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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
360s Available at Target?
Submitted By: JA1230
02 Dec 2005 11:42 | Xbox 360

A person, who is working in a Target superstore in the US, claims that they have received more consoles and that they will keep getting new shipments throughout December.
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Xbox 360's Still Going Strong on eBay
Submitted By: Dice
02 Dec 2005 11:41 | Xbox 360

Who said money can’t buy happiness. If you have the cash, you can still have an Xbox 360 before the New Year. Since most major retailers have sold out of the hugely anticipated console, eBay auctions have become extremely popular.
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Gamers Wait Hours for Xbox Launch - UK
Submitted By: Lost Alley
02 Dec 2005 07:45 | Xbox 360

More than 200 gamers have queued for hours in the rain to lay their hands on the new Xbox 360 game console. Some waited for up to nine hours amid fears the new generation console is set to sell out after retailers warned of a shortage ahead of the launch.
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Refuses to Replace Scratched Discs
Submitted By: Lost Alley
02 Dec 2005 07:43 | Xbox 360

Microsoft stated that they will not replace any video games that are scratched from the Xbox 360 console. They will however, offer free copies of Perfect Dark Zero. Several members from GameSHOUT are getting fedup with Xbox 360 defects. According to Microsoft, they will not refund or replace discs that are scratched from the Xbox 360 video game console. However, they will offer "Perfect Dark Zero" for free.
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Recreation of Xbox 360 Commercial Leads to Uprest
Submitted By: Vivicious
02 Dec 2005 07:32 | Systems | Xbox 360

On a local alternative rock station (DC101) an early morning crew thought it would be fun to recreate the 'Teddy bear's Picnic' commercial by having two employees drive around in a van with Teddy Bear's Picnic on full blast, looking for unsuspecting shoppers. Luring the shoppers with promises of "free donuts" the radio employees pelted them with water balloons. Parent's in line, not appreciating the stunt, retaliated, and one went as far as throwing coffee at one of the DJ's present. With the radio show host commenting that Bill Gates is “sitting at home rubbing his crotch” today, Microsoft is enjoying alot of free publicity. (Good or Bad)
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Microsoft Details Japanese Xbox 360 Kickoff
Submitted By: Lost Alley
02 Dec 2005 07:29 | Xbox 360

In Japan, Microsoft plans to roll out the Xbox 360 with a bang at one of the hottest stores in Tokyo. The company today announced that it will be holding its official launch ceremony on December 10 in Shibuya Tsutaya, the same location where it celebrated the Japanese launch of the original Xbox console back in February 22, 2002.
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Only 3% of Units Defective
Submitted By: DragonFly
01 Dec 2005 17:01 | Xbox 360

Microsoft says the number of faulty Xbox 360s is less than 3% of total units, this being below the average for new consumer electronic products.
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Snake Oil 360
Submitted By: Lost Alley
01 Dec 2005 15:33 | Xbox 360

The guys at Gamespot have done an interesting compression test. They have gathered together nine Xbox 360 launch games that also have Xbox versions for a head-to-head graphical comparison between games developed for both systems. They kept resolutions at 480p, so the 360 won't be able to hide behind the image-quality advantages a higher resolution gives you. The result? Well let’s just say there are more than a few bottles of Snake Oil in stores this holiday season.
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Future Shop Stores May Not See Another Xbox 360 Shipment Until 2006
Submitted By: Dice
01 Dec 2005 15:31 | Xbox 360

Future Shop stores in Canada May have to wait until the New Year before they see another shipment of Xbox 360’s
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New Rumble Roses XX Trailer
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Dec 2005 11:43 | Xbox 360

Today Konami released a brand new trailer for its upcoming girl on girl wrestling game for the XBox 360.
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EB Game Stores In Canada Feeling The Xbox 360 Shortage
Submitted By: Dice
01 Dec 2005 11:30 | Xbox 360

EB Games stores in Canada will not be able to catch up to pre-orders until the New Year. With the release of the Xbox 360 one of the biggest launches for any product ever, it seems that with the overwhelming demand, the new console is in short supply.
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Modded llamma Xbox 360 on eBay
Submitted By: News Bot
01 Dec 2005 11:01 | Xbox 360

