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Microsoft says 360 "on track" to meet forecasts, as second shipment hits US
Submitted By: News Bot
22 Dec 2005 08:34 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has reportedly started to replenish stock of Xbox 360s in American retail channels. Xbox 360 has been in agonisingly short supply since the console's November 22nd launch, but GameSpot reports that some of the remaining pre-orders are now being filled. Microsoft UK declined to comment as to whether it's a situation reflected on this side of the Atlantic. "Xbox does not announce details of shipments, but I can tell you that we're on track to meet our 90 day forecast of 2.75 to 3.0 million units," a spokesperson told GamesIndustry.biz this lunchtime.
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Xbox 360's At Future Shop Stores On Friday December 23rd
Submitted By: Dice
22 Dec 2005 08:33 | Xbox 360

Things are shaping for Canadians hoping to get an Xbox 360 before Christmas. Like BB who have promised to have more consoles this week, Future Shop stores in Canada will have Xbox 360’s friday, December 23rd.
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HowTo: Score an Xbox 360 online
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 18:46 | Xbox 360

Here's a fool-proof way to get notified when Xbox 360's are available for online ordering- no online auctions required.
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Otaku Swarm DoA Xbox 360 Kiosk Like Mad
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 18:37 | Xbox 360

Rest easy, Msoft. Earlier this week, Akiba’s Sofmap got playable Dead or Alive 4 kiosks, and things start to look a little less grim for the 360 in Japan. Kasumi boobies to the rescue!
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360 Games Hacked – First mod-chip 'within weeks'
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 10:05 | Xbox 360

Spong.com reports that the first mod-chips for the 360 will be available within a month. Speaking to Spong.com under terms of anonymity, one source close to the research and development of some well known current-generation chips said, “We've been seeing partial success from some corners [in China] though nothing that could go on sale yet.” This paints a dark picture of the console industry and the aggressive blight it suffers. “Everyone is working on a full-functioning 'do everything' chip that will take apart the 360 and let users do what they will, though we expect a first-generation bypass device that will allow back-ups within weeks. The first on the market is likely to be complex and might not be particularly good, though that's just a stopgap before real chips become available.”
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LoveFOOTBALL for Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 07:41 | Xbox 360

Japanese game publishers love throwing announcement parties and today over at the Japanese soccer museum in Tokyo, Namco went ahead with one of their own. The title revealed? None other than Namco's latest showing of commitment to the Xbox 360 console: LoveFOOTBALL. Rather than having a floating camera showing all the players on the field at one time, LoveFOOTBALL's camera will always be placed close up and directly behind the controlled character as if one was playing a 3rd person action game. Namco hopes that this will give players with a highly detailed view of what soccer is really like in the heat of the action.
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DOA4 delay déjà vu
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 07:29 | Xbox 360

Xbox 360 fighter's release date backing further into corner of 2005; online retailers list ship date at December 28. Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360 is coming out later than expected...again. Online retailers are listing the game as releasing on December 28, 2005, almost a week after it was last projected to hit stores. All is not lost for fans of the franchise's battling buxom beauties. Tecmo's Web site still shows the game as having a "Holiday 2005" release date, giving the company 12 more days to make good on its word.
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New Best Buy Shipment this Week
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 07:26 | Xbox 360

New Best Buy Shipment this Week Check out this internal flyer (dated 20 December) sent to Best Buy stores - looks like they will be getting another shipment of Xbox 360's sometime this week.
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EA Warns on Xbox Shortages
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 07:20 | Xbox 360

Top video game maker Electronic Arts Inc. warned that quarterly profit and revenue would be "well below" earlier estimates due to lackluster holiday sales that it blamed on shortages of the Xbox 360.
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King Kong Lives!
Submitted By: News Bot
21 Dec 2005 07:18 | Xbox 360

Alternate ending offers you the chance to save everyone’s favourite simian. To unlock the alternate ending, players must complete the entire game and then go back and play through various maps and earn a total of 250,000 points.
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Lost Planet HD Trailer
21 Dec 2005 07:15 | Xbox 360

Here is Capcom's Lost Planet trailer brought to you in High Def. Enjoy.
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J Allard Interview
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 09:49 | Xbox 360

An interview with J Allard that was published in the Christmas 2005 issue of Edge (E157), is now available online at edge-online.co.uk.
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Three New Games For Next-Gen Consoles
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 09:37 | Xbox 360

AQ Entertainment announced three new titles today, two exclusive XBox 360 and one for 360 and PS3. The first title is called Cry On and is developed by Cavia for Mistwalker Studios.  Sakaguchi is the producer and Nobuo Uematsu will handle the music, both of Final Fantasy fame.  This title is an action/RPG and is exclusive to XBox 360. The second game is called Bullet Witch, this is an action game developed by Cavia exclusively for XBox 360. And finally we have Vampire's Rain developed by Artoon of Blinx fame for both XBox 360 and PS3. For artwork click on the link below.
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King Kong Comparisons - Xbox 360 vs. PC
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 09:27 | Xbox 360

Firing Squad recently posted up a review of the Xbox 360 version of Peter Jackson’s King Kong which included a number of screen captures from both the Xbox 360 and PC versions, so of course, people’s first instincts where to compare them. The results? Thankfully for Xbox 360 fanboy’s the Xbox 360 version comes out on top in this test.
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Track and Field for Xbox Live Arcade?
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 09:18 | Xbox 360

