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Bill Gates Keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 13:44 | Xbox 360

For the tenth year in a row, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates returns to kick off CES with his vision of the year ahead in consumer electronics. Bill will deliver the opening keynote on Wednesday, January 4 at 6:30 P.M. Pacific in the Las Vegas Hilton Theater. In his keynote, Gates will share Microsoft’s vision for the future of consumer technology, highlighting the important role of software in developing and delivering innovation that benefits the industry, their partners, and people everywhere. If the past is any indication, expect the unexpected. Bill has used his keynote address at CES in the past to unveil new products ranging from Xbox and Tablet PC to Smartphones. And with Microsoft’s strong lineup of innovative new products scheduled to launch in 2006, including Windows Vista, this year’s keynote will provide a glimpse at the important new technologies that will be shaping the industry.
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Fight Night: Round 3 - Xbox 360 Cover Athlete Announced
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 13:43 | Xbox 360

Electronic Arts announced today that Oscar De La Hoya will serve as cover athlete and spokesman for EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3. Olympic gold medalist, former WBC & WBA super welterweight champion, WBC welterweight and super lightweight champion, De La Hoya is recognized as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and will be featured on the cover of EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 for the Xbox 360 system and PSP system. Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward will grace the covers of the game for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Xbox videogame system from Microsoft.
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Convert Your GamerCard
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 13:14 | Xbox 360

Convert your Xbox 360 GamerCard to an image or Flash card for use in forums, blogs, MySpace, and your desktop.
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Far Cry Instincts stalks Xbox 360?
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 09:36 | Xbox 360

Online retailer GameStop has included the game, currently available on the Xbox and adapted from the PC original, in a list of upcoming titles. The Xbox 360 version has been slapped with a tentative March release date in the US. Now, retailer reports can often be about as accurate as a blind sniper, but this little whisper has some decent evidence behind it. Ubisoft itself has reportedly confirmed that Far Cry Instincts will be coming to the Xbox 360 to US magazine Game Informer, and even elaborated that the game would include new missions and upgraded visuals to take advantage of the Xbox 360’s power.
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Xbox 360 Supply Still Failing to Meet Demand - Analysts
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 08:52 | Xbox 360

As Xbox 360 units continue to fly out of stores as soon as they arrive, US analysts have predicted that stock shortages could mean Microsoft fails to meet its current quarter sales targets. In a new report, Goldman Sachs analyst Richard Sherlund wrote that although it was hard to establish exactly how many Xbox 360s have been shipped globally so far, he believes the figure may stand at as little as 1.3 million units - which could make it tough for Microsoft to reach its goal of 3 million sales by the end of this quarter.
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UK Xbox 360 chart: Call of Duty 2 entrenched in the number one spot
Submitted By: News Bot
04 Jan 2006 05:55 | Xbox 360

Call of Duty 2 is king of the hill once again, with a well placed grenade dislodging Project Gotham Racing 3 from its brief return to the top last week. For the week ending December 31, Perfect Dark Zero, Fifa 06 and NFS: Most Wanted completes the top 5.
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Water Cooled Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 19:06 | Xbox 360

The world's first water cooled Xbox 360! A full Xbox 360 breakdown that will show you how it is done easily.
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Report: 30 million online console gamers by 2009
Submitted By: HyperBear
03 Jan 2006 19:04 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

A new study by In-Stat reveals that online gaming will be big in the next generation of consoles. Okay, so we kind of already knew this, but it's nice to have a researched report as evidence. The study predicts that the number of "worldwide console and handheld online gaming subscribers...could exceed 30 million by 2009." In-Stat believes Microsoft's Xbox Live service will see "just under 50% annual subscriber growth between 2004 and 2009." Whether or not we see those numbers in 2009, In-Stat decrees, depends on the online plans Sony chooses for its PlayStation 3. According to the report: "Sony currently believes that a paid service is too large a barrier to console online gaming, and uses free online play primarily to reinforce customer loyalty."
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New Gran Raid Offroad Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 15:21 | Xbox 360

Asobo Studios have released new screenshots of their next-generation racing game, Gran Raid Offroad. The game will feature complete freedom of orientation in landscapes measuring more than 10.000 km2. (3500 square miles)
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Will Microsoft Announce a HD DVD Xbox 360 at CES?
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 14:48 | Xbox 360

