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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
MotoGP 2006 3D image
Submitted By: News Bot
09 Jan 2006 09:40 | Xbox 360

THQ released this giant 3D image of MotoGP 2006. I've zipped it, but you need Quick Time to view it correctly. The release date is set to 31th of march.
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Peter Moore on the Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
09 Jan 2006 09:33 | Xbox 360

Peter Moore recently conducted an interview with Gameinformer at CES. A lot of interesting topics were covered from manufacturing, to the external HD-DVD drive, and even the Halo 3 release date...
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Message from Infinity Ward regarding Call of Duty 2 (Live)
Submitted By: punkusmarine
08 Jan 2006 15:43 | Xbox 360

A forum post regarding what Infinity Ward is doing with the Call of Duty 2 online Issues.
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Vote For Xbox 360 News
Submitted By: Dusty
06 Jan 2006 18:42 | Xbox 360

We have joined Topgamesites.net , and we would appreciate your votes for best gaming site. Click here to cast your vote! Thanks!
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Top Spin 2, College Hoops Delayed for 360
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 18:41 | Xbox 360

Take Two has announced that two Xbox 360 titles have been delayed. Top Spin 2 and College Hoops 2K6 were scheduled to release at the end of this month on January 23rd for the new console, but now are delayed indefinitely.
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Xbox 360 more popular in Japan?
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 17:51 | Xbox 360

According to the Japanese hardware and software sale charts this week, the Xbox 360 is more popular in Japan than it was last week...after the release of Dead or Alive 4. Dead or Alive 4 came straight in at 4th last week on the software charts, but has dropped to 11th this week, after a large amount of Nintendo DS games pushed it down the list.
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Win Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership on DiTV Advert (UK)
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 17:50 | Xbox 360

A new reward level has been added to the Xbox 360 Sky Digital interactive advert and the first 50 gamers to complete it will win three months Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership.
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INXS Set to Rock Out on Xbox Live
Submitted By: L3e
06 Jan 2006 17:49 | Xbox 360

In the band's illustrious 25 year career, INXS has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, hosted a hit television show “Rock Star: INXS” and recently released their latest album, “SWITCH” to critical acclaim, but can they play Halo 2? Vocalist J.D. Fortune and his newest band mates will challenge lucky fans in the latest Xbox Live “Game with Fame” session.
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Xbox 360 ModChip Will Not Ship in Two Weeks
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Jan 2006 09:44 | Xbox 360

InfinityMods.com claims to have a 360 modchip in hand, and will most likely have it available for purchase within 2 weeks. But what do they really mean by that? Turns out, the statement on their front page is somewhat misleading, since another line, deeper into their website, says, "Preorders to be accepted within approx 2 weeks."
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Diabolique on 360
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Jan 2006 09:18 | Xbox 360

The appearance of a Xbox 360 logo beside the PC one on Playlogic's website reveals that Diabolique: License to Sin will also be hitting Microsoft's next-gen console, alongside the PC version.
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Access Foreign Xbox 360 Demos
Submitted By: DragonFly
06 Jan 2006 09:17 | Xbox 360

Everyone loves a nice playable demo, and the European Xbox Live Marketplace has done a pretty good job of keeping Xbox 360 owners supplied so far. But what if you could also get your hands on those demos that are normally only be offered to American and Japanese gamers? Well, there is a way, according to GamersReports.com. All you have to do is visit Microsoft's passport site and create a new hotmail account. Pretend you're from either Japan or the States when you fill out the form, depending on which demos you want to access, and make a note of the phone number you supply.
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Metronome Next-Gen Screens
Submitted By: DragonFly
06 Jan 2006 09:16 | Xbox 360

Team Tariser has released a slew of new screens from their upcoming next-gen game Metronome. The game has a definite Tim Burton/Tim Shafer feel to it, surreal and dark.
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CES 2006: Burnout Revenge Xbox 360 Hands-On
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Jan 2006 09:15 | Xbox 360

The playable demo featured only two tracks and a handful of cars to choose from but, thanks to a top-of-the-line widescreen HDTV running the game at 720p, and some high-end Dolby equipment pumping out the game's audio in impressive Dolby 5.1, it was an impressive display nonetheless. The game is enjoying a substantial upgrade in the graphics department. Where Burnout Revenge for Xbox and PlayStation 2 had relatively grainy textures and dull-looking car models by comparison, everything has been given a new coat of paint in the 360 version of Revenge.
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Moore: Xbox 360 HD-DVD for movies, not games
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Jan 2006 09:14 | Xbox 360

In the past, console manufacturers have fragmented their system install bases by introducing optional optical disc drives after a system's release. Devices like the Sega CD and the TurboGrafx CD-ROM allowed systems to run superior games. But splitting the console base between basic systems and systems with CD support made the CD systems less attractive for content developers that prefer to develop for a single platform with a large installation base. Peter Moore clarified to GameSpot that the new external Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive will be used for video only, not games.
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Register as a FFXI Beta Tester
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:59 | Xbox 360

Beta testing Final Fantasy on the Xbox 360 has opened up, and applications can now be made via the Square Enix website. While you will need to first find a copy of the game on an OXM demo disc, you can also register to become a Beta tester here at the Sqaure Enix website.
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John Carmack Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:58 | Xbox 360

