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Prey Controls, Screenshot, Achievements + more
Submitted By: myXbox360
11 Mar 2006 06:45 | Xbox 360

In the latest Prey update, Peter Johnson focuses solely on the Xbox 360 version of this FPS also set to appear on PC. We learn about the game engine, multiplayer, controls, front-end and XBL achievements.
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First Look: Top Spin 2
Submitted By: Swifty
11 Mar 2006 06:44 | Xbox 360

One of the biggest tennis games that has ever hit a gaming console was Top Spin on the beloved big black box; it finally dethroned the then unstoppable Virtua Tennis because visually it was stunning and the gameplay far surpassed that of Virtua Tennis. Well it will please some to hear that 2K Sports have created a sequel and what's more it's for the next-generation Xbox 360. So will it be worth the £50 price tag...
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New Rumble Roses XX Trailer
Submitted By: planetxbox360
11 Mar 2006 06:42 | Xbox 360

Konami have released another trailer of their upcoming wrestling title Rumble Roses XX - this particular trailer is probably the best yet, as it shows all aspects of the game including gameplay, character modifications, and also character movies.
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Msoft Responds to Xbox 360 Foil Video
Submitted By: bloval327
11 Mar 2006 06:40 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft sent over an official response to the claim by a German blogger that forgot foil was the reason behind the Xbox 360 overheating problems. The video and photos posted by German blog GameStore24.de show thermal interface pads that are installed per specification. This foil eliminates the need of a protective liner, which simplifies the final assembly process and minimizes shipping concerns and contamination issues. Customers should know that opening the Xbox 360 case voids the warranty. If your console is malfunctioning, call Xbox customer support. They can diagnose whether the system is malfunctioning, and will arrange for repair/replacement if necessary. There is no systemic issue with Xbox 360. Any customer inquires are being handled on a case-by-case basis. The return rate is below the CE industry average of 3-5%. Of the total number of Xbox 360 systems already in the field, the calls we’ve received represent a very small fraction.
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Foil Foils Xbox 360
Submitted By: bloval327
10 Mar 2006 16:32 | Systems | Xbox 360

It looks like someone may have figured out what happened to a batch of those early Xbox 360s to make them lock-up and overheat. A German modder took apart two Xbox 360s and found that during assembly someone forgot to remove the protective layer of foil from the GPU heatsink’s heat transfer pad. In other words instead of cooling, the heatsink was likely acting like a frying pan.
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Official GRAW Tournament Announced
Submitted By: Totally360
10 Mar 2006 12:23 | Xbox 360

As gamers around the world folk to their local retailer to purchase the latest gaming sensation from Ubisoft an official tournament* based on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter have emerged. Here are the official tournament details:
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Top Spin 2 Achievements
Submitted By: Dusty
10 Mar 2006 10:43 | Xbox 360

The achievements for Top Spin 2 has now been revealed. The game has 11 achievements with a total score of 1000 points.
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BestBuy to sell DiscDefenders
Submitted By: Swifty
10 Mar 2006 10:37 | Xbox 360

Best Buy has officially announced it will be selling a revolutionary new product called DiscDefender. As many may know the most frustrating thing about videogames is how easily they scratch and thus ruin some of your favourite games. This new product will stop your CD’s from getting scratched, DiscDefender uses a clear film which is stuck to the bottom of the CD and protects it from nicks and scrapes. What’s more the laser from any DVD player, console or PC will be able to read right through the plastic film.
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2006 FIFA World Cup Germany - Stadium details
Submitted By: Totally360
10 Mar 2006 10:36 | Xbox 360

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany will feature life-like stadiums for each of the arenas of which the world's biggest football competition will be played in this summer. So EA have provided us with some details on each stadium.
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Free Xbox Live Weekend Confirmed
Submitted By: planetxbox360
10 Mar 2006 10:35 | Xbox 360

Microsoft have confirmed the free Xbox Live weekend is coming from March 31 to April 2 - everyone gets Gold access for a 72 hour period!
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Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Hands-On
Submitted By: DragonFly
10 Mar 2006 07:46 | Xbox 360

TeamXbox has posted a hands-on preview of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the Xbox 360.
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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter lacks Legacy and Southpaw.
Submitted By: Mosfet 2 Zero
10 Mar 2006 07:32 | Xbox 360

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter lacks Legacy and Southpaw. Ubisoft shipped G.R.A.W. this week, but some happy gamers may be dissapointed. Before anyone makes a purchase, it should be known that gamers who use the Legacy and Southpaw settings will not find them on this Ghost Recon.
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Ghost Recon 3 Faceplate
Submitted By: 360Monster
10 Mar 2006 05:38 | Xbox 360

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is out! Yes that's right, as of today, you can get your grubby hands on what we called one of the best Xbox 360 titles to date in terms of multiplayer. We've managed to find a picture of the GRAW faceplate, on an Xbox360...
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Ridge Racer Demo NEARLY hits XLM
Submitted By: 360Monster
10 Mar 2006 05:36 | Xbox 360

A Ridge Racer 6 demo has arrived onto the Marketplace today. The download will not cost you any Microsoft Points, but it will set you back 608 MB of space on your hard drive. To download it, visit the Xbox Live Marketplace on your Xbox 360. Update: After 40minutes the demo was removed from the Marketplace due to it being a corrupt file once it had finished downloading. We will keep you posted when it returns back on XLM.
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First Look: MotoGP 06 Ultimate Racing Technology
Submitted By: Swifty
10 Mar 2006 02:55 | Xbox 360

