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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Casino Royale Up Next From EA
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:20 | Xbox 360

MI6 can reveal that the next James Bond game in development from Electronic Arts is a next-generation version of "Casino Royale" starring Daniel Craig as 007. The game is planned to coincide with the release of the film in theatres on November 17th 2006. Moving away from the traditional PS2/Xbox/GameCube console base, "Casino Royale" will be aimed at the recently released Xbox 360 and forthcoming PlayStation 3 platforms. There is no intel available on whether the Nintendo Revolution will be supported.Pre-production work on the game started a few months ago, with concept artwork and some 3D models already complete, even before the latest game From Russia With Love hit the shelves. The game is in the third-person perspective, and is planned to follow the plot of the movie, which will feature an original first third and then follow Ian Fleming's story for the remainder of the adventure.
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Robotron: 2084 Now Available On Xbox Live Arcade
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:19 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has released another Xbox Live Arcade title today. The classic Robotron: 2084 joins other old arcade titles such as Smash TV and Joust in the ever growing collection of old coin-op games available for download on Xbox Live.
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Japanese Gamers Speak to SPOnG on Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:09 | Xbox 360

No one really seems to know what the Japanese gaming community makes of the western aggressor/courtier Microsoft and its new console, except that about 60,000 of them have bought into the new offering. SPOnG decided that the best thing to do would be to ask.
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New Team Diary and Screenshots : Oblivion
Submitted By: News Bot
17 Dec 2005 10:04 | Xbox 360

Bethesda Softworks have updated their site with a new team diary by Brendan Anthony on magic, and three new screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of Oblivion.
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Moore to head up Microsoft's games business
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 08:46 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has reshuffled the management of its entertainment businesses into four distinct sections, with Peter Moore moving into a new role where he will oversee the entire interactive entertainment sector for the firm. Moore, a veteran of the industry who headed up Sega of America prior to his move to Microsoft in early 2003, is currently corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing for Xbox. According to an internal memo seen by news agency Reuters, his new position will see him taking over the reins on both the Xbox division and the firm's successful Games for Windows business.
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New Virtual Fighter 5 Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 08:32 | Xbox 360

Take a gander at these gorgeous new screenshots of the latest instalment of the long-running fighter. The next-gen Virtua Fighter was demoed at this year's E3 show as a possible Xbox 360 project, but Sega has offered no official word on the game's console future since. Currently the game is penned for an arcade release only, but it's likely that the fighter will inevitably find it's way onto a next-gen console somewhere.
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Xbox360 Will Never Support DivX According to Major Nelson
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 08:28 | Xbox 360

Major Nelson of Xbox Live fame, who is also a Microsoft employee, recently stated that the Xbox360 will never support DivX. And the reason why? Because DivX is primarily used to "backup" DVDs and Microsoft don't want to get involved in this contentious area.
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Xbox 360 Mobile Alerts Imminent
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 08:22 | Xbox 360

Gamers could soon be able to receive alerts on their mobile phones when their friends are playing on Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console. The software giant is working on a system which would let players on its online gaming service, Xbox Live, send instant messages to a friend's mobile.
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Unreal Tournament 2007 Screenshots
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 08:20 | Xbox 360

Epic Games and Midway have released new screenshots of the latest entry into the Unreal franchise, Unreal Tournament 2007.
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J.Allard and Kaz Hirai Discusses PS3 & Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
16 Dec 2005 07:59 | Xbox 360

Sony and Microsoft-an odd couple if there ever was one. On one hand, you have a Japanese electronics giant with dozens of years of experience and a track record of success in the videogame market. On the other, you have a U.S.-based company whose fortune was made off operating systems for the PC and whose number of years in the videogame industry can be counted on a single hand. But if you think the next-generation console wars are going to be one-sided, think again. PlayStation Magazine spoke with J Allard, corporate vice president of Microsoft, and Kaz Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, to get the details on the next generation and how consumers will ultimately be the winners.
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Future Shop to have 10 Per Store Minimum
Submitted By: Dusty
16 Dec 2005 07:57 | Xbox 360

This one is just for Canadians (and anyone else wishing to venture there for guaranteed Xbox 360's) - according to a flyer we have received, Future Shop will have a minimum of 10 Xbox 360 units per store on Friday, December 16.
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New Ridge Racer Content Available
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 13:58 | Xbox 360

Today we have some new downloads available for Namco's Ridge Racer 6 available on XBox Marketplace.
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Frame City Killer Delayed
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 11:28 | Xbox 360

Namco has once more delayed the Japanese release of Frame City Killer for the Xbox 360, pushing it back from 2/23/06 to "sometime in spring 2006".
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Nissan Concept Car Has Built-In Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 09:09 | Xbox 360

The Nissan URGE concept car a driver-oriented cockpit with an integrated Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system. Has the gamer's car been born?
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What Does a Next Generation Game Sound Like?
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 09:02 | Xbox 360

