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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Travel with your 360? Make your own storage case
Submitted By: 360Monster
25 Feb 2006 06:59 | Xbox 360

You’re going to a friend’s house for some serious LANage and you need to pack your Xbox 360. You don’t want to look like a fool by packing it all up in the original packaging and box, but you also don’t want to chuck it into your bag and get a small scratch on it. So what do you do? Go and buy an official carry case? I think not.
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Oblivion release date confirmed by advertisement?
Submitted By: Kyras
25 Feb 2006 06:58 | Systems | Xbox 360

The German website Justgamers.de revealed a scan from a magazine. The scan shows an advertisement done by 2K Games Germany. The phrase "Ab 24.03. im Handel" can be translated with "in stores at March the 24th". Although there haven't been official announcements yet, this advertisment might confirm all rumors and the date, which is listed by retailers. Its proven that this advertisement is not a fake. A direct link to the scan-picture: http://www.justgamers.de/kmx/modul_cms/

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The Godfather - Hell's Kitchen interview
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Feb 2006 14:49 | Xbox 360

The second interview of the day we've recieved for the cult gangster epic...
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Top Spin 2 hands-on preview
Submitted By: HyperBear
24 Feb 2006 13:13 | Xbox 360

Top Spin 2 will be arriving April 3 for the Xbox 360, and GameSpot had a chance to put the first next gen tennis game through its paces.
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Midway Reports Sluggish Q4 Financials
Submitted By: HyperBear
24 Feb 2006 13:13 | Industry News

Midway Games today reported decreased revenues and net losses for its fourth quarter -- numbers which the company says reflect an industry-wide slowdown during the transition to next-generation consoles. For the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2005, Midway saw net revenues of $69.8 million, a 9.6 percent decrease from $77.2 million in revenue for the same period in the previous year. Midway reported a Q4 net loss of $37.8 million, compared to last year's Q4 income of $17.6 million. This quarter's earnings take into account a $10.8 million restructuring charge. The company finished 2005 with full-year revenues of $150.1 million, down 7.1 percent from last year's $161.6 million. Midway reported a full-year loss of $112.8 million, compared to a loss of $24.7 million for 2004.
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Xbox 360 Kiosks Rolling Out in China
Submitted By: JA1230
24 Feb 2006 11:58 | Xbox 360

Microsoft have started rolling out Xbox 360 Kiosks in China, with the release of the console arriving very shortly after a small delay. Problem for Microsoft is, just like Japan, not many people seem interested. Kiosks comes with a demo of Perfect Dark Zero, which by the sounds of it, doesn’t run very well at all, no other demos where mentioned.
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Microsoft Taking 'Careful Approach' To Xbox 360 In China
Submitted By: DragonFly
24 Feb 2006 08:55 | Xbox 360

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is no hurry as it evaluates China for a possible launch of the Xbox 360, the company official in charge of the game console for the region said Thursday. --"We're working with the government pretty actively in trying to understand what it is we need to do," said Alan Bowman, general manager of entertainment and devices for Asia Pacific and Greater China. "We're taking a very careful approach in China." -- He was speaking ahead of the launch Friday of the Xbox 360 in South Korea. Similar launches are planned for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore on March 16. Japanese gamers got the Xbox 360 in December.
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Xbox Live Not Suitable for MMOs
Submitted By: DragonFly
24 Feb 2006 08:54 | Xbox 360

In a interview with GamesIndustry Biz Arena.net Co-founder, Jeff Strain, believes that Microsoft’s Xbox Live business model is not suitable for developers to bring MMO’s to the Xbox or Xbox 360. Only Final Fantasy XI which is currently in the beta stages, is a MMO available on the Xbox or Xbox 360.
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Xbox 360 Hits Korea
Submitted By: DragonFly
24 Feb 2006 08:51 | Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was released on Friday into the sweaty hands of the nation's legions of videogame fanatics. Developed with the aim of gaining market dominance over rival Sony, the gadget features high-definition graphics and enables users to access its online service Xbox Live as well as other multimedia contents.
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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Release date confirmed
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Feb 2006 08:16 | Xbox 360

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion over the release date, we've cleared things up for you...
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Call of Duty 2 demo available on Xbox Live Marketplace
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Feb 2006 08:14 | Xbox 360

A demo of the popular World War II first-person shooter is now available to download...
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New College Hoops 2K6 Screenshots
Submitted By: News Bot
24 Feb 2006 07:19 | Xbox 360

2K Sports has released new screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of College Hoops 2K6.
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The Godfather - Developer Interview
Submitted By: Totally360
24 Feb 2006 06:52 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts have made John Calhoun squeal with some new details on the upcoming mafia masterpiece game...
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Oblivion Achievments Revealed
Submitted By: 360Monster
24 Feb 2006 06:51 | Xbox 360

The gamertag Vark has revealed the achievments for Oblivion. The game is set to arrive sometime in March.
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TimeShift Weapons
Submitted By: myXbox360
24 Feb 2006 06:50 | Xbox 360

Check out these weapon bios and get an idea which will become your preferred tools of death.
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Elder Scrolls IV Release Date Official?
Submitted By: Silentscope
24 Feb 2006 06:49 | Xbox 360