Richard Doherty, an analyst from research firm Envisioneering Group, predicts that tomorrow Bill Gates’ main message at his CES keynote will focus Windows Vista, the next-generation Windows, but Doherty also thinks Gates will talk about HD DVD as part of the Xbox 360. Microsoft has denied in several opportunities that it is planning a HD DVD upgrade for the Xbox 360, but last year Bill Gates said that the Xbox 360 video may incorporate in the future the next-generation DVD format developed by Toshiba.
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Motion filed to dismiss overheating lawsuit
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 14:27 | Xbox 360

The lawsuit brought by a Chicago man displeased with the Xbox 360's overheating problems is due to be heard on January 10th, but Microsoft are trying to get it thrown out of court before it even begins. It seems that Robert Byers hasn't even contacted customer support about the problems with his own 360--and it's not even clear his 360 is malfunctioning. He may be bringing the lawsuit on the strength of others' complaints, which will make for an interesting argument in court.
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Submitted By: dcdelgado
03 Jan 2006 12:47 | Xbox 360

GS: How are you taking advantage of the Xbox 360 hardware? DR: The Chaos Theory engine is arguably the best engine available for the Xbox, and it has allowed us to really focus on unleashing the power of the X360. Our main technical challenges have been to multithread the engine, which gives us an insane amount of resources to spend on things like environments, artificial intelligence, and the like. For instance, in SC4 X360 we were able to stage full-fledged jail riots, and even a civil war, with conventional AI. Ultimately, we are pushing the X360 as hard as we can, so that we can create environments of a size and complexity never seen before and populate them with complex, clever AI in large quantities. To say we could never accomplish this on current-gen hardware is an understatement: We couldn't dream of this on the Xbox.
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More XBox 360 Rumbling Roses
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 10:59 | Xbox 360

Check out the latest scans from Japan of Konami's upcoming female brawler.
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The Xbox 360 And Japanese Nationalism
Submitted By: Lost Alley
03 Jan 2006 09:57 | Xbox 360

There has been a lot of coverage recently about the failure of the Japanese Xbox 360. And those reports are very true. It is one of the weakest system launches in Japanese history, only topped perhaps by the Japanese launch of the Atari Jaguar. Many seem to think that people in Japan won’t buy American products out of political reasons, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact Japanese youth love American and western products, they just don’t think much of the Xbox 360 and with good reason. Click the link below to read a great article on the subject titled "The Xbox 360 And Japanese Nationalism "
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Splinter Cell Film Deviating
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 09:15 | Industry News

Author Raymond Benson wrote the Splinter Cell novelization, with its own deviations from the videogames approved by Tom Clancy. Benson talked with The Fairer Sects and doesn't anticipate the film to adapt any of the released videogames. "As far as I know, the screenplay is totally original and not based on any existing game or my book," he says.
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Bunnie Comments on Recent Hacking Developments
Submitted By: Lost Alley
03 Jan 2006 08:41 | Xbox 360

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang, one of the main people behind the hacking of the original Xbox, has made some comments on his personal blog about the recent in roads that were made into "hacking" the Xbox 360.
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Bullet Witch Scans
Submitted By: Lost Alley
03 Jan 2006 08:35 | Xbox 360

Bullet Witch was this month's big game for Famitsu Xbox 360 with 4 pages. Theisaction game from Cavia must have been under development for some time now as it's planned for a spring 2006 release in Japan.
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Solutions to Live Connection Problems
Submitted By: News Bot
03 Jan 2006 08:28 | Xbox 360

Have you been having connection problems with Xbox Live? Read on to find out a possible fix.
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More Xbox 360's At Best Buy Today
Submitted By: Dice
03 Jan 2006 08:15 | Xbox 360

Just a reminder that Best Buy stores are expected to have XBox 360's today (jan 3). That's according to a list from GameFAQ. It looks like most BB stores will get anywhere from 10 to 30 consoles.
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5 questions for the Xbox 360
Submitted By: Dice
02 Jan 2006 10:42 | Xbox 360

