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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Samsung's Graphics Memory Powers Xbox 360
Submitted By: Vivicious
29 Nov 2005 17:46 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Technology

"Running at 700 MHz, the Samsung 512megabit (16Mbx32) GDDR3 will transmit data at 5.6GBps (gigabytes per second) per chip -- 3.5 times faster than the memory used in the first Xbox -- enabling real-time generation of near-cinematic animation in games. At a system level, the 512Mb density will allow the Xbox 360 to provide eight times the capacity of the first Xbox to store highly detailed textures that depict more life-like images." Read the full story at Teamxbox.
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New Prey Trailer Available
Submitted By: Vivicious
29 Nov 2005 17:45 | Xbox 360

3D Realm's ambitious Shooter Prey is nearing completion. Built on an enhanced Doom 3 engine, Prey promises a great storyline and innovative gameplay. Today an explosive new trailer (comprised entirely of Xbox 360 footage) hit the net. Check it out at the link below.
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Peter Moore Talks About Xbox 360 Availability
Submitted By: Vivicious
29 Nov 2005 17:40 | Xbox 360

When asked by the Official Xbox Magazine UK if Europeans will run into the same problem many Americans seem to be having with the availability of their console, Peter Moore had the following to say: “I’m not sure I can guarantee that everyone will get an Xbox 360 by Christmas. My hope, certainly, is that everyone who wants one will get one by Holiday time, but the demand is overwhelming.” While this was to be expected, it might cause some concern for those who were expecting to waltz into the local gamestore shortly after launch and pick up Microsoft's new console.
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The Hypervisor and Its Implications
Submitted By: DragonFly
29 Nov 2005 13:00 | Xbox 360

The guys over at Xbox360fanboy.com are taking an in-depth technical look at one of the Xbox 360's features, its hypervisor. The Xbox 360 contains a hypervisor which provides security for the system--good news for Microsoft, bad news for hackers, as Microsoft has included it as part of its plans for a hack-proof 360.
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Xbox 360 Price Hiking
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Nov 2005 12:49 | Xbox 360

JCPenney is selling the Xbox 360 Premium edition together with a Play & Charge Kit and the Rechargeable Battery Pack (and no games) for $799.99 - which basically means they are charging $400 for the two accessories.
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Zero Point showcases it's new FPS, Project IM
Submitted By: Vivicious
29 Nov 2005 10:23 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

Though Project IM is currently in the pre-development phase, Zero Point has decided to treat us with a short teaser, showing off some Special Forces soldiers, a role you will be taking on in the game. Part of a trilogy, Project IM will be using the Unreal Engine 3 technology, and promises several interesting features. Including up to 4 player cooperative mode and several games modes with Arcade, RPG and tactical elements. With little else known about the project, expect a 3 minute concept trailer to be released Q1 2006. For now, you can check out the teaser (also available in High Definition) over at gametrailers.com.
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Condemned - 6 Prequel Episodes
Submitted By: FreeMonk
29 Nov 2005 10:22 | Xbox 360

For people who have bought Condemned: Criminal Origins, or are thinking of buying it, check out the Condemned website. They have provided 6 prequel flash episodes that explain the story up to where the game starts off. You get to interact with each episode as well.
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Giant 360 Monuments Invade Japan
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Nov 2005 08:04 | Xbox 360

Four XBOX 360 monuments have been constructed in Japan. These will show off the latest games available for the system. The statues will be located in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka placed right next to game stores.
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XBox 360's Game Not Over
Submitted By: QSilverTwo
29 Nov 2005 08:03 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft's Molly O'Donnell says the company has "a weekly replenishment strategy." The first follow-up shipment "is on the way, and it should be on retailers' shelves by the end of the week or for the weekend."
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JOYTECH Xbox 360 Neo Se Advanced Controller Review
Submitted By: Lost Alley
29 Nov 2005 07:38 | Xbox 360

Can anything compare to the ergonomically designed beauty from Seattle based Microsoft? Is there any need for 3rd party pads? Yes and yes is the answer.
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1up Dead or Alive 4 Preview (Part 2) - Balancing, Graphics and Live!
Submitted By: FreeMonk
28 Nov 2005 21:57 | Xbox 360

Here's Part 2 of the 1up.com interview for Dead or Alive 4. This goes into detail about the balancing of the DOA4 characters, the graphics of the DOA4 game, and all about the importance of Live! Yet again an interesting read!
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1up Dead or Alive 4 Preview (Part 1) - Miss Spartan and Halo Universe
Submitted By: FreeMonk
28 Nov 2005 21:55 | Xbox 360

The guys over at 1up.com flew over to Japan and quizzed Team NINJA leader, Tomonobu Itagaki, about the hugely anticipated game Dead or Alive 4. Part 1 of there interview is mostly about the Spartan character that was included into the Dead or Alive storyline as a bonus character. They discuss everything from how Team Ninja and Bungie decided what character to use in the game to how Team Ninja choose what fighting style to use for the Spartan. It's a fantasic read. Take a look!
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UK 360 Availability Investigated
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 20:08 | Xbox 360

