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Halo 3 Theme on the Xbox Live Marketplace
Submitted By: 360Monster
11 May 2006 16:58 | Xbox 360

While browsing the (now) massive Xbox Live Marketplace, a little thing called "Halo 3 Theme" and "Halo 3 Picture Pack" caught my attention. The picture pack can be yours for 80 MPs (Microsoft Points) while the theme is a little more expensive, 150 MPs. However, since it's the "soldier of soldiers" we're talking about here, that's a small price to pay, isn't it? Head over to the Marketplace and grab'em fast! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some "this-is-the-way-the-world-ends" trailer watching to do.
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More daily Marketplace goodness - including COD maps
Submitted By: 360Monster
11 May 2006 16:54 | Xbox 360

Microsoft have sprinkled more of their magic Marketplace pixie dust over some new content today, once again brought to you as part of their “Bringing it Home” promotion. New content is as follows: Trailers: Enchanted Arms Games For Windows Montage MotoGP '06 Prey Call of Duty 3 World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions Xbox 360 Games Montage Xbox Live Arcade Montage X-Men: The Official Game Dead or Alive® Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 Ninety-Nine Nights WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 Themes/Gamer Pictures: X-Men: The Last Stand Theme Gold Picture Pack Silver Picture Pack In Game Content: Call of Duty 2 Bonus Map Pack Call of Duty 2 Skirmish Map Pack Movie Trailer: A Scanner Darkly Movie Trailer
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Halo 3 Announcement FAQ
Submitted By: Swifty
11 May 2006 16:30 | Xbox 360

Bungie have recently updated the Halo 3 section fo their site with a Halo 3 FAQ. It answers some of the more obvious questions like what console Halo 3 will debut on and it also goes into detail about other more demanding questions like how good the graphics will be on the newly announced title. Take a look at the FAQ below, despite the fact that many of the answers are unbearably vague you may find some if it to be quite interesting;
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Mass Effect Gameplay Video
Submitted By: News Bot
11 May 2006 16:30 | Xbox 360

Not the best picture quality and very short, but worth checking out.
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E3 2006: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-On
Submitted By: Janx
11 May 2006 15:44 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

Bro-Mos." That's how Gearbox is referring to "brotherhood moments" in Hell's Highway, the third entry into the critically acclaimed Brothers In Arms franchise. These aren't canned, scripted moments of cheese that we've seen in other games, mind you. This is dynamic brotherhood. For instance, you can order one of your fire squads to hop over a wall and take cover across the street. Well, every now and then, one of those soldiers may trip and fall and one of his buddies will rush over, help him up, give him a pat on the behind, and continue bounding across the street. There are dozens of bro-mos that occur randomly throughout the game adding to the realism, the character-driven and emergent gameplay that BIA is known for.
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E3 Workshop: Next-Gen Game Design: How The New Consoles Stack Up
Submitted By: Janx
11 May 2006 15:43 | Industry News

A roundtable was conducted before the start of the E3 Expo on Tuesday afternoon concerning how next-gen development is looking for some of the more notable developers. Moderating was Trent Ward, Creative Director of Backbone Entertainment. The panelists included Don Daglow, President and CEO of Stormfront Studios, Clint Hocking, Creative Director of Ubisoft Montreal and Alain Tascan, Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts Montreal.
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Bomberman Explodes On To Xbox 360
Submitted By: Janx
11 May 2006 15:42 | Xbox 360

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has used the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles to take the wraps off two new iterations of the ever-popular Bomberman series. Bomberman will be released for PSP with Bomberman Act: Zero bringing the series' explosive fun to Xbox 360.
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Halo 3 Concept Art
Submitted By: Lost Alley
11 May 2006 15:26 | Xbox 360

Some concept art from Halo 3.
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Peter Moore Tells Gamers to buy the Wii
Submitted By: Swifty
11 May 2006 15:24 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