Llamma guys are selling their modded Xbox 360 on eBay, look for it to fetch one of the highest recorded sales prices yet - already at $ 1,000 at the time of print, and the auction only started 3 hours ago!
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Europe Prepares for Launch
Submitted By: Lost Alley
01 Dec 2005 10:33 | Xbox 360

The next-generation games consoles become a reality in Europe tonight with the arrival of Microsoft's Xbox 360, which will be rolling out across the continent at midnight accompanied by fifteen game titles. Many stores around the UK and continental Europe will be opening at midnight to allow customers to pick up their consoles as early as possible - although exactly how many consumers will be able to buy the systems tonight remains unclear.
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CliffyB Calls for Cheaper Games
Submitted By: Lost Alley
01 Dec 2005 08:48 | Systems

In a recent interview with MTV in which he touched on pricing, the games designer demanded: "What other entertainment medium that's mass market is at $60 a pop?", before adding: "I think video game prices need to go down... Fifty dollars is far too much for an impulse buy. Sixty dollars is completely out of the question."
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UK Stock Update: Tesco Numbers Revealed
Submitted By: Lost Alley
01 Dec 2005 08:37 | Xbox 360

Many gamers in the UK are quivering with anticipation today, as the Xbox 360 will be launched tomorrow (or at midnight in the case of some shops). Planning your line of attack? Trying to calculate where to call or camp out? This might help -- a generous fellow over on the OSNN.net forums has obtained the list of every Tesco's 360 allocation, and it's a pretty poor showing: only 1,100 consoles are available to the supermarket chain at launch.
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Xbox 360 Takes Number 2 Spot in Japan
Submitted By: Vivicious
01 Dec 2005 08:36 | Systems | Xbox 360

According to a survey done by the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA) at this year's Tokyo Game Show, more Japanese gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on an Xbox 360 than Nintendo's Revolution. The brunt of it is that of the 1,084 visitors who were questioned, 23% were planning on getting an Xbox 360, and though this still pales in comparison to the PS3 at 70% of those surveyed, the amount of visitors that are looking forward to the Revolution is 20,9%. It seems Microsoft is definently making progress in their drive towards recognition in the Japanese market.
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Gamespot's Burnout Revenge X360 Q&A
Submitted By: FreeMonk
01 Dec 2005 07:25 | Xbox 360

An interesting Q&A appeared on Gamespot today. Talking to Matt Webster, executive producer at Criterion Games, he goes into what will be different in the 360 version of Burnout Revenge! Live! Revenge will be totally different to what we've experienced before, to graphical changes. Sounds like if your a fan of Burnout, you'll be splashing out on a new copy for the 360. Enjoy!
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Rumble Roses XX to slam Japan by summer?
Submitted By: cbmaster
01 Dec 2005 07:24 | Xbox 360

While there hasn't been much information released on Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360 since the Tokyo Game Show, its development seems to be going smoothly. In interviews with Famitsu Xbox 360 and Dorimaga, Rumble Roses XX producer Akari Uchida reveals that the game is already 76 percent complete, and he expects it to come out "by the warm season"--which presumably means spring or summer. Uchida revealed that a mud-wrestling ring won't be included in Rumble Roses XX, although a new mode will replace it. The game will introduce the series' first animal character: a huge panda that can perform wrestling moves.
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Have a Hissy Fit and Get An Xbox 360
Submitted By: Dice
01 Dec 2005 06:26 | Xbox 360

Today while perusing through my local Best Buy, I came upon a performance almost good enough for the big screen. A woman was standing in the middle of the electronics section, growing increasing agitated to the point where she actually started crying. At first I couldn’t tell what she was going on about, but then I realized the source of the drama...She wanted an Xbox 360.
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Interview
Submitted By: Motojass
30 Nov 2005 19:27 | Xbox 360