In a poll ran on www.oxm.co.uk back in November OXM asked which old-school games that their readers would like to see available for download on Marketplace. Track and Field received over a third of the total votes cast, marking the original sporting button-basher out as a potential gold medallist on Xbox 360. Konami found the result interesting - and are now considering the possibility of bringing the game to Xbox Live Arcade!
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Five Youngsters Robbed of Xbox 360's
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 09:08 | Xbox 360

Five young people recently tried to scalp the five Xbox 360's they purchased at a Best Buy on Saturday (after queung up for nine hours). Having unsuccessfuly tried to sell the Xbox 360's to people still waiting in the queue for $600, two people followed them, pulled a handgun, and made off with four of the consoles!
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Kopin Powers Oriscape's New Virtual Reality Headset
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 08:56 | Technology

The CyberMan GVD510-3D is built on the "Page Flipped 3D Stereo VGA" signal format which was developed for the LCD shutter glass system. The headset uses a signal format that is available on NVIDIA-based graphics cards for fast market penetration. In addition, this product has a automatic scaling function that makes it compatible with various VGA display output formats and it can also accept composite video and S-Video, which can be driven by the Microsoft Xbox, including the new Xbox 360, and the Sony PlayStation 2 game console.
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Preview
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 08:52 | Xbox 360

TeamXbox has taken another peek at this title to see what is happening in the world of Oblivion.
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New Ninety Nine Nights Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 08:51 | Xbox 360

Check out the latest Famitsu scans of Mizuguchi's upcoming XBox 360 action title.
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COD2 Online Issues
Submitted By: News Bot
20 Dec 2005 08:32 | Xbox 360

While Call of Duty 2 is one of the most popular Xbox 360 games, and has been receiving great reviews (and rightly so), the online portion of the game does have a few issues...
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FFXI Beta in Official XBox360 Mag.
Submitted By: Bam
20 Dec 2005 08:31 | Xbox 360

Japan got the beta disc with an XBox360 purchase. Now it seems that the UK and US will get one with the magazine.
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Blue Dragon TV ads
Submitted By: News Bot
19 Dec 2005 10:42 | Xbox 360

Well it looks like we did not have to wait long before the first TV ads for Blue Dragon were aired in Japan. It's short, but the quality is excellent !
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Gears of War Zero Hour Footage
Submitted By: News Bot
19 Dec 2005 09:29 | Xbox 360

Check out this footage of Gears of War that has surfaced on the web. Taken from Zero Hour, it weights in at a massive 148MB and includes some in-game footage.
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Xbox 360 Regional Coding List
Submitted By: News Bot
19 Dec 2005 09:16 | Xbox 360

This list is to be a guide for those who own an Xbox 360 system from another territory. As of the tight supply situation, many Xbox 360 units are not used in the territory they are initially sold. Yet, many countries have not been seen a release and such it's important to know which games would work on which console.
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Experts: Online Gaming Can Kill
Submitted By: News Bot
19 Dec 2005 08:50 | Xbox 360

Following the recent death of another Korean man who died during a marathon online gaming session, Korean experts give reasons for gaming fatalities. Two people have died in Korean Internet cafes since November, and doctors are pointing to dark, smoky, poorly ventilated environments combined with utter exhaustion. -- “People who haven’t slept for a long time usually don’t realize how exhausted or stressed they are,” said Dr. Song Hyeong-gon, a Korean ER doctor. “Because they are stressed by the obsession with winning the game, they consume a considerable amount of energy. In such a physically exhausted condition, exposure to bright colors or stimulating images on the screen is likely to irritate the cerebral cortex and can cause sudden death.”
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MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 2006 Screenshots
Submitted By: DragonFly
19 Dec 2005 08:40 | Xbox 360

THQ and Climax have released new screenshots of MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 2006.
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Shakycam realtime trailer Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon
Submitted By: Vivicious
19 Dec 2005 08:12 | Systems | Xbox 360

The title says it at all really, typical Akira Toriyama graphics and atmosphere equals a treat for all those interested in Japanese RPG's.
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Several Xbox related tidbits in Hideo Kojima Video interview
Submitted By: Vivicious
19 Dec 2005 08:11 | Systems | Xbox 360

No, this isn't from a guy that talked to a guy that knew a guy who's brother's sister had heard it from Kojima. This is straight from the source. In the interview Hideo said he would enjoy developing a MGS game for Microsoft's consoles, as the online capabilities of MGS 3 would combine perfectly with the online capabilities of PC and Xbox Live. He went on to say that MGS 4 would be technically possible on the Xbox 360 or a PC. The only reason he hadn't developed for the X360 is the fact that they were still busy working on MGS 3 when the dev kits were released, and thus were too far behind other developers to stay ahead of the competition on the X360. For the full interview (Available in video format and textbased.) see the link below.
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The Atari-Xbox 3600: A Retro Mod for Your Next-Gen Gaming System
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:27 | Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 represents a significant step forward in gaming and home media integration. The Atari 2600 was major step in gaming and home entertainment, so it seems appropriate that Seth Fogie modded his Xbox 360 to fit inside a 2600 case to create the Atari-Xbox 3600. This article shows you how he did it.
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Roses trailer Rumbles in!
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:23 | Xbox 360

Check out the ladies in all their posterior-pummelling gloryRumble Roses XX has ladies in it. Ladies with C-list porn names. Wrestling each other. Oh, and the odd bear too. Now you can see for yourself the glory that is putting a thong wearing cowgirl into a headlock, with this new video comprised from in-game footage.
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