Most people immediately think that graphics best define next generation games. The quick kids on the block know that next generation games are defined by graphics, gameplay and sound, not necessarily in that order. Why is Call of Duty 2 so fantastic? What makes Condemned so incredibly creepy? Why does PGR3 deliver that incredible sense of realism? The less than obvious answer is because of these respective games' sound quality.
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Lost Planet Trailer Available Now on Live Marketplace
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 07:53 | Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users can download now, directly from Xbox Live Marketplace, the high-definition trailer of Lost Planet-- a riveting sci-fi action shooter for Xbox 360.
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Refurbishing the Xbox 360 DVD Drive
Submitted By: News Bot
15 Dec 2005 07:10 | Xbox 360

The guys over at llamma.com found that if they added a foam rubber pad on the opposite side of the laser it can prevent the games from getting scratched.
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Go Tell the Spartans: The Making of SlugFest
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 17:58 | Xbox 360

Bungie has unveiled the backstory of their DOA4 character Spartan-458.
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Geometry Wars video: 2.1 million score by former world champion, “Striker”
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 17:47 | Xbox 360

In the clip that you’re about to see, Striker, the former worldwide champion of phenomenal game Geometry Wars, scores over 2.1 million points. (Striker’s high score is just shy of 3 million, but the worldwide leader, TBone2501 has 3.4 million). If you’re a Geometry Wars addict, you’ll learn a lot from watching this vid, but will you learn enough to unseat the champ?
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Announced
Submitted By: Lost Alley
14 Dec 2005 17:28 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft announced today that Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 4 (working title), the fourth blockbuster in the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell franchise, will officially be called Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent. The game will be available Spring 2006 for the Xbox 360. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent will completely revolutionize and reinvent the spy action genre by introducing an unprecedented double agent concept and an entirely new breed of game play that adds an exciting new dimension to the gaming experience.
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Wik: Fable of Souls Available for Download
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 17:23 | Xbox 360

Reflexive Entertainment's fantasy-themed action game Wik: Fable of Souls is now available for download on the Xbox 360. As a wide-eyed forest creature, gamers will jump, spit, and swing from their tongues through 125 single-player levels and seven gameplay modes, including multiplayer action for up to four players on a single system. Wik: Fable of Souls is rated E for Everyone and costs 800 marketplace points ($10) on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
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Sex for an Xbox 360?
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 17:19 | Xbox 360

How far would you go to get an Xbox 360? Well, if one Craigslist.org ad was to be believed, two Boston-area women would to do just about anything to get their hands on the next-gen console. Under the headline "trade sex for an xbox 360," a person claiming to be a 22-year-old woman said "Me and my roommate are totally hard core gamers, but our desperate (sic) attempts to get an Xbox 360 have gotten us nothing so far." The poster told responders to "send me a photo of you holding the system, and tell me what I have to do to get it."
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Japanese Xbox 360 Role-Playing Games to the U.S?
Submitted By: Spartan117
14 Dec 2005 17:09 | Xbox 360 | Industry News

Victor Ireland along with other Working Designs staffers plan to work on other projects for different publishers, and expressed special interest in bringing Japanese Xbox 360 RPG's to the U.S .
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Top 10 Things About Fight Night Round 3
14 Dec 2005 17:08 | Xbox 360

They say styles make fights, but in boxing videogames, it has never been much about your fighter's style, it has always been more about how quick you could flick the stick. That's about to change with Fight Night Round 3 as the game is looking to mirror the real styles of their licensed fighters while at the same time helping you build a created character designed to your liking, right down to your punching style. From power, to balanced, to speed, you will see every decision you make creating your character translated directly into the ring.
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Xbox 360 sells 326,000 in USA; Call of Duty 2 tops software chart
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 11:21 | Xbox 360

The first independent figures regarding the launch performance of the Xbox 360 in North America have been released by the NPD Group, revealing that 325,902 consoles were sold by the end of November. Shortages of the hardware at retail have held back Microsoft's console sales, which lag behind the early performance of the original Xbox - which sold 556,000 units in a comparable amount of time after launch back in 2001.
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Fight Night Round 3 Screenshots
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:29 | Xbox 360

Nine new images of the 360 version of EA's upcoming Fight Night Round 3.
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Frame City Killer Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:28 | Xbox 360

Check out the newest scans of Namco's upcoming action game for the XBox 360.
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New Ghost Recon AW images & trailer
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:27 | Xbox 360

Ubi released these three small images and this trailer of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Looks great, and hopefully the game won't be delayed once more.
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Wrestle Kingdom Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:23 | Xbox 360

Another batch of scans, this time from the upcoming Japanese XBox 360 wrestling game, Wrestle Kingdom.
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Manufacturing the Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:16 | Xbox 360

The Microsoft Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system immerses gamers in a world where a split second can mean the difference between crashing into a Tokyo skyscraper, scoring a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys, or getting blown up by grenadiers. But when it comes to making great game units—not just playing them—even a day means a lot. For the Microsoft team bringing the revolutionary Xbox 360 to the marketplace, a new supply chain process shaved one full day off the time needed to identify and correct errors in the supply and manufacturing chain.
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