Gaminghobo asks some critical questions of Microsoft concerning the Xbox 360 launch and business model. From the article: "At the moment the only thing that seems to set the Xbox 360 apart from its competitors is Xbox Live. Microsoft’s greatest achievement so far they have continued to improve the online gaming system with great success."
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[eM] -eNCHANT arM- scans
Submitted By: Lost Alley
02 Jan 2006 09:33 | Xbox 360

[eM] -eNCHANT arM- will be released in less than 2 weeks in Japan and was reviewed in this month's Famitsu Xbox 360 where it got a 32/40 (9/8/8/7). Famitsu also had a few pages detailing the combat system and even showing our old friend Raiko from Otogi as a Golem in the game.
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Xbox Live Leader boards & Stats Bugs
Submitted By: News Bot
02 Jan 2006 09:01 | Xbox 360

Microsoft are currently experiencing an issue with some of the leader boards and stats for Xbox 360 titles. They have identified the issue, and are working on resolving it. Until this issue is resolved, there will be some leader boards and stats issues.
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GameFly Rental Service Relays Xbox 360 Disc Scratching Problems
Submitted By: News Bot
02 Jan 2006 08:13 | Xbox 360

According to reports obtained by Gamasutra, a number of subscribers to the North American GameFly video game rental service have received messages regarding an Xbox 360 hardware fault that potentially scratches game discs, making them unplayable. The issue has previously been discussed at length on a number of fan websites, with the problem being particularly pronounced if users move the Xbox 360 while it is in use. However, some consumers are reporting that their Xbox 360 hardware will scratch discs without being moved. The disc scratching problem is evidently widespread enough that GameFly has prepared a 'form letter' to send to all consumers who return Xbox 360 discs with defects on them, commenting:
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Xbox360 Release Date Update - Lost Odyssey Dated, FCK Pushed
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Jan 2006 11:31 | Xbox 360

Gamersreports.com have a few release date updates. First of all, Losy Odyssey has a real (sounding) release date of October 2, 2006. Frame City Killer has been delayed as well until April, and Major League Baseball 2k6 has been delayed 7 more days.
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Senko No Ronde Coming To Xbox 360
Submitted By: DragonFly
01 Jan 2006 11:27 | Xbox 360

Senko No Ronde is headed to Xbox 360. The official website for the game is now live, and as you can see the Xbox 360 logo is displayed on the page. Head over to the new site for some character info and screens.
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Videora Xbox360 Converter
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Jan 2006 11:20 | Xbox 360

Videora Xbox360 Converter is a free video conversion application developed by the creators of Videora. It allows you to convert your regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into the proper video format that your Xbox360 understands. When combined with Videora, Videora Xbox360 Converter + Videora allows you to download, convert and copy video to your device, automatically using BitTorrent and RSS technology.
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Wahoo for Xbox 360 PG company designing for Microsoft
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Jan 2006 11:13 | Xbox 360

When the Xbox 360 launched into stores in November, Wahoo Studios Inc. was catapulted into the big time. Founded in November 2001, the small video-game company in Pleasant Grove has worked on both console and PC video games at all stages of development: writing, level design, film clip projects and more. The company's biggest challenge has been getting noticed by large, well-known publishers. Wahoo's big break came with a small simulation game noticed by Microsoft. The software giant was impressed with the uniqueness of the tycoon-style program, and approached Wahoo to design a Live Arcade version for the Xbox 360.
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Beware Microsoft's domain squatting faux pas
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Jan 2006 11:07 | Xbox 360

If you're an Xbox Live subscriber interested in getting your hands on a Diamond Card, beware. It seems that a typo on the website, www.xboxlivediamond.com, encourages users to email a non-Microsoft address if they believe their gamertag has been signed up to the site by someone else.
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Xbox 360 makes it onto Wired's Best Gadgets list
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Jan 2006 11:01 | Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has made it onto Wired's Best and Worst Gadgets of 2005. Of course it made it on the best side of the awards alongside the Ipod and the new Sony PSP. With all they hype the Xbox 360 created it's no wonder it has made it onto the list.
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Hackers Make Backup Games With XBOX 360 Boot Disk
Submitted By: Dice
01 Jan 2006 10:52 | Playstation 3

Well to no real surprise, a group of hackers known as the Lithum group have managed to use a copy of the demo disk to create playable backups of Xbox 360 games
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