Wait a minute, sorry guys I think i've read this wrong, no wait a minute I haven't. As unbelievable as it sounds Microsofts Peter Moore is helping push the Nintendo Wii (still gobsmacked myself).
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E3: Peter Moore on Xbox 360 - and the competition
Submitted By: DragonFly
11 May 2006 11:57 | Industry News

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz at E3 this week, Microsoft's games boss Peter Moore discusses his reaction to Sony and Nintendo's conferences, and Microsoft's own plans for the future of the games business.
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New Movie Style Stranglehold Trailer from E3
Submitted By: Swifty
11 May 2006 11:49 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

New Movie Style Stranglehold Trailer from E3 Stranglehold is one of the most anticipated titles coming to the next-gen consoles because of two little words, John Woo. The legendary Woo is the brains behind this latest game and to keep gamers satisfied they have released a new trailer which seems more like a movie trailer than a gaming trailer. Take a look for yourself at the latest Stranglehold video;
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New Rayman Raving Rabbids Trailer
Submitted By: Swifty
11 May 2006 11:48 | Xbox 360

The recently renamed Rayman Raving Rabbids has had some quite good feedback from appearances at this years E3. Many may remember the original Rayman series and just how fun it was to take control of this little creature with no arms and no legs. The latest Rayman will go next-gen on the Xbox 360 and the Wii, there is currently no official word on whether or not it will hit the PS3. So for now take a look at this new trailer featuring Raymans latest enemies the Rabbits from hell.
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MotoGP '06 E3 Marketplace Demo Available!
Submitted By: Lost Alley
11 May 2006 09:12 | Xbox 360

The E3 demo of this game is now available in the featured downloads section on Xbox Live Marketplace.
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Shadowrun Interview
Submitted By: Lost Alley
11 May 2006 08:34 | Xbox 360

Take an inside look the development of Shadowrun in this trailer.
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E3 2006: Bioshock Impressions
Submitted By: Janx
11 May 2006 08:14 | Xbox 360

Bioshock is about choice. It's about exploration, problem solving, and survival. It's also about scaring the crap out of you. If you're wondering what the best game at the show is, this may very well be it. IGN got in at 2K Games' both to see a 20 minute demo of the game in action, and got to see a number of gameplay mechanics, as well as gaze at its gorgeous graphics. Bioshock's setting is a large part of its appeal. Set in the underwater city of Rapture, the environments are a striking blend of sci-fi machinery and art deco designs.
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First Golden Axe Screenshots
Submitted By: Dynamo220
11 May 2006 07:16 | Xbox 360

Two beautiful Golden Axe screenshots have been released by SEGA at this year's E3.
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Images of the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel
Submitted By: News Bot
11 May 2006 07:07 | Xbox 360

Some images of the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel.
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Star Trek: Legacy beams down at E3
Submitted By: News Bot
11 May 2006 07:06 | Xbox 360

Bethesda have announced their new project for the Xbox 360 – a real time strategy game based on the Star Trek licence, entitled Star Trek: Legacy.
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Two Worlds Screenshots from E3 06
Submitted By: Dynamo220
11 May 2006 07:05 | Xbox 360

These latest screenshots of Two Worlds show great promise from a game that looks set to rival Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
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E3 06: Stranglehold Hands-On
Submitted By: Janx
11 May 2006 06:37 | Xbox 360

Stranglehold, or as Midway puts it, "John Woo presents Stranglehold," promises to be the video game sequel to Woo's famous 1992 action movie Hard-Boiled. As you can probably guess, Midway is working with the acclaimed director (Woo is reportedly a huge fan of video games), but the game will also incorporate the likeness and voice of famed actor Chow Yun Fat reprising his role as police inspector Tequila. Gamespot got a chance to play the Xbox 360 version of Stranglehold at the show, and it's got a really promising blend of gameplay and visuals.
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Haze Preview
Submitted By: Lost Alley
11 May 2006 06:33 | Xbox 360