John Carmack is one of the videogaming industry's elite icons. Credited with originating the first person genre of games, gaming would not be where it is today without this programmer. Not only does each game he releases redefine the genre in some way, but the technology behind it shapes the evolution of videogame graphics and sound in each generation. Even if you don't play his games, you'll be hard pressed to not feel the influence of them as the ideas and elements introduced in each one of his engines are used and adapted in some way industry-wide. As such, few can say they've affected the gaming scene as much as he has and the company he keeps in that respect is small. Buzzscope.com recently had a chance to ask Mr. Carmack a few questions on a number of topics. If you want to know why he prefers the Xbox 360 to the PS3, what id's next projects are, what he thinks of the next generation of mobile graphics and more then read on as one of the greatest minds in videogames speaks.
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Street Fighter 2 Coming to Live Arcade!
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:57 | Xbox 360

In yesterdays CES speech by Peter Moore said that Street Fighter 2 will be available on Live Arcade by March!
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HD-DVD: Microsoft's folly?
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:56 | Xbox 360

As it ramped up the hype machine for the Xbox 360, Microsoft coined a new term: The High Definition Era. Wednesday in Las Vegas, it took the next step, announcing plans for a HD-DVD accessory for the video game machine. Question is: Will the move do any good?
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Wrestle Kingdom Returns
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:55 | Xbox 360

The only Japanese Xbox 360 game to disappear after just a couple of hours at retail has at last been given a second chance. Yukes has announced a new Japanese release date for its all-Japan wrestling game, Wrestle Kingdom. The game will make it back into stores on January 19.
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CES: Seagate meeting affirms Xbox 360 HDD limitations
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:54 | Xbox 360

Seagate, the makers of the Xbox 360 HDD, were on display at Digital Experience last night. It was clear that the Seagate rep was impressed with Microsoft's next-gen console, but also felt that the relatively small and sluggish hard drive that his company manufactures for the console is junk. Yes, the 360 HDD reflects the desire for cost efficiency, but it's also evidence that the next-gen is caught in limbo between traditional console gaming and the online model that Microsoft is slowly pushing.
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Xbox Live User Arrested for Molestation
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Jan 2006 06:53 | Xbox 360

A California man has been accused of using Microsoft's Xbox Live to lure a 14-year-old boy to a park where he molested the minor.
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3rd Xbox 360 Factory To Begin Manufacturing Early Next Month
Submitted By: Dice
06 Jan 2006 06:35 | Xbox 360

Yesterday Microsoft’s corporate CEO Peter Moore announced that the 3rd Xbox 360 factory will finally begin manufacturing early next month.
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TimeShift Official Movie 2
Submitted By: Motojass
06 Jan 2006 06:34 | Xbox 360

A newly added preview of a stunning next-gen game for the xbox 360. Get ready to be blown away.
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Moore Talks 360 Sales, Shortage And Future
Submitted By: News Bot
05 Jan 2006 07:50 | Xbox 360

Microsoft corporate VP Peter Moore rapped up another stellar keynote speech at the CES show in Las Vegas yesterday. As usual, his inspired use of words and unabashed praise for all things Microsoft made him more entertaining than your average company executive. During the speech, Moore shed light on Microsoft's estimated shipping numbers, stating that the company estimates shipping 4.5 million Xbox 360s between now and June. "[Xbox 360] became more than a product; it became a global sensation that put us well on our way to becoming the fastest selling console in history," he said.
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Fight Night Round 3 Demo Available Now on Xbox Live Marketplace
Submitted By: News Bot
05 Jan 2006 07:45 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has released a new demo for Fight Night Round 3, the first Xbox 360 instalment in the hit boxing sim series - and it's now available for download via Xbox Live Marketplace. Weighing in at 486MB, the demo lets you play part of a fight as either Bernard Hopkins or Roy Jones Jr. There are also two new trailers to download - the first one runs at 720p and is 61MB, and the 11MB trailer runs at 480p.
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Wireless HD Gaming Between an Xbox 360 and a HDTV
Submitted By: News Bot
05 Jan 2006 07:38 | Xbox 360

Pulse~LINK will showcase its Gigabit-rate CWave Ultra Wideband (UWB) platform featuring wireless and wired High Definition audio/video connectivity, HD gaming, and multimedia PC applications at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 5-8, in Las Vegas. Demonstrations include the industry's first wireless DVI/HDMI equivalent; ultra-low latency wireless HD gaming between an Xbox 360 and a HDTV; wireless PC to HDTV Flat Panel connections; and the first ever UWB over coax solution capable of supporting IEEE 1394 S400 (400 Mbps) throughput for whole-home connectivity.
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FreeBSD adds Xbox 360 controller support
Submitted By: DragonFly
04 Jan 2006 19:22 | Xbox 360

Good news for any computer gamers out there who don't use a Microsoft OS, FreeBSD has recently incorporated a patch to enable support for the wired Xbox 360 controller.
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New Rumble Roses XX Trailer
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 17:40 | Xbox 360

The girls from DOA finally have some "stiff" competition, check out the latest trailer to Konami's female brawler.
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Talkin' Hawk: Tony Hawk Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 17:34 | Xbox 360

Since retiring from professional skateboarding, Tony Hawk has not been resting on his laurels. He runs a successful skate company, Birdhouse, rolls out his huge HuckJam Tour across America every year, looks after his three kids and helps shift the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series by the million. With Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland now available on Xbox 360, Hawk is living proof that career and passion can go hand in hand. OXM caught up with him at London's Ladbroke Grove Skate Park as he was preparing to show the locals how he earned his place in skateboarding history.
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Final Fantasy XI Beta Coming Soon
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 17:33 | Xbox 360

Readers of the Official XBox Magazine will soon be able to get their hands on Square's first XBox 360 title.
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