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XBox 360 Homebrew Door Blown Open Or Just Slightly Ajar?
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:12 | Xbox 360

The guys at GAME OVER, YEAH has been playing round with using the Media Centre extender software built into the 360 to run up pretty much anything they have got on their PC. If you've got a Media Centre PC you may wanna give this a shot...
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Digital Extremes Signs Dark Sector with D3Publisher
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:07 | Xbox 360

D3Publisher of America announced today that it has signed the next hot title from the co-creators of the Unreal franchise. Digital Extremes is currently in full production on Dark Sector being developed for next generation consoles and PC.
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Ubisoft Admits Kong 360 Fault
Submitted By: News Bot
14 Dec 2005 10:06 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has admitted that King Kong on Xbox 360 is too dark on non high-definition screens and players may be better of playing the Xbox or PlayStation 2 version. -- "We have a problem on the 360," said Yves Guillemot. "The screen is dark on some TVs and it totally changes the experience. When it's dark, you don't see where you have to go."
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Microsoft sold 62,135 of 159,000 consoles in Japan so far
Submitted By: undisputed2k6
14 Dec 2005 08:30 | Xbox 360 | Industry News

Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 video game console got a lukewarm welcome in Japan on its debut weekend with fans buying fewer than half the games available in stores, a market researcher said Tuesday.
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Things are Not Always as They Seem
Submitted By: GameFace
14 Dec 2005 08:30 | Xbox 360

A picture's worth a thousand words - unless that picture is misleading! This photo has been passed around quite a bit with the tagline that the Xbox 360 prices were slashed in Japan because of slow sales. Indeed, if you look at the photo, it appears that the sticker price of the console has been cut from 38,800 yen (about $350) to 18,800 yen (about $150). Wow! But...that's not entirely the full story.
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Can MS Meet December Sales Target For Xbox 360?
Submitted By: Dice
14 Dec 2005 08:29 | Xbox 360

In an interesting article from Reuters, American Technology Research analyst Paul-Jon McNealy said that Microsoft would be “challenged” to ship 1.5 million to 1.8 million Xbox 360s worldwide by the end of December. This is in part due to the shortage, but also a weak retail environment.
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Fight Night Round 3 Looking Good
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 14:41 | Xbox 360

1Up.com is very impressed with the 360 version of Fight Night Round 3 after a hands-on session with the game. -- "...it's looking just as good on Microsoft's system as the tech demo did on PS3.In fact, in many ways the game is looking better. The officially titled Fight Night Round 3 on Xbox 360 is quite possibly the best looking game we've played to date, and that really only comes down to one key visual element: the character models. Forget Madden 360, forget NBA Live -- hands down these are the best character models we've seen in a game."
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New Ninety Nine Nights Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 13:48 | Xbox 360

More scans from the upcoming action game Ninenty Nine Nights for XBox 360.
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Backwards Compatability Bug Fixed
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 13:47 | Xbox 360

A couple of bugs have now been fixed in the patch, including the one that hit a number of Halo 2 users hard when it reduced the game to 4:3 and compressed the game's graphics.
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Japanese Shops Now Slashing Xbox 360 Prices
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 08:27 | Xbox 360

The train wreck that is the 360 Japan Launch continues. Unloved 360s consoles collect dust, and retailers are unable to return those unwanted Xbox 360s to Msoft due to contractual obligations. To cut loses and cover their arses, stores are left with no choice but to offer discounts. The originally 38,800yen (about $350 US) consoles have been lowered to 18,800yen (about $150 US) with Internet Service Provider contracts so that the shop could get some kickback money from the IP.
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New Dead Or Alive 4 Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 08:22 | Xbox 360

Another week and another collection of scans from the latest Famitsu magazine for DOA4.
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Tons of Xbox 360s Available in Stores Now!
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 08:14 | Xbox 360

The only catch is that you have to spend $1000 on a plane ticket.
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POSTAL 3 Announced
Submitted By: News Bot
13 Dec 2005 08:03 | Xbox 360

Running With Scissors (RWS), developers of the POSTAL franchise, revealed today that the third installment in the series is currently under development for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC. The game's working title is POSTAL 3: Catharsis.
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Blink And You Might Miss An Xbox 360 Shipment
Submitted By: Dice
13 Dec 2005 07:44 | Xbox 360