Behind closed doors at Ubisoft's booth, the infamous English development team Free Radical debuted its first next-generation game, entitled Haze. Sticking to its guns, the Nottingham, England-based developer has returned with a first-person shooter based on a massive war that takes place 20 years in the future.
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E3 2006: Mass Effect Extended Impressions
Submitted By: Lost Alley
11 May 2006 06:32 | Xbox 360

IGN got a chance to go more in depth with BioWare's Mass Effect, one of the most impressive titles so far at this year's E3. While before they checked out the travel and conversation systems, they got the opportunity to see its action-oriented battle system in action. The universe of Mass Effect pits you against a pending swarm of genocidal machines. In the past, your galaxy was populated and thriving, until it was wiped out by hordes of the crazed mechanical enemies. With another crippling invasion of the verge of wiping everyone out once again, it's up to you to discover the truth of the situation, and how to rectify it.
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Microsoft Press Briefing Now on Xbox Live
Submitted By: Swifty
11 May 2006 04:44 | Xbox 360

For those who missed the Microsoft Press Briefing, you are now able to download it via Xbox Live on your Xbox 360. The video weighs in at 278.58 MB and contains the biggest features of the briefing featuring most of the announced games and peripherals. But, you already know all of those thanks to Club Skill, correct? Of course. But, get this for archival purposes.
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Konami Supports Xbox Live Arcade
Submitted By: Janx
10 May 2006 20:24 | Xbox 360

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced that it will be bringing several major franchises to Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Starting this summer, gamers will be able to download classic games such as Frogger, Contra, Time Pilot, Scramble and others, enhanced with updated graphics and online multiplayer support.
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New Chromehounds Images
Submitted By: Swifty
10 May 2006 20:21 | Xbox 360

If you ask any of the staff at Club Skill what my most anticipated title for the 360 is, you will find that they all answer Chromehounds. This game looks stunning, each and every screenshot looks unbelievable. Luckily I managed to get my grubby little mitts on some new Chromehound screenshots. As you can see these latest screenshots looks absolutley stunning, they furthmore prove that this is going to be one hell of a mech game.
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360 Gets Gesture Control Technology
Submitted By: planetxbox360
10 May 2006 19:55 | Xbox 360

GestureTek Inc., the world leader in computer vision for gesture based control of information and entertainment systems, today announced that Microsoft has licensed GestureTek’s video gesture control technology for use with the Xbox Live Vision camera for Xbox 360.
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E3 2006 Hands-on: Prey
Submitted By: L3e
10 May 2006 19:55 | Xbox 360

Prey is serious, dark story, based on authentic Cherokee mythology. Themes of sacrifice, love and responsibility are explored and the story dives into emotional territory not yet explored by similar games.
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Xbox 360 HD-DVD player to cost $ 199
Submitted By: Swifty
10 May 2006 19:54 | Xbox 360

Earlier today on the official Xbox site, a news article was put up pertaining to the price of the Xbox 360's HD-DVD add-on drive and mysteriously taken down within seconds. People who were surfing the site while the article was up quickly spread the news; Microsoft has yet to publicly announced the price in an official release.
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Alan Wake E3 trailer
Submitted By: Swifty
10 May 2006 19:50 | Xbox 360

Alan Wake is one of the titles which many may have missed at this years E3. Yet the game itself looks absolutley amazing. You play Alan Wake a horrer novel author and your fiancee has just dissapeared. Since the dissapearance you find yourself going through a severe case of insomnia. So know you set out for a quest to reveal why you get these nightmares, but then those nightmares turn into reality and the problem becomes much bigger. Take a look at the updated Alan Wake trailer HERE
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Tony Hawk's Project 8: E3 screenshots
Submitted By: Totally360
10 May 2006 19:49 | Xbox 360

The Tony Hawk gaming franchise just keeps on growing. The latest incarnation is called Tony Hawk's Project 8 and has been confirmed for an Xbox 360 release...
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