A new developer interview on the making of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is the newest release in the Morrowind series for Xbox360 and PC.
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Microsoft promises to boost Xbox 360 supplies
Submitted By: cbmaster
30 Nov 2005 19:10 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has told the Wall Street Journal that it's looking to boost supplies of its Xbox 360 consoles as gangs of demented gamers scour American shops for their fix. [We made the last bit of that sentence up. Ed.] And it also said that even though it believes that defective Xbox 360s represent only a fraction of one per cent of the numbers shipped, it will send a container to take your unit away and replace it in a week if you've got problems.
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Using Portable/USB Storage Devices With Your Xbox 360
Submitted By: DragonFly
30 Nov 2005 18:13 | Xbox 360

Adding some storage capacity to your Xbox 360 is really easy to do. The best part about using a USB hard drive with your 360 is that YOU have control of what content you have on it. With the factory Xbox hard drive you cannot load any content to it unless its acquired from Live or ripped form CD's. The guys at llamma.com show you how to use a large portable/USB storage devices with your Xbox 360.
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Canada Still Waiting For More Xbox 360's
Submitted By: Dice
30 Nov 2005 16:55 | Xbox 360

As the days go by the chances of getting an Xbox 360 in Canada before Christmas seems to become less likely. Even those who pre-ordered may be forced to wait until the New Year before they can get their hands on the new console.
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Sakaguchi Spills Xbox 360 RPG Beans
Submitted By: News Bot
30 Nov 2005 09:39 | Xbox 360

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who created Square’s Final Fantasy series and turned gamers all over the world into RPG mentalists, has been waxing lyrical about his Xbox 360-exclusive projects and has revealed that he may have another title in the works for Microsoft’s machine.
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Kameo Brings Christmas Cheer
Submitted By: News Bot
30 Nov 2005 09:29 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has released the first in-game downloadable content for Kameo on the Xbox 360, and it has a very Christmassy feel. Setting gamers back 200 Marketplace points (with 2100 points setting you back around £17.50) this festive pack, titled the Winter Warrior Pack, isn't so jovial after all. The Winter Warrior pack contains no new game content, just some seasonal fluff to entice gamers to try out the marketplace. All you get is some new costumes to dress Kameo and her warriors in. Kameo gets the Mrs Claus treatment, with other costumes including Rudolf.
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Xbox 360 Out East
Submitted By: Lost Alley
30 Nov 2005 08:32 | Xbox 360

As the Xbox 360 launches across North America and Europe, The Official Xbox Magazine discovers what Japanese gamers are doing on launch day.
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Fans Unhappy With PGR 3
Submitted By: Lost Alley
30 Nov 2005 08:22 | Xbox 360

Bizarre Creations’ official community website suffers deluge of criticisms from fans of the next-gen racing game. Xbox 360 owners in North America – who have been playing Gotham 3 since the console launched there last week – have been posting on the forums at www.bizarreonline.net with a number of problems and concerns. The main grumbles are that the single-player game is too easy and consequently much shorter than that in PGR2, and that players are restricted to certain classes of cars in ranked online races.
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Game: UK 360 Supplies "EXTREMELY LIMITED"
Submitted By: Lost Alley
30 Nov 2005 08:12 | Xbox 360

Every man and his dog is aware that Xbox 360 will be in short supply on its December 2 launch in Europe, but recent comment from major British videogame retail chain Game paints a picture even more dismal than may have been expected for availablitliy of the console on day one in the UK. The company is warning of severe shortages, stating that Xbox 360 supplies will be "extremely limited" at launch. And while this comment may be connected with the number of units only Game will have on December 2, with 400 stores in the country, it should be getting a pretty big slice of the unit allocation pie.
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Xbox 360 Bundles but No Xbox 360's
Submitted By: Dice
30 Nov 2005 06:23 | Xbox 360

Initially when Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 it was relatively simple. There was a core bundle and there was a premium bundle, with the only real difference being the hard drive. However over the past several weeks, retailers have been creating more and more bundles. Bundles which include, everything from additional accessories and games, to bundles which have surround systems and HDTV
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Did MS Release the Xbox 360 Too Soon?
Submitted By: Dice
30 Nov 2005 06:22 | Xbox 360

Less than a week after launch, many Xbox 360 owners have started to complain about several problems with their new Xbox 360, mainly over heating and disk scratching. So with the shortage, and several reports of faulty consoles, has MS jumped the gun in order to beat the competition?
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