As many may know, being behind the wheel of a 150mph car, watching your vision blur as your automobile tops out at 185mph, speeding by your best friend in a McLaren F1 or exacting revenge on those who have fish tailed you is probably one of the best experience’s you’ll ever witness on an Xbox 360. But imagine this, a 150mph vehicle with only two wheels, watching your vision blur as you touch the asphalt with your knees, flying past your friend in a fully licensed Ducati and showing your opponents what a real T-Bone is, welcome my friends to the world of MotoGP 2006.
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Ubisoft 06-07 Games Lineup Leaked
Submitted By: Swifty
10 Mar 2006 02:54 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

An unknown source has leaked a copy of Ubisoft's lineup of new game titles for the current year through 2007. The list includes many sequels to hit franchises, as well as next-gen versions of past hits. It seems that Ubisoft is also out to please owners for each console, making sure to develop their titles on multiple systems.
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3 Star Trek Legacy Images
Submitted By: myXbox360
10 Mar 2006 02:53 | Xbox 360

Bethesda just dropped myXbox360.com these three brand new screenshots from Star Trek Legacy on Xbox 360. Read on for the pics!
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March Xbox 360 Update Killing Some Consoles
Submitted By: planetxbox360
10 Mar 2006 02:52 | Xbox 360

The mandatory March update for Xbox 360 systems is causing major headaches for some people. In fact some are even recommending that you hold off on the update until Microsoft comments on the issue.
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Media: Final Fantasy XI
Submitted By: Totally360
09 Mar 2006 14:19 | Xbox 360

With the release of the Xbox 360 version, Square Enix will be expanding its cross-platform strategy, making FINAL FANTASY XI available to a much wider audience. Players will be able to choose their hardware and...
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Review: Official Xbox 360 BackPack
Submitted By: Swifty
09 Mar 2006 10:54 | Xbox 360

My Xbox 360 arrived on launch and I was over the moon, playing next-gen games on a beautiful HDTV was just awesome. Then I had a predicament in the form of a mate who never managed to get the new console, he pleaded with me to bring the console round to his house so he could droll over Microsoft’s new console. I of course agreed, but actually getting the console to his house was surprisingly difficult. So I started looking around for something to carry the console in and after a few hours looking around I finally settled for the ‘Official Xbox 360 Backpack’. Heres what i thought of teh new backpack...
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Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII: Online Impressions
Submitted By: Janx
09 Mar 2006 10:06 | Xbox 360

TeamXbox recently had online playtests of Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII - "The Follow Camera and the general beauty of the game’s visuals are its strongest selling points, but the sheer breadth and depth of the multiplayer area will raise some eyebrows as well."
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Bungie enlists new AI programer
Submitted By: News Bot
09 Mar 2006 09:44 | Xbox 360

As updated on Bungies website they have an interview with their newly enlisted programer Max Dyckhoff who will be working on Artificial Intelligence as an (AI) engineer. With claims like, "I work with Damian Isla on making the AI in the next game so amazing that it will make you feel as if you are playing with or against human players all of the time."
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Origami Officially Revealed
Submitted By: DragonFly
09 Mar 2006 07:42 | Xbox 360

The Origami Project has now officially been revealed. Check out this info page on Microsoft.com, to read more about what they are calling the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).
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Valve, Bungie Vets Form Studio
Submitted By: Janx
09 Mar 2006 06:44 | Xbox 360

A few of the minds behind Halo and Half-Life have formed a new game studio focusing on next-generation development.
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Dead or Alive 4 character balancing update
Submitted By: Janx
09 Mar 2006 06:43 | Xbox 360

Reports from hardcore DOA internet forums claim that a second update has been released for Tecmo's Dead or Alive 4.
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360 Rejects Part 2
Submitted By: 360Monster
09 Mar 2006 06:42 | Xbox 360

The dust on the 360 Launch has well and truely set. The Xbox 360's design is no longer a talking issue, as we've all come to just accept it, whether we love it or hate it. However, it's always good fun to check out what "could have been" in terms of design, as we bring you 5 more xbox 360 rejects. In our opinion, if the first picture was the official 360 design...we doubt it would have sold to anyone over 12.
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Jewel Quest appears on Xbox Live Arcade
Submitted By: 360Monster
09 Mar 2006 06:24 | Xbox 360

A new title has sprouted its self on the Xbox Live Arcade (XLA) yesterday. Going by the name of Jewel Quest, this game can be found in the Puzzle and Word section of the Xbox Live Arcade, weighs in at 37.25MB and costs 800 MPs.
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First Look: Huxley
Submitted By: Swifty
09 Mar 2006 05:16 | Xbox 360

Webzen the Korean games publisher look set to explode onto the Xbox 360 scene with their new game Huxley. Now Huxley is in essence a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter or MMOFPS. Now just saying that phrase makes me want this game more than any other, but I’m glad to say that the game has more than just a cool phrase.
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Battlefield 2 Screenshots
Submitted By: DragonFly
08 Mar 2006 16:33 | Xbox 360

EA have released some all new screenshots of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
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21 new Blazing Angels Screenshots
Submitted By: 360Monster
08 Mar 2006 16:23 | Xbox 360

We've managed to pull in 21 brand new high-flying screenshots for Ubisofts next-generation flight sim, Blazing Angels. The shots include a few differant parts of the world, including a really impressive sunset from the air.
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