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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Saint's Row - Xbox 360 - Game Trailer Video
Submitted By: News Bot
26 Jan 2006 08:48 | Xbox 360

Check out this new trailer of THQ's Saint's Row.
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Mixed Views Over State of 360 Supply
Submitted By: News Bot
26 Jan 2006 08:47 | Xbox 360

A spokesman for Circuit City yesterday commented on the Xbox 360, via USA Today, saying that "We think supplies are going to remain pretty tight for the next 90 days." This is in stark contrast to Bill Gates comments at CES earlier this month, where Gates said he expects supplies to improve in the coming months as the new manufacturing partner comes online.
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Ruin your Xbox Live Reputation in 10 steps
Submitted By: 360Monster
26 Jan 2006 07:28 | Xbox 360

IGN have come up with 10 clear-cut ways to completely ruin your reputation on Xbox Live, with a variety of games.
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Saint's Row Peview
Submitted By: LAGIZZTIC
26 Jan 2006 07:27 | Xbox 360

After a recent trip to THQ’s headquarters, TeamXbox managed to sneak a peek at Saint’s Row’s progress.
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E3 Booth Babes banned
Submitted By: 360Monster
26 Jan 2006 06:51 | Events | E3 2005

Apparently, companies owning booths with almost-naked babes on them, will be verbally warned the first time, giving the girls a chance to change their clothing. If nothing happens, then the $5000 fine will be fact.
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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update coming
Submitted By: 360Monster
26 Jan 2006 06:50 | Xbox 360

The update will apparently include the following: - Fixes for lockups in Xbox 360 games. - Additional functionality to the Dashboard. - Camera support for the Dashboard so that you can use your webcam.
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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat First Look - Conflict Upgraded
Submitted By: LAGIZZTIC
26 Jan 2006 06:49 | Xbox 360

EA and DICE's first iteration of the Battlefield series on consoles is making the leap to the Xbox 360 with a raft of significant improvements.
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Next Generation Ghost Recon
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 07:33 | Xbox 360

Forget what you saw last fall at X05. Check IGN hands-on impressions and direct feed of Advanced Warfighter. The difference between this build and the October build couldn't be more profound. Red Storm has made enormous progress on the game in all respects, especially in graphics and sound. In 720p, widescreen mode, the game shows off striking, crystal clear visuals -- from highly detailed character models to huge, massively packed levels to superb special effects ranging from close range jibbing, incredibly realistic rain effects and remarkable 5.1 surround sound.
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XBMC VS Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 07:26 | Xbox 360

J Allard once said, “Our media support is really, really good and we got the design right.” He was talking about the Xbox 360, but the question is; is the Xbox 360 a quality media center, or is there a better alternative? Xboxspace.com compare the Xbox Media Center on the original Xbox to the Xbox 360’s media center capabilities.
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Xbox 360 Live Arcade Plans Revealed, Discussed
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 06:38 | Xbox 360

As part of his regular podcast, Microsoft's Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has interviewed fellow Microsoft employee and Xbox Live Arcade Group Manager Greg Canessa, regarding the past, present and future of Xbox Live Arcade.
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Backwards Compatibility Program Still Going
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 06:36 | Xbox 360

Contrary to earlier reports, the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility program is not on hold until March this year.
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Star Trek: Legacy Announced
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 06:23 | Xbox 360

Bethesda Softworks has announced it has secured the rights from CBS Consumer Products to publish a series of Star Trek games on all gaming consoles, handhelds and PCs. Bethesda has two titles slated for release this year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the epic series – Star Trek: Legacy for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC, and Star Trek: Tactical Assault for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable). Bethesda’s rights cover the entire Star Trek series and are exclusive to all consoles, handhelds, and the PC.
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Did you get that service contract or extended agreement for your 360?
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 06:14 | Xbox 360

This article is targeted mainly at those Microsoft Xbox 360 owners that have broken hardware and those that are living in fear about their own consoles breaking. Many folks are racing out to purchase extended service agreements for an additional cost before they’re 90-day express warranty expires. Not necessary says codemonkey over at 2old2play.com.
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Xbox 360 likely to stay scarce into spring
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 06:00 | Xbox 360

Two months after its introduction, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is still an elusive prey for shoppers in the USA and might well remain so until spring. -- "Microsoft needs to get the supply-and-demand situation nailed real soon," says John Davison, editorial director for Ziff Davis Media's video game industry magazines. "If it drags out much longer, it's just going to promote apathy rather than excitement."
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Fan Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 05:51 | Xbox 360

The third fan interview is now available on the The Official Elder Scrolls Forums. The interview cover AI, NPCs, the magic system among other topics.
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The Power of the Xbox 360 GPU
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 05:44 | Xbox 360

TeamXbox had the chance to interview Bob Feldstein, Vice President of Engineering, ATI Technologies, Inc., to learn more about the development and power of the Xenos GPU.
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Moore: Halo 3 Not a PlayStation 3 Spoiler
Submitted By: News Bot
25 Jan 2006 05:43 | Xbox 360

