Rumble Roses and Blazing Angels hit our store shelves, with such juicy games on offer anyone with an Xbox 360 is going to be skint by April.
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Xbox Live Diamond Program Begins
Submitted By: planetxbox360
12 Mar 2006 08:29 | Xbox 360

Microsoft seem to be getting their Xbox Live Diamond program going and users are starting to report receiving emails stating that their registration has been accepted.
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Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend
Submitted By: 360Monster
12 Mar 2006 08:28 | Xbox 360

In a few words from our part, gamers owning an Xbox Live Silver membership will have the opportunity to try out the Gold membership for a full weekend between March 31 and April 2. Check out the official "Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend" site on Xbox.com, read and follow the links to find out what it's all about.
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Call of Duty and Battlefield making a time-shift
Submitted By: 360Monster
12 Mar 2006 08:27 | Xbox 360

Historic first-person shooters usually are amazing games. Not only are they realistic, but you might even learn something in the process of playing them and while it's still gratifying to put a bullet through a grey-uniformed SS trooper, it's becoming difficult to choose whether to go with Call of Duty, Battlefield or Medal of Honor (these 3 being the greatest historic first-person shooters to date). Medal of Honor is still fighting Germans, Call of Duty as well, and Battlefield is just about to get modern in "Battlefield 2: Modern Combat". Even though we're getting up-to-date with these franshises, rumours have been circling the net about some futuristic fire fights, at least for the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises.
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GRAW Southpaw patch coming?
Submitted By: myXbox360
11 Mar 2006 13:53 | Xbox 360

Comments by a member of the GRAW team suggests that a patch may offer new functionality on Ghost Recon AW. Also, click for full weapons list.
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