If you blink, you might miss the chance to buy an Xbox 360. A reader of Xbox Today told us that FutureShop.ca had 30 Xbox 360’s available online at 11:00am EST. By the time he went to check his bank information, all 30 consoles were sold by 11:10am. Circuit City even had a few consoles today, but with only two per store, they were sold out rather quickly.
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Final Fantasy XI Beta Disappoints
Submitted By: Hecks
13 Dec 2005 07:43 | Xbox 360

IGN reports a mixed experience with the Xbox 360 beta version of Final Fantasy XI, mostly due to Square Enix's insistence on using the proprietary Play Online rather than Xbox Live. Complicated signing-in procedures coupled with the huge hard-drive footprint of the game may prove to be a big turn-off for many.
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Blazing Angels Xbox 360 Screens
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 14:08 | Xbox 360

As you might expect, Ubisoft says the Xbox 360 version will feature improved graphics and sound. There are enhanced 3D plane models with environmental lighting. Large textures for planes and terrain. Advanced lighting effects including sun glare, fingers of God and scenery shading. Xbox 360 owners can also look forward to more realistic battle damage. Battle damage from bullets, bombs and downed planes is visible and persistent on both terrain and buildings.
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More images of Lost Planet
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 14:07 | Xbox 360

Capcom today released some more images of Lost Planet, together with some artwork and character renders.
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PGR3 Graphics Detial Video
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 14:06 | Xbox 360

A video made by a talented PGR3 fan presenting the incredible details the Bizarre Creations 3D modelers put in Project Gotham Racing 3's cities.
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Fight Night Round 3 Cover Athletes Announced
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 14:05 | Xbox 360

EA announced today that Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward will serve as cover athletes and spokespeople for EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3.
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Demos on 360 Marketplace
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 11:19 | Xbox 360

If you haven't got round to playing some of the current launch titles out there, you'll be pleased to know that there are now five different demos available for free download. The latest of these to be released is EA's FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup which joins Kameo: Elements of Power, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Madden NFL 06 and NBA Live 06.
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The Outfit Website is Live
Submitted By: DragonFly
12 Dec 2005 11:16 | Xbox 360

The Outfit now has an official website, where you can find new game related information and meida.
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Halo 3 - Rumour city
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 08:31 | Xbox 360

Halo 3 has alledgedly been in development for over a year. The Halo franchise has made a huge impact in the gaming world and gaming forums across the net have been awash with rumours and speculation for some time. Hexus investigates these rumours and searches for the truth.
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Launch Details -- Japan
Submitted By: DragonFly
12 Dec 2005 08:23 | Xbox 360

The final stage of the Xbox 360’s worldwide release was reached this past Saturday (December 10), as Japan greeted Microsoft’s next-gen monster into its stores.
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Microsoft Recalls Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Update
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 08:10 | Xbox 360

A new update for Microsoft's growing list of Xbox games that are compatible with the new Xbox 360 was released on December 8th, but the update has already been removed from official servers following compatibility issues discovered with games already covered in the original backward-compatible roster.
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Industry Opinion on the Xbox 360 Launch
Submitted By: DragonFly
12 Dec 2005 08:05 | Xbox 360

Read what gameing professionals think about Microsoft's launch of the Xbox 360 - including game line-up, online connectivity (can Live get any better?) and overall image.
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Inside the Xbox360 Lawsuit
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 08:02 | Xbox 360

Gamerandy.com got the full 14 page text of the Class Action lawsuit filed in Chicago on the 10th, as well as an explanation of what it is and what it means.
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IBM Tech Paper on Xbox 360 CPU
Submitted By: News Bot
12 Dec 2005 07:46 | Xbox 360

IBM have released a technical doc on the Xbox 360 CPU. It's pretty heavy stuff, so may only be of interest to those very technically minded.
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Xbox 360 "dump extractor"
Submitted By: undisputed2k6
12 Dec 2005 07:36 | Xbox 360

Following the appearance of raw 360 game dumps showing up around the net, a team has released the source code for a tool to extract usable files out of them. This is still a far cry away from being able to pirate games on the 360, the system still needs to be hacked.
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Japanese launch location manages to sell out
Submitted By: undisputed2k6
12 Dec 2005 07:34 | Xbox 360

Despite less than cheerful expectations for the Japanese launch of the Xbox 360, the location chosen for the grand launch sold out within half an hour. Unfortunately, there was no appearance by Bill Gates, but it seems that quite a few Japanese gamers are excited about the 360 after all.
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Submitted By: pshizle360
11 Dec 2005 11:00 | Xbox 360

Check out the trailer! Capcom supports 360 with RE5, Dead Rising, and now this!
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