After investigating several High Street retailers based in one UK city, the guys at Xbox360fanboy.com found that there are 360s available on launch to those prepared to queue, despite the low number of units available. However, these retailers are few and far between.
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Japanese FFXI Commercial
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 20:07 | Xbox 360

Microsoft has released a very short commercial for the Xbox 360 featuring FFXI with Jumping Jack Flash from the Rolling Stones as background music.
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XBox 360 Controller on a Media Center Edition PC using XInput
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 20:06 | Xbox 360

This is a real quick article about writing a MediaCenter AddIn to control a Media Center Edition (MCE) PC with a Wired XBox 360 Controller connected to the MCE PC (using the new DirectX XInput API).
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Sakura Taisen Producer Prefers Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 19:47 | Xbox 360

Red Entertainment's Hiroi Ouji, producer of the Sakura Taisen and Tengai Makyo series, seems to have a preference for Microsoft's new console. In comments posted at Japan's Mainichi Interactive game news site, Ouji expressed his belief that only the most powerful developers will be able to make games for the PS3, while Xbox 360 is more developer friendly and requires comparatively less investment.
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Bill Gates on Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 19:34 | Xbox 360

Speaking to Bloomberg News, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates discussed the Xbox 360, which he called “the hottest product we've ever had”. Gates also expressed his worries about the console’s manufacturing.
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Two Worlds - First Info
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 12:03 | Xbox 360

Gamecloud has the exclusive first word on Two Worlds, an upcoming RPG from Topware Interactive that's due for release in late 2006 for the PC and the Xbox 360. Topware's managing director James Seaman has given Gamecloud the first ever public info on the game:
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Free60 - Linux on your Xbox360 Project
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 12:02 | Xbox 360

the Free60 project aims towards porting the open operating systems, such as Linux and Darwin, to the Xbox360. Currently they’ve gathered a lot of useful and detailed information surrounding the inner workings of the Xbox360.
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Virtua Fighter 5: Huge Hands-On & Media!
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 12:01 | Xbox 360

Kikizo gets hours of quality time with AM2's stunning sequel - detailed impressions, fresh details, artwork, screenshots and gameplay footage inside. This is the arcade version running on the new Lindbergh arcade board system, but a xbox 360 and PS3 home version of VF5 is expected to be annunced by SEGA sometime next year.
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Perfect Dark Zero Review : EDGE Magazine
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 12:00 | Xbox 360

The authority UK game mag, Edge, has posted their Perfect Dark Zero review on EDGE online.
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Dead or Alive 4 Delayed In Japan
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:59 | Xbox 360

According to the Japanese website Game Watch the Japanese release of Dead or Alive 4 has been delayed until December 17. This means the game now misses the December 10 Xbox 360 launch and leaves the launch line-up looking rather weak. This comes after recent news of delays to both Enchant Arm, a title originally planned for launch, and N3: Ninety Nine Nights.
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Xbox 360: eBay Black Friday Special Report
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:58 | Xbox 360

More than 5,000 of the hot new Xbox 360 game systems sold on eBay over the first 24 hours it was available in stores on Nov. 22, averaging about 3.5 sold per minute. On that day, average sold price for the Xbox 360 units - many bundled with games and accessories - was $821. With 5,400 currently available on the site as of Thanksgiving Day, eBay remains one of, if not the only, place to get an Xbox 360.
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XBOX 360 as distribution model?
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:57 | Xbox 360

In yesterday's Variety, Ben Fritz speculated that internet-enabled game systems such as the spanking-new Xbox 360 and the much-anticipated PS3 could turn out to be the distribution systems of the future.
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Xbox 360 300K Consoles for Europe Launch
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:56 | Xbox 360

Microsoft says it will manage to ship around 300,000 consoles into Europe for the launch of Xbox 360 on December 2. Speaking to a German newspaper at the weekend, Xbox's European chief Chris Lewis said the figure of 300K, being bandied about by analysts is "not far removed from reality".
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Media Center Apps Running on Xbox 360
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:55 | Xbox 360

Some guy has managed to get a couple of Media Center applications running on their Xbox 360, hopefully we should see a web browser and a few other things running on the console soon. Pics inside...
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Weekly Shippment of Xbox 360s
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:54 | Xbox 360

Major Nelson's confirms that Microsoft has a weekly replenishment strategy. That means that they have new shipments of Xbox 360’s being sent out each week.
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Special Xbox 360 Launch Team Edition
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:53 | Xbox 360

Check out this picture of the special edition Xbox 360 that members of the Launch Team received from Microsoft. The USB door on the console says "I MADE THIS" - a nice touch for members of the team. The top and bottom grills / hard-drive are green, and it has that nifty face plate.
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Mass Effect Preview
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:52 | Xbox 360

PlanetXbox360 take a first look at a game from the people behind KOTOR and Jade Empire - Bioware. Mass Effect is a science fiction RPG set in the future.
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How to Make Your 360 Crash (And Other Beta Tester Secrets)
Submitted By: News Bot
28 Nov 2005 11:51 | Xbox 360

A Xbox 360 BETA tester has made a list of ways to crash the Xbox 360 - not very usefull , but still interesting.
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