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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Korean Xbox 360s Look Better Than Yours
Submitted By: JA1230
07 Dec 2005 08:48 | Xbox 360

This is a photo from the Xbox 360 launch event in Korea. Where did those badass case covers come from? See the one with the astroturf and soccer ball on top of the power button? Scoooorrrreee!
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Xbox 360 Fastest Selling Home Console Ever in UK
Submitted By: Vivicious
07 Dec 2005 08:47 | Systems | Xbox 360

'Xbox 360 has become the fastest-selling home console in UK chart history, Microsoft’s next-gen system beating previous record-holder GameCube by shifting an estimated 70,000 units in its opening weekend.' 'The £279 Premium version, which launched on December 2nd, has proved most successful, outperforming the £209 Core version by 2:1, while ten out of the 15 launch titles debuted in the All Formats top 40.' For something like a console (Quite a difference from cheaper products, for example, a handheld.) this is quite impressive for the UK, who knows we'll see more of this when statistics become available from other nations.
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No Halo Director Chosen Yet
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Dec 2005 15:44 | Xbox 360

Late last week, the Web was afire with rumors that Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) would direct the film adaptation of Halo, the wildly popular Xbox and PC shooter. The choice seemed very plausible, given del Toro's visual flair and the fact his career path mirrored the project's executive producer, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. However, now word has emerged that del Toro has not been selected--from Jackson himself. Speaking to the popular film site Dark Horizons, Jackson flatly said that no-one has been chosen to direct Halo. "We're talking to some people but we're going to be shooting that next year," he said.
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Xbox Team Talks Backwards Compatability
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Dec 2005 14:29 | Xbox 360

The official blog of the Xbox 360 team has a Q&A with David Reid, Director of Platform Marketing for Xbox on the subject of Backwards Compatability.
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New Monster Madness Screens
Submitted By: Lost Alley
06 Dec 2005 14:22 | Xbox 360

Artificial Studios has released new screenshots from the campaign mode of Monster Madness.
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[eM] -eNCHANT arM- Scans From Japan
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Dec 2005 12:48 | Xbox 360

Check out the latest scans from this upcoming XBox 360 RPG from developer From Software.
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Xbox Live Invades Privacy? Not So Fast.
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Dec 2005 12:32 | Xbox 360

There's an article making the rounds today that's just a tad bit hyperventilating, accusing Microsoft of invading gamers' privacy with the Xbox Live service.
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Amazon.co.uk Pre-Order Chaos
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Dec 2005 12:01 | Xbox 360

It seems that Amazon UK did not allocate their orignal stock of the Xbox 360 on a 'first come first serve basis'. This means those people who ordered late ended up with an Xbox 360, thus leaving the people who pre-ordered early wondering why they even pre-ordered in the first place.
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Man Sues Microsoft Over Alleged Xbox 360 Glitch
Submitted By: News Bot
06 Dec 2005 11:17 | Xbox 360

A Chicago man who bought Microsoft Corp.'s  new Xbox 360 has sued the world's largest software maker, saying the new video game console has a design flaw that causes it to overheat and freeze up. The proposed class action claims that in Microsoft's bid to gain share in the $25 billion global video game market, the company was so intent on releasing the Xbox 360 before competing next-generation machines from Sony and Nintendo that it sold a "defectively designed" product.
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Xbox 360 Asia Launch Dated
Submitted By: News Bot
05 Dec 2005 10:58 | Xbox 360

Microsoft says the machine will be launched in Korea on February 24 and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore on March 2. Alan Bowman, Asia-Pacific general manager for Xbox 360, said the company had considered a delay, due to shortages in Europe and the US. "Believe me, that conversation happened," he said. "We wanted to make sure within the first six months that we could get the 360 into all existing Xbox 1 markets. I'm very optimistic that demand is going to be significant. We're working very hard to keep supply up with demand."
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Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable Review
Submitted By: Lost Alley
05 Dec 2005 09:47 | Xbox 360

Available at launch, the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable is a first-party AV cable that has a DV-15S VGA connector, stereo audio cables, and a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound optical output similar to the one found on the Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable. Why the need of a VGA cable you may ask? Well, aside from the fact that many HDTVs have VGA inputs, many of us are stuck to a computer monitor and having the possibility to attach a console to the same monitor that you use with your desktop computer is definitely a relief. Head over to TeamXbox for the full review.
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Dead or Alive 4 Won't Ship Until it's Ready
Submitted By: Lost Alley
05 Dec 2005 09:39 | Xbox 360

Speaking to Japanese magazines Dorimaga and Famitsu Xbox 360 prior to the game's announced delay, Itagaki said that Dead or Alive 4 will not be rushed out to retail in an unfinished state, only to be patched later. He said how the "last five percent is the most crucial point in development," and that he "despises" patching a game which has been shipped before being fully complete. He would, however, consider patching the game should a completely unforeseen problem appear.
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3rd Xbox 360 Factory to Begin Manufacturing Early 2006
Submitted By: Dice
05 Dec 2005 09:19 | Xbox 360

Early next year, Microsoft will have a 3rd factory dedicated to the manufacturing of the coveted Xbox 360.
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Xbox 360 Changing the Home Entertainment Game
Submitted By: Lost Alley
05 Dec 2005 08:46 | Xbox 360

