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Sony targets Xbox Live with questionnaire
Submitted By: HyperBear
19 Jan 2006 07:12 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

In a survey sent out by Sony, they reassure recipients, "We are constantly looking to improve our online service so that it meets all of your expectations." They follow with a list of 33 questions, many asking for responses to features identical to those on Microsoft's lauded Xbox Live service. While Sony insisted the PlayStation 2's publisher-run model for online play was the best solution, these questions confirm that they're considering targeting Microsoft's service with a much more robust online package. Some features are above and beyond what Microsoft currently offer, including USB keyboard support, screenshot support, a web browser, and EyeToy compatible lobbies. Read on for the full questionnaire.
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Next Gen ModChips - Scandals and Progress
Submitted By: GamerAndy
18 Jan 2006 05:27 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

Rumors have been all over the web about TEAM ICE and their supposed mod chip solution for the Xbox 360 console. After some digging however, it appears that not only are they far off from a solution but not a real team at all. Composed entirely of Evan O'Keefe (aka SkyD) it seems a rather elaborate net of lies has been put in place with intentions ranging from misleading large scale mod chip distributers to minor scamming on Ebay.
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New Live Demo Crashing Into January
Submitted By: News Bot
18 Jan 2006 05:27 | Xbox 360

With less than a month left till its release. Sega has announced a new full auto demo is set to be released on the highly popular live marketplace for the Xbox 360 later this month, January 25 to be exact. The full retail version will be released Febuary 14 at a price of $59.99.
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Dead Rising US Date Adjusted
Submitted By: News Bot
18 Jan 2006 05:26 | Xbox 360

Capcom's zombie hackandslash Dead Rising is now due out sometime this summer in the US of States, says Capcom's American website. It had been due out in May.
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GameStop: 30% Xbox 360 Pre-orders Undelivered
Submitted By: News Bot
18 Jan 2006 05:25 | Xbox 360

According to consumer site Gamespot, the company has issued an internal memo stating that 70% of pre-orders have been completed, and that the remainder should be cleared some time in February. According to the report, these figures do not include those taken online, or those received through the now-purchased chain EB.
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Xbox 360 Roadtrip Down Under
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 18:52 | Xbox 360 | Events

Kiwis can finally get on the Xbox 360 bus - literally. Microsoft have announced an Xbox 360 road trip right along New Zealand. The bus is said to have all the usual stuff (demos, giveaways etc), with the added bonus of being able to "meet the sizzling Joanna Dark".
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Spectral Force 3 Images
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 18:51 | Xbox 360

Three new images of this Japanese only RPG for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.
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Battlefield 2 MC: Even more images
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 14:06 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has released another bunch of images from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
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New Fight Night Round 3 Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 14:02 | Xbox 360

Today EA released four new screenshots of its upcoming brawler for the XBox 360.
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Microsoft Signs Game Property Licensing Agreement With 4Kids
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 11:58 | Xbox 360

Officials from Microsoft Game Studios have announced an 'alliance' with children’s entertainment company 4Kids Entertainment, which already handles popular video game related brands such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (though it recently relinquished its stewardship of Pokemon licensing to Pokemon USA itself). As part of the agreement, 4Kids will serve as the licensing agent for a forthcoming children’s entertainment property on a global basis for Microsoft Game Studios, encompassing all broadcast, home video, music and merchandise licensing rights.
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Ubisoft Looking For Additional Movie Licenses
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 11:55 | Industry News

After great success with launching the videogame King Kong across all platforms, Ubisoft has announced they’re goal to develop and release more videogames that are based on movie licenses.
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MotoGP 3 Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Jan 2006 11:53 | Xbox 360

The MotoGP series, published by THQ, has won all sorts of plaudits for its realistic depiction of crotchrockets and antics related to them, particularly the series' Xbox Live aspects. MotoGP was one of the first games to make use of Microsoft's fledgling online service back when it was a fledgling in 2002. As Climax gears up for the 2006 version on Xbox 360, Eurogamer.net sent a few questions off to Climax about the shift to Microsoft's new console, both in terms of the underlying technology and the new Live.
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Worms to hit Xbox Live Arcade?
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 14:42 | Xbox 360

It seems we could be seeing Team 17’s PC classic ‘Worms’ hit Xbox Live sometime, when asked on the Team 17 forums wether Worms on Xbox Live arcade was a possibility, they told how they where already in talks to bring ‘Worms’ to Xbox Live arcade. Although because of commitments to the PSP and DS talks where brought to a halt. Now it seems talks are back on if we do get it, it will return to its 2D roots;
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Microsoft Responds to Blu-ray Comments
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 14:34 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has issued an official statement regarding marketing VP Peter Moore's statements last week about a possible Blu-ray add-on for Xbox 360. Moore told Japanese website ITmedia that if necessary, Microsoft could release a Blu-ray movie viewing adapter for Xbox 360 if Blu-ray wins the format war over HD DVD. The company announced an HD DVD movie player add-on at for the console at the recent Consumer Electronics Showcase that is expected to be released this year. Microsoft wants to make sure that the public knows that a Blu-ray add-on isn't in the works, and Moore's comments were purely hypothetical.
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New Project Offset Tech Video
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 10:21 | Xbox 360