Speaking in an interview with Engadget, Microsoft's recently-promoted Xbox head Peter Moore ended speculation that Bungie's Halo 3 was slated to be used as part of a spoiler campaign when the PlayStation 3 launches. -- “The Halo Nation would string me out from some flagpole if I used Halo to be a competitive counter balance to something else, for it to be anything other than the greatest game ever on an Xbox console - or on any console,” commented Moore, ending a rumour that is almost as old as the Xbox 360 announcement itself.
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Four New Outfit Screens
Submitted By: Dusty
25 Jan 2006 05:37 | Xbox 360

Check out these four new images of THQ's action/war title for the XBox 360.
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4 more Splinter Cell images
Submitted By: 360Monster
25 Jan 2006 05:27 | Xbox 360

360Monster.com have managed to come across four more Splinter Cell Double Agent images from the internet. Upon closer inspection, they are unsure if they are all from in-game, or some very good renders. However, they still look seriously good.
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3000 AD announces two new Xbox 360 titles
Submitted By: News Bot
24 Jan 2006 09:28 | Xbox 360

Known for its Battlecruiser and Universal Combat series of games, 3000 AD has jumped onto the Xbox 360 bandwagon with the announcement of two new action games.
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Crytek's Next FPS Revealed
Submitted By: News Bot
24 Jan 2006 09:27 | Xbox 360

The latest issue of German magazine GameStar has revealed the new intellectual property that Crytek is developing for publisher Electronic Arts using its next-generation CryTek engine.
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The Xbox 360 Launch In Australia May Be Delayed
Submitted By: Dice
24 Jan 2006 05:07 | Xbox 360

Originally planned for March 2nd, the launch may be pushed back March 23rd. Several “rumors” are circulating supporting the possible delay. Next weeks catalogue for Target stores in Austraila has a release date of March 23rd.
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2K Games Offices Suffer Fire Damage
Submitted By: HyperBear
24 Jan 2006 05:06 | Systems | Xbox 360

The offices of 2K Games suffered damange caused by a fire that started on saturday night and lasted through till sunday morning. There is no report on damages yet but from what PR Manager Jason Bergman says, it's not looking too good for the take-two subsidary. There is also no word on what caused the fire.
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Free alternative to Xbox Live
Submitted By: HyperBear
24 Jan 2006 05:05 | Xbox 360

Though the service has been around a while, for any out of the loop you can access free online console gaming via UK-based Xlink Kai. The network functions on most current-gen machines including Xbox, PS2, PSP, Gamecube, and even the 360. A thread on the site states that the connection is now working (albeit buggy) with Perfect Dark Zero for the 360. From the official site: "XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox, Playstation 2, Gamecube and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communities available."
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1UP writer accused of plagiarizing guide for DoA4
Submitted By: HyperBear
24 Jan 2006 05:04 | Xbox 360

Fighting fans from DoA Central are up in arms about a 1UP strategy guide for Dead or Alive 4 that contains a section highly reminiscent of a guide currently up on the fan site. Accusations of plagiarism abound. We've contacted the Ziff Davis folks about this and await an official response after the start of the new work week. It is yet to be seen whether the evidence cited will hold water with the managing staff, but we can't wait for a response from EGM Editor-in-Chief Dan Hsu. Some posts tracking the so-called plagiarism in more detail have been made on the linked Gaming Age Forum thread as well (which is understandable, considering similar phrasings, move-list orders, character tiers, and alleged errors in the portions not supposedly pilfered).
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Football Manager 06 will require a HDD
Submitted By: 360Monster
24 Jan 2006 05:03 | Xbox 360

Bad news for any Fooball Manager fans who were planning to buy Sega's latest in the series, Football Manager 2006 - due out in March. We were informed today by Sega that the game will require a Hard-Drive to play, and we all know how damn hard they are to get hold of!
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Splinter Cell: Double Agent XBox360 Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
23 Jan 2006 07:25 | Xbox 360

Check out these latest screens from the 360 version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
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Crytek 720p next-gen tech demo
Submitted By: News Bot
23 Jan 2006 07:16 | Xbox 360

Crytek released this tech demo, showing how their upcoming engine handle different environments. It looks of course good as hell. -- NOTE -- : Keep in mind that this video was shown during E3 (but not released as direct-feed) and that it all should look much better today.
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TimeShift Developer Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
23 Jan 2006 07:14 | Xbox 360

TeamXbox spoke with the CEO of Saber Interactive, Matthew Karch, about his upcoming shooter set to launch on the Xbox 360.
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Ghost Recon AW: Preview
Submitted By: News Bot
23 Jan 2006 07:12 | Xbox 360

The guys over at Xboxyde.com was invited last week to check out the latest preview build of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter on Xbox 360 at Ubisoft's headquarters near Paris. While waiting for the videos who are under embargo for a few more weeks, read their impressions and a check out a few new images and some new artwork.
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