The much-anticipated Xbox 360 strives to take gaming to a new level with a unique mix of style, connectivity and services. With it, Microsoft hopes to revolutionize the home entertainment environment in much the same way that Apple Computer revolutionized portable music with the iPod.
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Best Buy Gets New Shipment of Xbox 360's on the 16th
Submitted By: DragonFly
05 Dec 2005 08:40 | Xbox 360

According to this internal Best Buy newsletter submitted to GamersReports by a reader, Best Buy will get a new shipment of Xbox360 consoles on December 16. One of their readers who works at Best Buy, were told a few days after this newsletter to hold the Xbox360 units until December 18th before sale.
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Microsoft Aiming to Sell 1m Xbox 360s in Japan
Submitted By: Lost Alley
05 Dec 2005 08:15 | Xbox 360

Xbox Japan's business manager, Yoshihiro Maruyama, has announced that Microsoft is aiming to sell 1 million Xbox 360 units in the region by summer 2006.
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Montreal International Video Game Summit
Submitted By: Dice
05 Dec 2005 07:57 | Industry News

NintendoRevolution.ca has a great article about the recent Montreal International Video Game Summit (M.I.G.S). The article takes a critical look at the video game industry in Canda as well as a look at what needs to be done for next gen gaming. "We need to stop focusing on games as a cheap means for an adreniline rush and start focusing on what it is that makes this medium so much more potent then film."
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Xbox 360 Overheating Worries May Be Premature
Submitted By: JA1230
05 Dec 2005 07:57 | Xbox 360

You've already heard the reports that some Xbox 360 units are crashing, failing, and overheating. But the latest reports suggest that some Xbox 360s might actually, in fact, run cooler after extended play time.
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Guillermo Del Toro Directing The Halo Movie?
Submitted By: DragonFly
03 Dec 2005 08:03 | Industry News

El Chupacabra from The Movie Reporter informed today that Guillermo Del Toro, the director of Hellboy, Blade II and El Espinazo del Diablo, could be hired as the director of the film adaptation of Halo.
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Xbox 360 for £850 On eBay
Submitted By: DragonFly
03 Dec 2005 08:02 | Xbox 360

GAMING fans desperate to get the latest Xbox were paying £850 on eBay - as it sold out within minutes yesterday.
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Best Buy's Response to Xbox 360 Bundling Complaints
Submitted By: Lost Alley
03 Dec 2005 08:01 | Xbox 360

It's sometimes difficult for consumers to actually buy what product manufacturers are strenuously pushing. A case in point is Microsoft's Xbox 360, which has been in limited supply. Moreover, some retailers didn't have their act completely under control.
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40,000 Xbox 360s Sold on eBay
Submitted By: Lost Alley
03 Dec 2005 08:00 | Xbox 360

According to eBay president and CEO Meg Whitman, a staggering 40,000 Xbox 360 consoles have been sold on eBay.
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The Bling Bling 360
Submitted By: JA1230
03 Dec 2005 07:45 | Xbox 360

This Xbox 360 is covered in gorgeous—and garish—Swarovski crystals in white and blue to form a blue flame and radioactive symbol on the front.
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Bungie to Head for High Seas With Next Game?
Submitted By: News Bot
02 Dec 2005 17:56 | Xbox 360

The creators of Halo, Bungie, are advertising for a new programmer, according to US news site Evil Avatar. Not interesting in itself, but the job description might indicate the company is looking to expand beyond the first-person shooter series. The job calls for a "love of combat on the high seas".
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Use Any Headset With Xbox360 Live Adapter Mod
Submitted By: DragonFly
02 Dec 2005 13:16 | Xbox 360

Many of you have been complaining that the headset that comes with the Xbox360 is inferior to all other headsets out there. You can plug any new headset into the Xbox360 jack, but you will loose mute and volume functionality. The guys over at Gamersreports.com has an article up that tells you how to fix that with a simple mod.
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According to Microso 9,000 to 12,000 Xbox 360's Sold In The US are faulty
Submitted By: Dice
02 Dec 2005 13:14 | Xbox 360

Though many of the stories of broken Xbox 360’s are untrue and/or exaggerated, 3% of the 300,000 to 400,000 consoles sold in North America would actually translate to be 9,000 to 12,000 units broken.
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Dead Or Alive 4 Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
02 Dec 2005 13:08 | Xbox 360

Check out the latest scans of Team Ninja's continuously delayed XBox 360 fighter.
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New Ninety Nine Nights Scans
Submitted By: News Bot
02 Dec 2005 13:07 | Xbox 360

Check out the latest scans of this upcoming XBox 360 hack and slash from the December issue of Famitsu.
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Where Have all my Lobbies Gone?
Submitted By: jetson
02 Dec 2005 13:02 | Xbox 360

A Call to Arms!! Call of Duty 2 lack of any real lobbies has brought attention to the fact that Microsoft NEEDS online/Live functionality standards. You think Microsoft would have learned from past mistakes like with the release of MechAssault 1, which was a Live launch title. They launched that game without a lobby and people immediately complained. Sooner rather than latter Microsoft released a patch adding a lobby and the ability to see who was talking. To help show Microsoft this issue is important to us gamers, their customers, I have created a short but sweet petition.
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Converting Your Xbox 360 To DVI
Submitted By: Dice
02 Dec 2005 11:42 | Xbox 360

Once out of the box, you might be supprised to see that currently, Microsoft does not include DVI support, only S-Video, Component, and VGA are compatible from the box. If you want to connect via a DVI input, you will need a VGA to DVI adapter.
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