The guys working on the amazing fantasy fps, Project Offset, have released a new tech demo showing off hundreds of Goblins running realtime on the Offset Engine. Project Offset has not yet been officially announced for any specific console, but the game is planed for next-gen PC hardware and consoles.
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New TimeShift Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 08:55 | Xbox 360

Msxbox-world.com have just added 22 screens from Atari's forthcoming time based shooter.
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Star Trek Heading for Xbox 360?
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 08:26 | Xbox 360

According to the latest issue of US publication Game Informer, Dungeon Siege II developer Mad Doc is currently producing a new trekking title, Star Trek Legacy: A New Frontier. The article states that the game will be released for Xbox 360 with the possibility of Xbox Live multiplayer functionality, and will be released in the US during September 2006.
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ET Quake Wars Heads To Xbox 360?
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 08:12 | Xbox 360

New reports suggest that PC owners won't be the only ones feeling the Quake Wars, uh, splash damage. According to US magazine Game Informer, there may also be a 360 version of the game in the works. Although the mag says the team are still very PC focussed, it seems they're already thinking about next-gen console versions of the game.
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[eM] -eNCHANT arM- : Video
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 08:06 | Xbox 360

Another video of [eM] -eNCHANT arM-, where we finally get to see the Queen of Ice in action. It's worth noting that except for a segment at around 12-13 minutes (not complete btw), everything is realtime.
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Buy Call of Duty 2 and get a FREE Faceplate
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 08:04 | Xbox 360

It seems that not only SEGA has coaxed gamers into buying their games, but now Infinity Ward are offering a free faceplate whe you buy a copy of Call of Duty 2.
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Microsoft Pledges to Protect Young Xbox Live Users
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 07:58 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has issued a statement confirming that the safety and security of Xbox Live users is "a top priority", and that it works closely with global law enforcement to ensure child safety. The statement was issued following to reports that an adult Xbox Live user allegedly used the online gaming service to groom and molest a 14 year old boy.
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Microsoft extends life of Xbox 360 Lounge
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 07:44 | Xbox 360

As a way of introducing the Xbox 360 to Japan, Microsoft opened a special café in the center of Tokyo back in November. This so-called Xbox 360 Lounge was meant to act as a place for gamers to come and check out the new console while offering them refreshments and a place to socialize. Even though the Japanese launch of the XBox 360 has been far from a success, Microsoft has decided to extend the amount of time the lounge will remain open by one month, meaning it will now close on February 12th. Microsoft attributed the decision to the popularity of the lounge.
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First images of Battle for Middle Earth 2
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Jan 2006 07:25 | Xbox 360

Electronics Arts has released the first images from the Xbox 360 version of Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2.
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600,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in US
Submitted By: HyperBear
16 Jan 2006 06:26 | Xbox 360

Reuters reports that Microsoft has sold 600,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the United States since its November 2005 launch. Data comes from the NDP Group which measures and projects nearly two-thirds of all US retail sales. From the article: "The Xbox 360 debuted to much fanfare on November 22 in North America, where the unit has been in short supply. Analysts, video game publishers and retailers have said shipments during the key holiday season fell short of expectations." As expected, the system has not been selling well in Japan up to this point either, but Microsoft has confirmed its target of selling between 4.5 million and 5.5 million 360 during the current fiscal year ending June 30 of this year.
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No NHL 2006 For The Xbox 360
Submitted By: Dice
16 Jan 2006 06:25 | Xbox 360

We regret to inform our fellow hockey loving Canadians that EA will not produce a 2006 version of their popular hockey franchise on the Xbox 360.
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New Dynasty Warriors Set for Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Jan 2006 12:52 | Xbox 360

Last week's announcement of Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires for the PS2 came as no surprise. Afterall, the Dynasty Warriors series has a pattern of three entries for a given number, so there was no way Koei could be expected to stop with last November's Xtreme Legends update. It turns out that Koei was holding the surprise back for today. Empires will be coming not just to the PS2, but to the Xbox 360 as well, the company revealed today. Both versions of the game will hit Japan simultaneously in March.
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TimeShift Designer Diary #3
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Jan 2006 12:48 | Xbox 360

Being able to slow, stop, and reverse time sounds simple, but put those time controls into a game and you have issues, as Saber Interactive discovered with TimeShift. We've all heard of the famous time-travel puzzle that asks, if you go back in time and kill your father before he meets your mother, haven't you created a conundrum? Because if you were never born, how could you go back in time and kill you father to begin with? This goes to show that time travel can be messy, as the developers of TimeShift have discovered. They faced a different set of conundrums while creating their upcoming time-travel-based first-person shooter.
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The Outfit Gameplay Footage
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Jan 2006 12:43 | Xbox 360

IGN has some new high-res gameplay footage from this crazy World War II shooter.
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Seven Things That the Xbox 360 Does Better Than Anyone Else
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Jan 2006 12:26 | Xbox 360

Alan over at FiringSquad.com has written an article about what the Xbox 360 does really well.
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EA To Redesign Lord of the Rings RTS For Xbox 360
Submitted By: DragonFly
13 Jan 2006 09:27 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has announced that The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, the real-time strategy title set for release on the PC next month, is now also headed for the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version, designed in-house at EA Los Angeles, features what is being touted as a unique and intuitive control scheme by the studio's Vice President of Creative Development, Westwood co-founder Louis Castle.
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