It appears the guys at Microsoft seem the think that Oblivion will come out March 20'th. Hopefully this information is correct, seeing how this is the official website for anything Xbox 360. This still isn't official since Bethesda hasn't confirmed anything, so this still isn't something to swear by. Hopefully this is true, what do you guys think?
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Xbox 360 Swivel Stand Review
Submitted By: planetxbox360
24 Feb 2006 06:48 | Xbox 360

Does the Xbox 360 Swivel Stand from Pelican really help cool your Xbox 360? Planet Xbox 360 set out to discover the answer...
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Interview With Electronic Arts
Submitted By: Dice
24 Feb 2006 06:47 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution | Industry News

With the next-generation of systems coming at us in full force questions are being brought up by many concerning development, games, and their progress. EA, one of the leading developers and publishers in the gaming industry, is at the forefront of the next-generation of gaming as they continue to push the envelope with new games featuring innovation, creativity, and the quality that many have come to expect and know from an EA game. The GameIT Network had the chance to interview Trudy Muller of EA Canada regarding the company’s stance on the next-generation of consoles, games, as well as many other things, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this great nterview!
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The Chocolate Xbox 360
Submitted By: planetxbox360
24 Feb 2006 06:45 | Xbox 360

Chocolate lovers will like this one - the Microsoft HQ in Belux, Netherlands, has a genuine "chocoloate Xbox 360".
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A ton of new Superman Returns The Videogame Screenshots
Submitted By: 360Monster
24 Feb 2006 06:44 | Xbox 360

We've just receieved a ton of new screenshots for EA's DC Comic and upcoming movie tie in, Superman Returns, featuring Superman fighting what looks like one of the main villains from the story.
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PlayStation 3 delay? Don't panic!
Submitted By: chongchoe
24 Feb 2006 06:43 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

The promised spring launch (which was expected in Japan, but not North America) will likely be pushed back. The North American launch, which was always expected to occur later this year (November is the consensus), is not expected to change. Europe may well not see the PS3 until next year.
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More Far Cry Instincts Predator Screens
Submitted By: 360Monster
24 Feb 2006 06:42 | Xbox 360

Following our recent preview of Ubisoft's upcoming PC remake, we've managed to get a handful of Far Cry Instincts Predator screenshots for you to check out. The shots include various in-game weapons and elements, including a quad bike! The shots can be seen HERE
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New FFXI Screenshots
Submitted By: myXbox360
24 Feb 2006 06:41 | Xbox 360

Check out these 17 screenshots with background information written on each.
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New Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Media
Submitted By: Totally360
23 Feb 2006 14:31 | Xbox 360

Explore the latest screenshots from Aht Urhgan in our dedicated Final Fantasy XI gallery!
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A. Ward slams Black for 360 rumour
Submitted By: 360Monster
23 Feb 2006 14:30 | Xbox 360

This might not be what we all were expecting after seeing screenshots and trailers for Criterion's upcoming modern shooter Black for the Xbox: "I keep reading all over forums that we're going to make a 360 version of BLACK, and it's just not true," Criterion's Alex Ward says. "The fact that BLACK doesn't work on the 360 isn't us trying to make people wait for a 360 version... because that's not going to happen," he added. And while were at it, a little Burnout info: "We'd absolutely love it if our Burnout games worked on 360," said Ward, "but it's down to what Microsoft wants to do. It controls and decides what games its emulator works with. I've actually asked them four times myself for them to make it happen, but it's really not up to us."
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New Fight Night Round 3 screenshots and trailers
Submitted By: Totally360
23 Feb 2006 12:12 | Xbox 360

We've got some brand new screenshots and a trailer (high and low res) of the game to send you punch drunk...
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2 new Superman Shots + a trailer is coming
Submitted By: 360Monster
23 Feb 2006 12:11 | Xbox 360

We've managed to get two brand new screenshots of Superman: Returns the Video Game - featuring a seriously BIG villain. With the recent release of these sreenshots, we today also heard word that a trailer for the game is coming soon - Tuesday 28th Feb to be precise. The trailer, we believe, will feature some in-game footage. We're also told that the images we currently have in our media page, are taken directly from the trailer. More information as and when we get it - keep on 360Monster!
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Ingame videos of Far Cry Instincts: Predator
Submitted By: DragonFly
23 Feb 2006 09:50 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft sent xboxyde.com a preview code of FCI: Predator. So here are three gameplay clips, showcasing a few minutes of the three maps that were available on the disc: the beach, the creek and the valley in all their 60 ips glory.
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Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Interview
Submitted By: Lost Alley
23 Feb 2006 05:19 | Xbox 360

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat features a propaganda- fueled single player campaign where gamers see both sides of a conflict in one of the most treacherous regions in the world - Kazakhstan. Gamers will plunge headlong into the fog of war and must ultimately choose sides in a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems. TeamXbox has interviewed Dan Blackstone, one of the developers.
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Lara Croft gets a new voice
Submitted By: 360Monster
23 Feb 2006 05:18 | Xbox 360

Eidos Interactive, today told 360Monster that Lara Croft, one gaming's most famous females, will have a new voice from now on. That new voice will be Keeley Hawes, who is best known for her role in UK BBC's drama 'Spooks', playing the character Zoë Reynolds.
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